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3M Mexico

| 3M Mexico

The expert in-house legal team at 3M Mexico consists of five members including general counsel Ivan Enrique Rojas Loynaz, and conscientiously supports the healthcare business, government affairs and compliance department...

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| Abbott

Abbott, a global medical and nutritional products manufacturer, has been operating in Mexico since 1934. It manufactures Ensure, Glucerna, Similac, Pedialyte and PediaSure, and its bioresorbable vascular framework. The strong...

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| Accenture

Depending on the level of complexity and revenue involved, Accenture has three legal teams working on the Latin American region based in Mexico. Its complex contracting team is responsible for...

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Air Liquide

| Air Liquide

The world’s largest supplier of industrial gases by revenue has a major presence in Mexico where it operates six plants and the country’s largest air separation unit and is the...

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| Alsea

Alsea, Mexico’s largest food franchise owner, celebrated the opening of its 1,000th Domino’s Pizza store and plans to open 550 additional units by 2022. Alsea’s highly skilled legal team provides...

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Amazon Mexico

| Amazon Mexico

Senior corporate counsel Fernanda Ramo is the leader of the Amazon Mexico in-house legal team, which has four other attorneys supporting specific business units, divided according to each attorney’s specific...

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América Móvil

| América Móvil

In October 2017, after thorough consultation with its highly skilled legal department, América Móvil announced a joint venture with JCDecaux. This endeavour links both company’s out of home advertisement businesses...

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| ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal, one of the world’s largest iron and steel manufacturers, operates six facilities and three ports in Mexico with a capacity of 6.5 million tons per year. It is the...

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Arcos Dorados

| Arcos Dorados

The in-house legal team at Arcos Dorados Mexico and Central America is led by legal director for the Northern region of Latin America Anabell González Nava, and consists of three...

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AT&T Mexico

| AT&T Mexico

What started four years ago as a team formed by the talented legal and regulatory teams of two rival telecom providers in Mexico, has now been shaped into a team...

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AXA Mexico

| AXA Mexico

AXA Mexico is the Mexican arm of the major global insurance company, and has a diverse portfolio of insurance and financial services products and practices. The in-house legal team serving...

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Banco de México

| Banco de México


The legal team at Banco de México, the central bank of Mexico, has been heavily involved in the restructuring of public servant compensation within the Bank. This involved negotiations and...

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Banco del Bajío

| Banco del Bajío


The team of in-house attorneys in legal business management for Banco del Bajio is comprised of 46 lawyers, 20 of whom are men and 26 of whom are women, and...

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Banco Sabadell

| Banco Sabadell


Spanish headquartered Banco Sabadell has a large presence in Mexico and across Latin America, particularly within the venture capital and digital banking industry. Luis Alberto Cárdenas Díaz, legal director, leads...

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| Becle

Becle is the parent company of Jose Cuervo in Mexico and Proximo Spirits in the US, and covers a large cross border commercial drinks retail empire. The company’s in-house legal...

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| Bitso

The innovative in-house legal team at Bitso, a Mexican crypto currency trading service company and fintech pioneer in the Mexican market, is led by general counsel Alfonso Monroy. The three...

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Boehringer Ingelheim Mexico

| Boehringer Ingelheim Mexico

The legal team at Boehringer Ingelheim Mexico, the Mexican division of the global pharmaceutical giant, is made of 10 expert lawyers led by Jorge Dueñas Zapata, legal compliance and ethics...

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BP Mexico

| BP Mexico

A major centre for oil and gas production and the energy sector as a whole, BP has a major presence in Mexico and a highly skilled in-house legal team. In...

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As the largest concrete and cement producer in Mexico, and one of the largest globally, achieving annual global sales of US$13.7bn CEMEX’s legal affairs are led by one of the...

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| Cinemex

The in-house legal team at Cinemex, adept at all commercial and corporate areas pertaining to the media and cinema industry including IP, franchising and piracy protection, is led by Olga...

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| Cinépolis

Cinépolis is a major movie theatre chain across Mexico with a large presence in Latin America and an ever expanding portfolio in new markets such as the Middle East. The...

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| CitiBanamex

The commercially minded and talented in-house team at Citibanamex provided guidance on the recently signed US$15m financing agreement with Microemprendedor Assistance Council, (CAMESA), to provide financing for CAMESA’s microfinance and...

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Constellation Brands

| Constellation Brands

In the last year, the Constellation Brands legal team completed the negotiations on a glass production plant acquisition near Constellation’s Nava Brewery through a joint venture with Owens-Illinois which began...

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| Continental

The Continental Mexico legal department provides high quality services to the company across Mexico and Latin America. General counsel Luis Enriquez de Rivera is the head of the department and...

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| Cotemar

Cotemar, the international offshore oil field technology and logistics company, has a major presence in Mexico with its vast access to the oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. General...

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The in-house legal team at DHL in Mexico is led by Alejandro Moreno, general counsel, head of CCM & compliance officer and is responsible for all legal, contract and corporate...

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| Diageo

In the last year, Diageo’s Mexico legal team has consulted on the US$400m acquisition of Tequila Don Julio as part of the firm’s larger investment plans in the country. The...

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DuPont México

| DuPont México

The legal team at DuPont Mexico worked on legal matters pertaining to the launch of six new products in its personal defence and protection solutions business line, specifically new Kevlar...

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El Palacio de Hierro

| El Palacio de Hierro

El Palacio de Hierro is an important luxury department store chain in Mexico, with a 130 year history. The in-house legal team has led the reinvigoration of this historic business...

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Eli Lilly de Mexico

| Eli Lilly de Mexico

The in-house team at Eli Lilly de Mexico leads the world leading pharmaceutical company’s production and research in Mexico from a legal standpoint with skill and dexterity. The in-house team...

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| Engie

In a market that fluctuates constantly, the legal team at ENGIE Mexico has become a point of reference to competitors and to its ENGIE Latin America business colleagues. Mechanisms it...

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Eutelsat Americas

| Eutelsat Americas

The legal team at Eutelsat Americas signed a partnership agreement with Globecast to launch a new media platform in the Americas using Eutelsat’s satellite technology and Globecast’s broadcasting network. Eutelsat...

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Evercore México

| Evercore México

The highly skilled in-house legal team is led by Laura Mariscal Higareda, head legal and compliance, with offices in Mexico City and Monterrey. Evercore is a US headquartered investment banking...

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Farmacias del Ahorro

| Farmacias del Ahorro

Farmacias del Ahorro is the leading pharmaceutical retail chain in Mexico. Besides its offering of prescription medication and branded products, it leads the market with its own generic pharmaceuticals and...

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Faurecia Mexico

| Faurecia Mexico

Faurecia is a major global leader in automotive technology particularly in the technology of emissions monitoring and interiors. Its Mexican legal operations are led by a strong in-house team headed...

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Fibra Inn

| Fibra Inn

Fibra Inn is a Mexican real estate investment trust formed primarily to acquire, develop and rent a large group of hotel properties in Mexico. It lists its real estate trust...

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Fibra Uno

| Fibra Uno

The legal department at Fibra Uno, consisting of nine lawyers and six support staff, is led by Alejandro Chico Pizarro in his role of vice president legal. With more than...

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FINSA is an industry-leading industrial real estate development company across Latin America. The eight lawyer strong legal team at FINSA is led by Hans J. Hutterer, vice president and general...

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| Fresnillo

Fresnillo is one of the world’s largest silver and gold producers. It is headquartered in Mexico City and operates seven mines in Mexico and is traded on the Mexican and...

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Goldcorp Mexico

| Goldcorp Mexico

In December 2018, Goldcorp Mexico, the Mexican division of Canadian based global gold mining company announced the achievement of commercial production at its newest Mexican mine called the Pyrite Leach...

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Grupo Acir

| Grupo Acir

Mexico’s largest radio broadcasting media company Grupo ACIR has a highly regarded in-house legal team covering a wide range of stations and services. The team is comprised of experts in...

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Grupo Aeroméxico

| Grupo Aeroméxico

Grupo Aeroméxico has a highly experienced and talented in-house legal team that has had demonstrable success in attaining tangible business outcomes. For example, the airline holding company has announced a...

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Grupo CIE

| Grupo CIE

Grupo CIE is a major publicly traded media and entertainment company in Mexico and across Central and Latin America. It specialises in market leading events management from the largest concerts...

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Grupo Elektra

| Grupo Elektra

Grupo Elektra’s in-house legal team consulted on the signing of an agreement in January 2019 between Banco Azteca, its subsidiary, and Banco Multiva to allow for the sharing of each’s...

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Grupo Financiero Banorte

| Grupo Financiero Banorte

The in-house legal team at Grupo Financiero Banorte (GFB) has 320 lawyers and staff members and is led by Hector Avila Flores, managing director of legal affairs and secretary of...

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Grupo Financiero Mifel

| Grupo Financiero Mifel

The legal team at Grupo Financiero Mifel is well regarded for steering the legal affairs of this mid-sized Mexican bank which launched in 1994 after the liberalisation of the banking...

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Grupo Kuo

| Grupo Kuo

The in-house legal team at Grupo Kuo is well regarded for its commercial acumen and adept handling of legal aspects of a diverse range of business interests. Grupo Kuo is...

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Grupo Minsa

| Grupo Minsa

The legal team at Grupo Minsa, a major Mexican flour and baked goods producer, is highly skilled at advising on international trade and food standards regulatory matters. The team consulted...

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Grupo Reforma

| Grupo Reforma

Grupo Reforma is the second largest print media publication in Mexico with a range of 10 daily newspapers published in Mexico’s three largest cities: Reforma in Mexico City, El Norte...

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Grupo Salinas

| Grupo Salinas

The legal team behind Grupo Salinas, a management company for some of the largest multimedia and banking institutions in Mexico, signed a deal through its subsidiary media company Dopamine with...

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Grupo Televisa

| Grupo Televisa

The largest Spanish language television content producer in the world, Grupo Televisa has recently announced expansion plans and the acquisition from Axtel of its residential fibre-to-home business and other related...

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| Halliburton

An expert in-house legal team at Halliburton supports the US oil and gas technology and infrastructure giant’s Mexican presence in one of the company’s largest markets. The legal team manages...

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Heineken Mexico

| Heineken Mexico

The in-house legal team at Heineken Mexico combines the skills and talents of 57 lawyers, a paralegal and a trainee, and is led by Alberto Páez Lobeira, legal director. The...

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Holcim México

| Holcim México

Holcim México’s well regarded legal team worked on legal matters facilitating the launch of two new brands of cement, “Holcim Prefacem” and “Holcim Supercem”, in a year of high growth...

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| Honeywell

The highly recognised in-house legal team is supported by Tanya Quiñónez, regional general counsel, HBT Latin America at Honeywell, based in Mexico. The wider team handles the legal affairs of...

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Hoteles City Express

| Hoteles City Express

Hoteles City Express is the leading and fastest-growing limited-service hotel chain in Mexico, in terms of the number of hotels, number of rooms, geographic presence, market share and revenues. Founded...

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IBM Mexico

| IBM Mexico

The legal department at IBM Mexico is comprised of a group of talented lawyers with diverse educational and professional backgrounds who specialise on a broad range of IT related matters...

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| IEnova

IEnova is a specialist energy infrastructure developer with a large presence in the Mexican market, employing over 900 and investing US$7.6bn as of 2017. The business, which is a subsidiary...

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Impulsora del Desarrollo y el Empleo (IDEAL)

| Impulsora del Desarrollo y el Empleo (IDEAL)

IDEAL is a major Mexican engineering company specialising in the development, promotion, operation and administration of infrastructure projects across Mexico. It combines experience in the engineering sector with financial planning...

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JLL México

| JLL México

JLL’s legal team in Mexico has proven to be at the forefront of the most relevant legal subjects that might affect the field of their businesses, using a preventive strategy...

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Johnson & Johnson

| Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson’s global healthcare company is divided into three segments: its consumption division manufacturing and retailing basic healthcare items such as baby wipes, lotions and other consumer products; its...

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JTI Mexico

| JTI Mexico

The Mexican branch of the global tobacco corporation, JTI Mexico has expanded dramatically in the last two years in what has proved to be a key market for the company....

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Kellogg Company

| Kellogg Company

The legal team at Kellogg’s Mexican division acts as a resource for the company across the Latin American region, and is highly skilled in trans-national agricultural trade and other commercial...

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Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA)

| Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA)

The legal team at Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) in Mexico is led by Roman Ajzen, a well-regarded US-trained lawyer, who is general counsel of FIBRA Macquarie Mexico and...

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MAPFRE’s legal team worked on a partnership agreement with Pan American University’s Mexico City Campus to create a ‘Universities’ Plan’ for young Mexican students to encourage interest in the insurance...

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Marsh & McLennan Companies

| Marsh & McLennan Companies

The legal team at Mexico of Marsh & McLennan Companies (Marsh) is recognised for the scope of its legal skill and commercial acumen. It has facilitated the announced merger between...

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| MetLife

Led by Reinaldo Ameri, vice president legal for Mexico, global insurance group MetLife’s Mexico legal team – which contains 25 lawyers and non-lawyers – is structured into four pillars, each...

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| Mexichem

The Mexichem legal team assisted in the negotiations on the acquisition of a 44% interest in Petroquímica Mexicana de Vinilo through Mexichem’s subsidiary PPQ Cadena Productiva, which was acquired from...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

MIRA Real Estate

| MIRA Real Estate

The Mexican in-house legal team at MIRA, an international real estate development company, is made of five expert lawyers adept at real estate deals, corporate governance and all related legal...

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Mondelēz International

| Mondelēz International

In the last year the Mondelēz Mexico legal team has renewed a partnership agreement with Save the Children to continue the company’s involvement in the global charity’s Mexican programming for...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Nestlé Mexico

| Nestlé Mexico

The legal team at Nestlé Mexico provided expert guidance on the 2018 investment agreement worth US$154m to open a coffee production factory in Veracruz. The facility operates with state-of-the-art green...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Nokia Mexico

| Nokia Mexico

Nokia Mexico was selected by ALTÁN Redes, a start-up Mexican telephone network, to build and support its LTE network across Mexico in a landmark deal negotiated by the legal team....

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Novartis México

| Novartis México

Novartis has had a major presence in Mexico for 80 years and employs over 1,600 associates, and its lauded legal and compliance departments demonstrate its strength in the country. The...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Novo Nordisk Mexico

| Novo Nordisk Mexico

The in-house legal team at Novo Nordisk Mexico is led by talented lawyer and manager, Andres Vasquez Obando, legal and compliance director, who has previously led legal teams at Novo...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019


| Pemex

An expert in-house legal team at Halliburton supports the US oil and gas technology and infrastructure giant’s Mexican presence in one of the company’s largest markets. The legal team manages...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019


| Peñoles

The highly skilled in-house team at Peñoles gave legal advice to the company on its Minera Capela lead, zinc and copper concentrates mining project in Guerrero due to be completed...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019


| Petrofac

Petrofac is a major Mexican oil fields operation company prominent in the onshore oil industry in Mexico. The in-house legal team is led by Mauricio Vives, head of legal and...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

PGIM Real Estate

| PGIM Real Estate

The in-house legal team at PGIM Real Estate is responsible for the legal operation in Mexico of a US$3.1bn real estate advisory business, including a Fibra (Mexican real estate investment...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Philip Morris International

| Philip Morris International

The in-house legal team at Philip Morris Mexico, (PMM) one of the world’s largest tobacco and smoking product companies, is made up of five lawyers and is led by Jorge...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Procter & Gamble

| Procter & Gamble

The in-house legal team at Procter & Gamble Mexico is made of seven lawyers including Haiko Ledesma Kapellmann, legal Mexico director. Each lawyer handles an area of expertise established based...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Samsung Electronics México

| Samsung Electronics México

Samsung Electronics México (SEM) is the Mexican branch of the Samsung international telecommunications and technology company a worldwide leader in the market. The in-house legal team consists of three highly...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Sanofi Mexico

| Sanofi Mexico

Sanofi Mexico’s in-house legal team provides expert guidance to the pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturer’s Mexican operations which include the production of medicines, vaccines, and pharmaceutical products for distribution across its...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Santander Mexico

| Santander Mexico

Santander is an active bank within corporate and commercial banking in Mexico. Its Mexico legal team of 190 lawyers and staff is led by Fernando Borja Mujica, legal and compliance...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

SAP México

| SAP México

SAP is a global business operations software company with a major footprint in Mexico. Its high quality legal team is led by general counsel Christian Paredes, and is composed of...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Scotiabank Mexico

| Scotiabank Mexico


Scotiabank has a major presence in Mexico with a full service expanding across the Latin American region. Eduardo Fernandez García-Travesí, deputy general director legal, leads the highly skilled and recognised...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Servicios Corporativos Javer (Casas Javer)

| Servicios Corporativos Javer (Casas Javer)

As the leaders in the housing developer sector in Mexico, the legal department of Javer operates with high standards of teamwork consistent with the position of the company in the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019


| Shell

The Mexican legal team at Royal Dutch Shell was instrumental in its successful award of nine deep-water blocks off the Gulf of Mexico in partnership with Pemex and Qatar Petroleum...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Sigma Foods

| Sigma Foods

Sigma is a multinational food processing and distribution company making refrigerated foods such as lunch meats, cheeses and yoghurts among other products. It is headquartered in San Pedro and has...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Signify Mexico

| Signify Mexico

The global legal department at Signify is divided in four clusters: Mexico, Brazil, North Latin America and South Latin America. Each cluster has a head for legal and junior lawyers...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

SUEZ México

| SUEZ México

Managing and developing an internal team of 12 legal and compliance professionals at SUEZ México, is Hector Izzo, general counsel and compliance officer. He is joined by León Velasco legal...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019


| Takeda

Isolda Llorente, director and head of legal for Latin America and Brazil, leads the Mexican legal team for the Japanese healthcare institution with over 230 years of production. The company...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019


| Telmex

Telmex’s legal team negotiated and concluded an agreement with the government of Mexico City to provide the technical support and service through its internet of things, cloud and other service...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

The Coca-Cola Company

| The Coca-Cola Company

Food, beverages and tobacco

Coca-Cola has a large impact on the labour and commercial market in Mexico, having created 97,000 direct jobs and more than one million indirectly, while also being responsible for 1.4%...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (México)

| Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (México)

ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions México, a major force in the Mexican industrial manufacturing sector, has a high quality in-house legal team led by Mexico and Central America legal director Rodrigo Pérez...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

TransCanada Mexico

| TransCanada Mexico

TransCanada Mexico was the first private company to produce and operate pipelines in Mexico, and currently invests more than US$5bn in the Mexican market. The company announced its opening of...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

TV Azteca

| TV Azteca

Highly regarded media and television specialists, the in-house legal team at TV Azteca is among the top in the industry. The legal team at TV Azteca worked on the renewal...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019


| Uber

Over the last four years Uber has developed a major presence in Mexico, with a strong in-house legal team at the heart of the ride hire company’s expansion in the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Vestas México

| Vestas México

The Vestas México legal department helped secure the deal for the 306 MW Mesa la Paz wind park through a corporate power purchase agreement with the AES Corporation and Grupo...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019


| Volaris

Volaris, an aviation holding company, owns and operates two low cost airlines, Volaris Mexico and Volaris Costa Rica, and is listed on the NYSE and the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores....

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019


| WeWork

WeWork Mexico opened its first location in Mexico City in September 2016. From that point the legal team has helped open 17 buildings in three cities: 11 in Mexico City,...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2019

Returning for the fourth time to the Mexican in-house legal market, the GC Powerlist Mexico Teams 2019 highlights the top in-house legal teams in what is a dynamic and challenging market. The legal market has been affected by the region’s political and social upheaval as well as by major natural disasters making the past twelve months a challenging year. The election of President López Obrador, a planned economic stimulus in the oil industry, as well as the ongoing effort to curb the violence and corruption of gang-affected states has made financial and commercial planning difficult. However, the economic picture is mixed with retail growth increasing in 2018 and consumer confidence rising according to the National Association of Supermarkets and Department Stores (ANTAD). The market has also continued to be impacted by the strained trade relationship between Mexico and the US and the implications of the NAFTA renegotiation.

This year we again have the pleasure of highlighting the top 100 in-house legal teams in Mexico. Each team is an outstanding example of innovation, technical ability, management and showcasing the most important and pioneering work in the industry. The teams included demonstrate the continuing development and opportunity that the in-house legal sector provides, particularly to women, with teams included providing examples of exemplary female legal leadership. Each has made the most of the country’s turbulence to carve out an exemplary in-house legal practice.

Peter Tweedley
Research Analyst, GC Powerlist series

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez logo

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez is once again delighted to sponsor the GC Powerlist Mexico. We have had the privilege of doing so since its inaugural edition, and as ever we look forward to hosting a gathering of Mexico’s most talented, innovative and influential GC teams in the country. To all of those nominated and receiving a specific distinction or award as part of this 2019 Edition, our most sincere congratulations for a job well-done.

Yet again we meet at a time of great challenge and opportunity for Mexico, and we are convinced that like never before in the last thirty years or so, the legal profession must be a thoughtful and forefront participant in shaping and guaranteeing our country’s rule of law. In doing so, lawyers across all ranks, practices and regions must be well coordinated and united.

All of us at Creel look forward to playing an active role fostering substantive dialogue on the key legal challenges confronting our Country and our clients, and teaming up with you in promoting initiatives addressing those challenges in furtherance of a better and more just society. Once again congratulations to all of you.

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