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ABB Colombia and Ecuador

| ABB Colombia and Ecuador

ABB is a world leader in electrical infrastructure engineering production with a major presence in Latin America. Its legal team in Colombia and Ecuador has been involved in continuous changes...

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| Abbott

Expertly covering the Andean region, Abbott’s in-house legal team based in Colombia continues to impress after its leader’s previous inclusion in the GC Powerlist: Colombia 2018. With the largest market...

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AECOM, a global construction and engineering company which earned US$20bn in revenue in 2018, bases its Latin American in-house legal team in Colombia. The team provides exceptional coverage across the...

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Alianza Team

| Alianza Team

Alianza Team (Team) is the leading edible oil and fat producer in Colombia and the parent company of a group of eight companies, located in Colombia, Mexico and Chile. The...

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Allianz Colombia

| Allianz Colombia

Chief legal and compliance officer Gustavo Sáchica leads a team of 13 lawyers that provide the highest quality of legal services to Allianz Colombia, the local subsidiary of the global...

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Alpina Productos Alimenticios

| Alpina Productos Alimenticios

Alpina Productos Alimenticios’ legal team is headed by executive director Cristina De La Vega, who in addition to legal affairs is also in charge of corporate affairs, government relations, communications,...

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Altra Investments

| Altra Investments

Continuing to impress following its inclusion in the previous Teams edition of the Colombia GC Powerlist, the legal department of Altra Investments is a leading financial legal function in the...

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| AT&T

Returning to the GC Powerlist: Colombia Teams after its 2017 inclusion, the Northern Region of Latin America legal team at AT&T has continued to impress. Responsible for a wide area...

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ATC Colombia (American Tower Colombia)

| ATC Colombia (American Tower Colombia)

The expert legal team consisting of 11 talented lawyers at ATC is a well-known force in the telecommunications industry in Colombia. It is led by Victor Enrique Cuéllar Olarte, legal...

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Avianca Holdings

| Avianca Holdings

The in-house legal team at Avianca Holdings continues to make a great impression in the legal market through its expert management and continued success in the Latin American transport sector....

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Banco de Bogotá

| Banco de Bogotá

Led by chief legal officer José Joaquín Díaz Perilla, the legal team at Banco de Bogota is one of the most respected in Colombia. One of the oldest banking institutions...

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Banco de la República

| Banco de la República

The in-house legal department at Banco de la República, the central bank of Colombia, capably handles all of the complex legal tasks required by the highly significant financial institution. It...

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Banco de Occident

| Banco de Occident

Part of the Grupo Aval banking conglomerate, Banco de Occident has over half a century of experience in the Colombian financial market, with an in-house legal team that reinforces that...

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BancTrust & Co.

| BancTrust & Co.

Managing director Carlos Hernández Laya leads the legal team made up of seven highly talented lawyers including a head of legal, head of compliance, two senior lawyers and two legal...

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| Bayer

The Bayer legal team in Colombia is led by Hector A. Garcia Corredor, the head of legal, compliance, data privacy and insurance for the multinational healthcare company’s Andean country group....

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BBVA Colombia

| BBVA Colombia

Vice president of legal services and general secretary Ulises Canosa Suárez leads a legal team of 50 members at BBVA Colombia, a major Colombian banking institution. The legal team is...

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British American Tobacco Colombia

| British American Tobacco Colombia

Following on from its recognition in the 2017 edition of this publication, the in-house team at British American Tobacco (BAT) in Colombia has continued to impress with its legal and...

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BTG Pactual Colombia

| BTG Pactual Colombia

The highly esteemed in-house legal team of BTG Pactual Colombia is led by Guillermo Quiroga Barreto, head of legal and general counsel, and has been prolific in the last year...

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Caracol Televisión

| Caracol Televisión

The legal team of the largest private broadcaster in Colombia continues to impress after its inclusion in the GC Powerlist: Colombia Teams in 2017. Broadcasting across 80 countries with over...

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| Cargill

Cargill’s business in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru is managed by a legal team of five lawyers and an assistant led by senior commercial lawyer Maria del Mar Bonilla Uribe. Bonilla...

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Casa Editorial El Tiempo

| Casa Editorial El Tiempo

The legal team at Casa Editorial El Tiempo expertly guides the oldest media company in Colombia through its legal affairs across nine printed newspapers, two 24-hour television networks and its...

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CEDELCA (Centrales Eléctricas del Caucis), the main electricity provider in the Cuaca region of South Western Colombia has a talented in-house legal team led by legal director Andrea Campo, who...

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Cementos Argos

| Cementos Argos

Cementos Argos is one of the largest cement producers in Latin America and the largest in Colombia. In 2018, the company with the support of its in-house team earned consolidated...

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CEPSA’s legal manager for Latin America, Cesar Augusto Lozano Gutierrez, leads the legal area based in Colombia which covers the region for the Spanish oil and gas company. Consisting of...

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Citibank Colombia

| Citibank Colombia

The Citibank Colombia legal team has been through significant change and accomplished much in the last year and continues to demonstrate its strength. Led expertly by general counsel Francisco Baquerizo...

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Ciudad Limpia Bogotá

| Ciudad Limpia Bogotá

Ciudad Limpia’s legal department brings expert legal assistance and support to five different corporations, namely, Ciudad Limpia Bogotá, Ciudad Limpia Neiva, Ciudad Limpia del Huila, Ecolimpia and Ecotrans. The legal...

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Coca-Cola FEMSA

| Coca-Cola FEMSA

Silvia Barrero, legal and corporate affairs vice president, leads an eight-lawyer in-house legal team for Coca-Cola FEMSA in Colombia. She leads the legal team drawing on more than 15 years...

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Coltabaco, an affiliate of Philip Morris International

| Coltabaco, an affiliate of Philip Morris International

A legal team of eight lawyers who is in charge of all the legal matters related to PMI’s business in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. It has five lawyers based...

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| Corficolombiana

Corficolombiana’s legal team is a diverse and talented group of lawyers who are, in the words of the team’s leader, ‘highly committed and business oriented, that have the ability to...

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| Corona

Corona’s in-house legal team is comprised of six lawyers and one compliance specialist under supervision of Bernardo Ávila, legal and compliance manager. Two of these lawyers, as well as the...

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DaVita Colombia

| DaVita Colombia

A leading kidney specialist healthcare company, DaVita Colombia’s in-house legal team is recognised for its exceptional skill in legal matters pertaining to the medical and healthcare industry. Led by Helena...

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| Decameron

The in-house team at hotelier Decameron is highly skilled and plays an important part in the continued growth of the company’s portfolio across Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean....

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Diageo Colombia

| Diageo Colombia

Diageo is the number one premier alcoholic distiller in the world boasting an enviable range of brands with more than 180 different products. The company’s operation in Colombia is one...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

DIRECTV Latin America

| DIRECTV Latin America

Legal manager Alvaro Andres Ponce Reyes leads the exceptionally talented in-house legal team at DIRECTV Colombia which is made up of five lawyers that ensure the legal compliance of all...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Distribuidora Nissan – Grupo Vardí

| Distribuidora Nissan – Grupo Vardí

The highly talented in-house legal team of Distribuidora Nissan, is comprised of four lawyers and is led by Catalina Robledo Ramirez who is the legal manager – general counsel. The...

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| Ecopetrol

Continuing to impress, the in-house team at Ecopetrol supremely manages the energy company’s legal business, demonstrating considerable skill given the Ecopetrol’s dominant market position in Latin America. Capably led by...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Eficacia

Luis Fernando Rueda Latiff, legal manager at Eficacia, leads a legal department which demonstrates excellence on behalf of the professional services company which is focused on brand management and advertising....

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Falck – Grupo EMI

| Falck - Grupo EMI

The legal team at Falck – Grupo EMI, led by Nicolás Ruiz, legal and corporate affairs director Latin America, consists of four excellent lawyers and an assistant expertly managing the...

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Ferrocarriles del Norte de Colombia (FENOCO)

| Ferrocarriles del Norte de Colombia (FENOCO)

FENOCO is the administrator of the Atlantic Railway Network, which consists of a 246 kilometre railway corridor that runs from the coal mining region of El Cesar to Santa Marta...

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Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia

| Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia

The in-house team of seven highly skilled and specialist lawyers at Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia is headed by Dr Ana María Flórez Ocampo, as head of corporate legal office. The...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

General Motors Financial (GMF)

| General Motors Financial (GMF)

General Motors Financial is the financial services arm of the global automobile manufacturer General Motors, providing automobile finance across the world with operations in the US, Canada, China, Indonesia, Australia...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Grupo Alsea en Colombia

| Grupo Alsea en Colombia

Grupo Alsea en Colombia’s in-house legal team is formed of four lawyers and a business administrator and headed by legal advisor Katherine Silva Hernández, as leader of the department. The...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Grupo Bancolombia

| Grupo Bancolombia

Grupo Bancolombia’s legal team is constantly changing and evolving in order to adapt to a legal system that has recently been transforming drastically. The team, led by corporate legal vice...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Grupo Bancolombia – Capital Markets

| Grupo Bancolombia - Capital Markets

Carlos Aldana, legal director of capital markets and corporate finance, manages the in-house legal subdivision at Grupo Bancolombia. The team is composed of 18 lawyers and three interns, who support...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Grupo Empresarial Colombina

| Grupo Empresarial Colombina

Grupo Empresarial Colombina is a global food company that endeavours to delight consumers with its winning combination of innovation and great tasting products. It is anchored by its strong master...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Grupo Éxito

| Grupo Éxito

The legal team at Grupo Éxito, a major consumer products conglomerate across all of Latin America based and founded in Colombia, has continued to impress peers since being featured in...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Grupo Nutresa

| Grupo Nutresa

The in-house legal team at Grupo Nutresa continues to inspire as an example of excellence following its multiple inclusions in previous editions of the GC Powerlist: Colombia. The team provides...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Grupo Odinsa

| Grupo Odinsa

Andrea Eugenia Camargo Niño, legal director, leads the talented in-house legal team at Odinsa. With seven members, the team is divided into functions based on each lawyer’s skillset and different...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Grupo Prodeco (Glencore)

| Grupo Prodeco (Glencore)

The legal department at Grupo Prodeco, the wholly owned Colombian subsidiary of multinational commodity trading and mining company Glencore, is an impressive mixture of different skills and talents combining to...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Grupo Sura

| Grupo Sura

Grupo SURA is the holding company of the Colombian financial conglomerate Conglomerado Financiero SURA-Bancolombia, as well as the controlling company of the Grupo SURA business group (“Grupo Empresarial SURA”) which...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Hocol

Legal manager Christian Castro Agudelo leads Hocol’s in-house team which is comprised of five lawyers and an intern each specialised in different areas to supply thorough legal advice services to...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

HP Colombia

| HP Colombia

Following on from the recognition of Arusiak Mardirousian, South America global legal affairs director, in last year’s edition of the GC Powerlist: Colombia 2018, it is right to recognise the...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

IBM de Colombia

| IBM de Colombia

Tech giant IBM has a small but powerful in-house legal team at its operation in Colombia, with a reputation for expertise across a wide range of topics. Juan Pablo Ovalle...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Interconexión Eléctrica

| Interconexión Eléctrica

The in-house legal team at Interconexión Eléctrica (ISA) deserves recognition for its command of legal business affairs related to infrastructure projects under schemes of public private partnerships (PPP) and M&As...

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Chief legal officer Sonia Margarita Abuchar Aleman leads the highly skilled legal team at oil and gas company, ISA INTERCOLOMBIA which has a major domestic and Latin American presence in...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019



The legal department at ISAGEN, a leading renewable energy company in Colombia that operates six thermal and hydroelectric plants and a thriving commercial energy business, is comprised of industry specialist...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Itaú BBA Colombia

| Itaú BBA Colombia

The in-house legal team at Itaú BBA in Colombia brings considerable commercial acumen and legal skill to the corporate investment bank of the Itaú Unibanco group, one of the world’s...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Johnson & Johnson, Medical Devices

| Johnson & Johnson, Medical Devices

David Quiroz Rendon, legal director for North Latin America, continues to lead the compact in-house legal department at Johnson & Johnson in Colombia, which covers the North Latin American region...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Laboratorios Baxter

| Laboratorios Baxter

A globally renowned specialist healthcare company focusing on kidney conditions, Laboratorios Baxter has a major presence in Colombia, and a highly responsive and effective legal team led by legal director...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

MetLife Colombia

| MetLife Colombia

MetLife continues to impress with its significant presence in the Colombian market, with offices located in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Manizales, Barranquilla, Pereira and Bucaramanga. Previously recognised for its skill, innovative...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo

| Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo

The legal team of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has impressed numerous peers in the Colombian legal market. The team achieved success with a landmark agreement signed between...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Mondelēz International

| Mondelēz International

Chief counsel for the Andean, Pacific and Central American countries Juan Pablo Restrepo leads a multiregional team of five lawyers and three paralegals. Headquartered in Bogota, the team is responsible...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Nestlé Colombia

| Nestlé Colombia

Phyllis Gleiser, general counsel, leads the talented group of four in-house lawyers and support team members at Nestlé Colombia, a major producer in the global Nestlé brand network. Recently the...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Oleoducto de los Llanos Orientales and Oleoducto Bicentenario de Colombia

| Oleoducto de los Llanos Orientales and Oleoducto Bicentenario de Colombia

Oleoducto de los Llanos Orientales (ODL) and Oleoducto Bicentenario de Colombia (BIC) are managed and operate under a single administration led by ODL, which requires a very efficient legal team...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Organización Terpel

| Organización Terpel

Terpel’s legal department of 19 lawyers is divided into a legal industry management and a corporate legal office. The legal management team is further divided into three sub-teams by specialised...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Panalpina

The highly skilled in-house legal department at Panalpina continues to impress after its inclusion in the GC Powerlist: Colombia Teams 2017. Led by Juan Camilo Bernate, senior counsel, the team...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Parque Arauco

| Parque Arauco

The in-house legal team of Parque Arauco Colombia is made up of four highly trained and talented lawyers, bringing legal guidance and commercial clarity to one of Colombia’s largest retailers....

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

PepsiCo Colombia

| PepsiCo Colombia

The in-house legal team at PepsiCo Colombia continues to impress as an exceptionally talented legal team commanding respect across the in-house industry in Latin America. In the last year the...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Perenco

The first independent oil and gas company in Europe, Perenco has grown its international presence and since 2014 has had a major stake in the Colombian oil market. Its prodigious...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Postobón

Postobón commands the largest market share for the production of non-alcoholic drinks in Colombia and is a major force within the industry as one of Latin America’s most prominent soft...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Praxair Colombia

| Praxair Colombia

The largest retailer of industrial gases in North and South America, Praxair has an important presence in Colombia, as demonstrated by its exceptionally talented legal team. Having been recognised in...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Productos Roche

| Productos Roche

The in-house team at Productos Roche continues to impress leading the Colombian subsidiary of the global healthcare producers’ industry leading research, clinical trials and diagnostic products. The company has focused...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Publicar Publicidad Multimedia

| Publicar Publicidad Multimedia

The legal team of Publicar Publicidad Multimedia, parent company of Publicar & Gurú Group, is composed of six lawyers led by Andrés Pérez Velasco, who is the company legal vice...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019



RCN TV is the second largest television and media company in Colombia by viewership, and is an important voice in the media industry in Colombia. Its legal department carries out...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Reckitt Benckiser Colombia

| Reckitt Benckiser Colombia

A global leader in electrical and other energy products and services such as grid management, energy management software and supply services Schneider Electric has a large Andean regional presence. The...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Refinería de Cartagena

| Refinería de Cartagena

Refinería de Cartagena’s (RDC) in-house legal department, led by legal vice president Herman Eduardo Galan, is comprised of 24 highly talented lawyers and is structured into four areas. These are...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Repsol

Continuing to impress following its previous recognition, the in-house legal team at Repsol is a leading example of best practice in Colombia’s legal in-house market, and a stand-out team within...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Riopaila Castilla

| Riopaila Castilla

Carlos Paz, legal manager and compliance officer, leads the legal department at agro-industrial company Riopaila Castilla. The high performing in-house legal team is made of five lawyers and two support...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019



An expert in-house legal team at SAP covers Northern Latin America and the Caribbean providing the highest quality legal advice and contracts organisation, focused on negotiation and deal closing, overall...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

SBS Seguros Colombia

| SBS Seguros Colombia

General counsel Catalina Gaviria leads the legal team at SBS Seguros Colombia, a major insurance company owned by the Fairfax conglomerate. The team expertly handles the review of insurance policies...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Schlumberger

Schlumberger has a long history in Colombia and across Latin America, with its first oil field electric log performed by the company at the Tabatinga field in 1938. The company...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Schneider Electric

| Schneider Electric

A global leader in electrical and other energy products and services such as grid management, energy management software and supply services Schneider Electric has a large Andean regional presence. The...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Scotiabank Colpatria

| Scotiabank Colpatria

In July 2018, Colpatria and Scotiabank announced their merger to strengthen the position of both banks within Colombia drawing on Scotiabank’s international resources and Colpatria’s local presence and knowledge. The...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019



Legal director Diana Daza Vallejos leads the in-house legal team of four lawyers, a contracts assistant and an administrative assistant at the Colombian division of SGS, one of the world’s...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Siemens Healthineers

| Siemens Healthineers

The in-house legal team at Siemens Healthineers in Colombia continues to impress and provide the highest quality legal coverage to the global healthcare giant’s presence in Colombia and the Andean...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Siemens Mobility

| Siemens Mobility

The in-house legal department of Siemens Mobility in Colombia has regional coverage as well as specific to each relevant jurisdiction. The team has adapted to the division of the Mobility...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Stork, a Fluor company

| Stork, a Fluor company

The in-house legal team at Stork, a Fluor company, provides comprehensive legal guidance and regulatory coverage for the engineering company’s business across Colombia and the northern Latin American region. The...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio

| Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio

The highly talented legal team at the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce is formed by two experienced lawyers who hold the position of technical liaisons for the organisation. This promotes...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

SURA Asset Management

| SURA Asset Management

Grupo SURA is the holding company of the Colombian financial conglomerate Conglomerado Financiero SURA-Bancolombia, as well as the controlling company of the Grupo SURA business group (“Grupo Empresarial SURA”) which...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Telefónica Colombia

| Telefónica Móviles Colombia

Telefónica Colombia’s highly talented in-house legal team made up of 27 lawyers and four support staff continues to impress after its recognition in the GC Powerlist: Colombia Teams in 2017....

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Teleperformance

As a global leader in contact centre and business process outsourcing (BPO) services, Teleperformance has experienced an impressive growth in recent years, and its business in the CGP region (Colombia,...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Terranum

The in-house legal team at Terranum stands out for its talent and composed handling of legal affairs within a rapidly growing real estate group in Colombia. Terranum is Colombia’s market...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

The Walt Disney Company Latin America

| The Walt Disney Company Latin America

In March 2019, 21st Century Fox was acquired by The Walt Disney Company, causing a major change within the workings of the Fox organisation in Latin America. In addition to...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Toyota Colombia

| Toyota Colombia

Toyota Colombia possesses a highly experienced and well-regarded in-house legal team adept at the management of the global automotive giant’s legal operations in the country. It is particularly skilled in...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Uber Colombia

| Uber Colombia

Uber’s legal team in the Andean region (Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia) is led by Sandra Monroy. Monroy joined the company in October 2018 as legal director of the Andean...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Unilever

Vice president of legal services and general secretary Ulises Canosa Suárez leads a legal team of 50 members at BBVA Colombia, a major Colombian banking institution. The legal team is...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Unisys

Continuing to impress, the Unisys in-house legal team demonstrates its quality and deserves recognition again the GC Powerlist after its inclusion in 2017. The team is known for its legal...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Visión Software

| Visión Software

Visión Software is a leading Colombian technology company and has a compact but highly efficient legal department comprised of legal manager and compliance officer Juan Camilo Medina and legal counsel...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Willis Towers Watson

| Willis Towers Watson

The in-house legal team at Willis Towers Watson in Colombia has, over the last two years, expertly managed the company’s merger and development in the Andean region with the final...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019


| Yara

Continuing to impress, the in-house legal team at Yara in Colombia constantly demonstrates excellence in management of the global fertiliser, seed and crop nutrition company. The team sets the standard...

#GCPowerlist Colombia Teams 2019

Now in its fourth edition, in this year’s GC Powerlist: Colombia we are showcasing the highest achieving legal teams that are transforming the market and making themselves indispensable within their organisations. Emerging from the research are a number of trends with the overall message that despite Colombia’s mixed economic fortunes in recent years, the in-house legal industry is thriving.

In addition to the strong focus amongst legal teams to utilise technology to drive efficiencies, there is an emphasis on further integration in the business contributing to positive shifts in internal perception. Another theme is the regional scope of many legal teams within Colombia. While this publication covers the in-house legal market within the country it would be remiss to not address the international scope of the teams included and their multi-jurisdictional expertise. Furthermore, there continues to be an increase in the number of women in senior in-house legal positions, matching the trend seen across Latin America.

The development of these successful trends within the in-house legal market is partly a response to the recent economic turbulence within Colombia. The economic indicators have had an effect on Colombian law with in-house teams having to adjust policies and protocols to react to new legislation such as changes to the corporate tax rate and VAT. Other legal developments such as new environmental regulations and the peace treaty renegotiations have also impacted the legal business of Colombian companies and will continue to do so as plans for the future materialise further.

The legal teams selected in this list have demonstrated exceptional ability in handling all these challenges and excel in the Colombian market. They are innovators and examples of the best quality that the Colombian in-house market has to offer. It is our pleasure at The Legal 500 to recognise their abilities.

Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie logo

In 2019, Colombia has proved itself as a sustainable investment destination. After a year in office, President Iván Duque has achieved some wins in the economic sphere and now is seeking to maintain investor confidence for long-term growth.

Experts agree that despite the economic slowdown during Q1, there are good reasons to believe that by the end of 2019, Colombia will reach the projected 3.5% increase in its GDP. That figure alone shows significant growth, compared to the 1.1% expected for South America by the International Monetary Fund.

Now, Colombia is challenged with ways to remain economically stable in the long run, while the country confronts political polarization in a post-conflict society. As a result of the conflict era, Colombia has learned valuable lessons such as the importance of working internally and with the international community in order to implement treaties and agreements that sustain peace and ensure growth.

The months to come present certain challenges –financing the post-conflict agreements is just one of them, which will require establishing new controls against corruption and fiscal consolidation.

At Baker McKenzie, we are proud to have established a commitment to innovation, revolutionising the traditional approach of the industry to offer services that are more competitive to our clients across different sectors. Our firm has been looking into ways to adopt new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and design methodology, to lead the way in innovative legal services with a focus on business, in Colombia, and around the world.

Another important topic on the Colombian government’s current agenda is immigration. How can the country keep pace with economic development, while not being indifferent to the wave of migrants arriving from Venezuela? This recent trend has led to a transformational movement in Colombia and across Latin America, forcing countries throughout the region to take advantage of the benefits of immigration, embrace diversity, and spark debates surrounding people’s conceptions of xenophobia and stigmatization.

These conversations are not irrelevant for our firm and our clients, who need to navigate Colombia’s business landscape comfortably. It is critical to understand the geopolitical conditions of the country and region, while still being able to secure stable investments in the end. Our lawyers focus on the ability to understand not only the regulatory framework of our clients’ industries but the trends that will affect their businesses. We are the new lawyers who are able to prepare clients for the future by responding adequately to upcoming challenges.

At Baker McKenzie, we focus on six key industries: consumer goods and retail; energy, mining and infrastructure; healthcare; industrials, manufacturing and transportation; and technology, media and telecommunications. Our variety of clients encourages us to provide forward-thinking legal advice based on an intimate knowledge of local markets, combined with a global mindset.

Over the past 80 years, we have witnessed the development of the country by helping local companies expand their businesses and multinationals to land their investments in Colombia successfully. Baker McKenzie was a pioneer in the region, offering clients a longstanding presence in the leading economies in Latin America and a visionary approach.

Our talent is diverse, as is our firm. Baker McKenzie has demonstrated a substantial commitment to diversity and inclusion, being the first law firm to establish aspirational targets for female representation at the partnership and leadership levels. Just recently, Baker McKenzie took another bold step towards gender inclusion by becoming the first law firm to establish a 40-40-20 team by 2025. That means a 40% male, 40% female split, with a flexible distribution for the remaining 20% among partners, senior business professionals, firm committee leadership, and candidate pools for recruitment.

For our talent, we have developed work balance programs such as bAgile, a flexible remote work initiative for both men and woman, available to people across the firm globally.

In our communities, we develop CSR initiatives such as support of the Quiero Estudiar program in Colombia that allows eight students, with outstanding academic performance, who graduate from high school in Colombian Pacific Coast schools, to have access to a career at the Universidad de Los Andes, one of the most prominent academic institutions in the country.

Baker McKenzie’s highest commitment is to Colombia and Latin America, whether through cutting-edge legal advice, innovation, diversity and inclusion, or CSR efforts, our firm wants to build and inspire.

Jones Day Singapore Breakfast Roundtable 2023

With glorious sunshine streaming through the windows of the Mercury Room at The Fairmont Singapore, The Legal 500 and Jones Day Breakfast Roundtable got underway in the best possible setting, and as guests mingled with fresh coffee there was great anticipation about the coming session. This was not least because Jones Day’s global disputes practice leader Sion Richards had flown in from London to talk through some of the recent eye-catching (and, as they would see later, almost unbelievable) enforcement and recovery cases that he and the rest of Jones Day have worked on in the recent past.   

A packed room of general counsel was amassed, all of whom were looking forward to an informative discussion on retrieving stolen assets with some of the most accomplished recovery experts in the legal world. With Singapore partner-in-charge Sushma Jobanputra watching on, the morning’s session began. 

Sion Richards and asset tracing and judgment enforcement expert James Fidler, a Jones Day associate, began proceedings by outlining some of the methods of retrieving seemingly irrecoverable assets lost to fraud or recalcitrant debtors. They then moved on to discussing some of the highly complicated international cases they have worked on, which led to a number of probing questions from those in attendance.  

The discussion was then widened to the whole room, including Jones Day Partners Tim Cullen, Zac Sharpe, Vinay Kurien and Dennis Barsky. While acknowledging that the advent of cybercrime, the international payment network, cryptocurrencies and sophisticated online criminal syndicates have made enforcement and recovery a more daunting, chaotic and expensive prospect than ever before, many were impressed with the results that a well-funded investigation can achieve in the right circumstances.  

Essentially, if the wealth lost to fraud or recalcitrant debtors is large enough to warrant the expense of hiring top-notch recovery teams, there are options.