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Ireland Teams 2018


| Accenture

Information technology

Accenture boasts one of the largest in-house legal teams in Ireland, and is fully equipped to support the myriad of legal requirements of a company which reported total employee numbers...

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| Accipiter


Established in 2014 and headquartered in Dublin, Accipiter is the wholly-owned aircraft leasing company of CK Asset Holdings Limited. Over the past four years, Accipiter has transitioned from a start-up...

#GCPowerlist Ireland Teams 2018

Aer Lingus

| Aer Lingus

Transport and infrastructure

Coming in for particular praise from nominating sources on the back of an established record of innovation, the Aer Lingus legal team also successfully supports and manages the myriad of...

#GCPowerlist Ireland Teams 2018


| AerCap


Following the 2017 acquisition of International Lease Finance Corporation, AerCap became the largest aircraft leasing company in the world. Currently headquartered in Dublin and listed on the New York Stock...

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AIG’s Ireland offices contain a number of highly qualified lawyers, who are able to fully support the diverse operations of the extensive insurance and financial services firm in Ireland. Legal...

#GCPowerlist Ireland Teams 2018

Editor Message

Ireland contains some of the best and brightest in-house legal teams in Europe. The strong legal and business credentials of the country combined with its geographically advantageous position and business-friendly tax environment has led to major multinationals setting up headquarters in the state, which provide a fertile ground for its talented cadre of counsel to operate in.

Unsurprisingly given the high proportion of corporate headquarter-based teams in this year’s GC Powerlist: Ireland Teams, gearing up for GDPR compliance has been an almost universal theme, with many illuminating insights on how this was dealt with during the research process. Looking to the future, the potentially destabilising prospect of a damaging withdrawal agreement between the EU and UK was also highlighted by a number of teams, whose risk mitigation abilities have been called into action in response to this and other external factors.

A high proportion of the in-house teams featured in this year’s list are dual or multiple-office based, adding a potential extra layer of complexity to internal dynamics. To deal with this, these functions have forged strong bonds of team culture and cohesion across borders to shrink the geographical divides between team members.

Ireland’s in-house counsel community is an established and integral component of the country’s business landscape, with some in-house teams even rivalling major private practice firms in terms of size. With all this in mind, the Irish in-house legal community has excelled in driving the role of legal functions forward.

Joe Boswell
Senior research analyst, GC Powerlist series

Editor |

Sponsor Message

McCann FitzGerald

McCann FitzGerald  logo

McCann FitzGerald is delighted to continue its support of the GC Powerlist in Ireland, recognising as it does the breadth and depth of legal talent that play an increasing important role in many of Ireland’s most successful businesses.

The environment in which lawyers operate is dynamic and ever-changing. Increasing workload and risk, the demand for delivery of more legal services at less cost, limited availability of qualified legal resources and increasing use of technology are just some of the drivers in today’s highly competitive market for legal services. These changes place serious demands on all lawyers, both in-house and in private practice, to constantly evaluate how they deliver their services and to figure out how to respond to the demand for increased efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of legal services.

Innovation has been the key to ensuring that McCann FitzGerald responds to these changes. Technology is having a transformative effect on all businesses and the legal services sector is no exception. The choice is to drive onwards and to progress, or risk becoming irrelevant – that is why we have put innovation at the heart of our strategy.

We were the first Irish law firm to strategically plan and implement a separate business model focused on the development of technology-enabled legal service provision for clients. Listening and understanding our client needs allows us to devise innovative solutions to the legal, risk and compliance issues they face. We are translating the legal expertise of our lawyers into the age of the algorithm to deliver cost-efficient and effective solutions.

At the same time as these changes are occurring, in-house legal teams are being called on to take a leading role in advising businesses, and to have an expanding influence in areas, such as risk management and business strategy. They are seen as thought leaders and experts within their industries, with the insights to drive and create business opportunities and influence decisions at the highest levels.

Private practice lawyers have a strong role to play when advising in-house teams. It is important that they too have an understanding of the economic and business landscape that their clients are operating in. They need to be on hand to offer expert counsel within their area of expertise, and work closely with their in-house counterparts to navigate through the changing business, regulatory and legal environments. There are a wealth of opportunities for private and in-house legal teams to collaborate, allowing them together to give expert advice to their business, and ultimately to drive further growth and create significant business efficiencies.

McCann FitzGerald is excited by the developments in the legal sector and the evolving role of in-house counsel. As a firm, we seek to enable your progress through the provision of strategic legal counsel on the major business and commercial issues of our time, delivered through a culture of high performance and high integrity. We look forward to developing further our partnerships and collaborations with corporate counsel. These partnerships enable businesses to benefit from the insight that McCann FitzGerald has obtained over many years in working with clients across a range of diverse industries.

On behalf of all the partners at McCann FitzGerald, I wish to extend our sincere congratulations to all those who have been included in the GC Powerlist: Ireland Teams 2018. Recipients of this accolade come from a broad and varied range of sectors, from banking and financial services to retail chains and consumer brands. This prestigious recognition highlights the hard work, strength and innovation displayed by corporate counsel across Ireland, and also emphasises the increasingly important and expanding role of corporate counsel in today’s business environment.