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Navigating Post-Brexit Environmental Legislation in the UK: Challenges and Opportunities

Maya Sainani looks at the future of environmental law and protection in the UK

Sustainable finance hub Singapore

David Koehne speaks to Allen & Gledhill about Singapore’s efforts to position itself as green finance hub in the region

The Devil Wears (Sustainable) Prada – all eyes on fashion’s sustainability claims

Amy Ulliott takes a closer look at moves to legislate sustainable fashion.

Can lawyers make dispute resolution greener?

Laura Pollard examines law firms’ pledges to greener litigation and arbitration, and the path to greener dispute resolution.

Breaking the unsustainable chain

James Field takes a closer look at the proposed Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence.

To B or not to B Corp – that is the question law firms may want to ask themselves

Anna Baubock looks at purpose-led business practice and why some firms seek B Corp status.

Navigating a greener future – The promise and challenge of maritime ETS

Clara Mozes examines how the shipping industry, a sector that has traditionally not earned a reputation for being very environmentally friendly, is navigating a greener future.

Navigating ESG issues – The ever-increasing need for ESG expertise

Laura Pollard examines the increasingly prominent need for law firms to have in-house ESG and sustainability expertise.

Do cryptocurrencies have a place in the sustainable investment movement?

Amy Ulliott looks at a somewhat inevitable collision course between cryptoassets and a more green-conscious approach.

Poland’s long journey towards a green transition

David Koehne investigates the positive developments Poland is taking to embrace esg policies.

Law Firm Carbon Footprints: What are firms doing to reach net zero?

With the race to reduce carbon emissions at the top of the global agenda, Barnaby Merrill looks at what law firms are doing to mitigate climate change.

Amnesia and supply chains: the German law that brings due diligence back into focus

Chris Vlachopoulos looks at the new "LkSG" German law that puts supply chains under scrutiny.

ESG Colourwashing – why leadership with integrity is necessary to combat corporate hypocrisy

The Legal 500 Deutschland and Global Green Guide editor Anna Bauböck talks to widely respected The Legal 500 Germany GC Powerlist alumnus and internationally acclaimed head of legal Timo Matthias Spitzer, LL.M. (Wellington) about the introduction of ESG principles in business strategies and a resulting potential proliferation of so-called “ESG colourwashing”.

Green is the new black

Amy Ulliott, The Legal 500's Caribbean and Nordics editor, discusses how Norway is standing out as a leader among nations in its dedication to renewable energy and sustainability.

ESG in the DACH region: from soft topic to hard fact

While ESG concerns climb higher on DACH region companies’ agendas, one of the main challenges continues to be the directive – or rather the lack thereof.

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