fivehundred magazine | Special Edition: Crisis Management 2020

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In this special edition around crisis management, fivehundred draws together highly experienced law firm leaders from around the globe to discuss the challenges and steps taken – from the technological to the logistical, from managing staff well being and communications to respond to client demands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insights are provided from a diverse range of jurisdictions, with experienced private practice lawyers based in Belgium, The UK, India, Portugal, South Korea, China, Albania, Taiwan and Cyprus discussing how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting their respective legal markets, and advise ways in which law firms and in-house counsel can improve the integrity and resilience of their future crisis planning.

For most of us, the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike any other risk event that we have ever encountered in our lifetimes. As the world of work has changed in response to the crisis, law firms have adapted to the situation accordingly.


Managing Internal Investigations in a Post Covid-19 World

The Headline on 12 June 2020 was that the UK economy shrank by 20.4% over the month of April and by 25% between February and April. Over those three months, some businesses have sadly failed and others have had, almost overnight, to adapt to an entirely new way of working. When the threat of the …

Inside this Edition

I will have my cake and eat it

In the past, barristers have been unable to facilitate a working practice compatible to their home life. Thankfully, those days seem to have passed, says Nancy Rice, joint first junior clerk at Temple Garden Chambers

Some clients don’t like negotiating with women

Legal 500 researcher William Farrington speaks to senior female lawyers about partnership, diversity, and recruitment in India’s legal market

Covid-19 and exam chaos: How chambers can help the next generation

With the pandemic, A-level results, and BPTC exam nightmares impacting aspiring barristers, just how are chambers adapting their pupillage assessment and recruitment policies to obtain the best talent in the years ahead?

Milestones in criminal law

As Corker Binning approaches its 20-year anniversary, founding partner David Corker looks back at the evolution of the criminal law over the past two decades and predicts what the future may hold for criminal trials

An unexpected opportunity to increase diversity

A virtual work experience programme levels the playing field and is an opportunity to reach talented individuals who you may never have had a chance to help and nurture, explains Caroline Wilson, HR director at Kennedys

Zooming in on a new Nirvana

Were legal sector innovations during lockdown a stop-gap to keep the body of justice breathing or will the use of remote technology now become the default setting, wonders Paul Kirtley of Exchange Chambers

Covid-19 and the mental health crisis at sea

The ongoing crew change crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic raises humanitarian concerns as well as a disruption to global trade, warn HFW’s Jean Koh and Emilie Brammer

Inside the UK’s longest remote hearing

3 Hare Court’s Simon Davenport QC and Tom Poole along with Humphries Kerstetter’s Toby Starr and James Russell give their thoughts on working inside one of the largest virtual trials under the new Covid-19 court regime

The pervasive impact of your mood

Guest Blog : The MOSAIC Mood Index Series

Your mood stays with you much longer than you think and has an impact that you probably aren’t even aware of.

Having an honest conversation with ourselves is the first step

Guest Blog : The MOSAIC Mood Index Series

The MOSAIC Mood Index 2020 was launched to capture the mood of the legal profession. Supported by The Legal 500, the report surveyed 1,477 respondents from the legal sector around the world to gauge attitudes towards wellbeing and work.

Guiding your business through a time of crisis: a lawyer’s guide to Covid-19 in South Korea

On 24 June, The Legal 500 and JIPYONG LLC, a leading law firm in South Korea for over 20 years, presented a webinar exploring how Covid-19 has changed the outlook for South Korean businesses and their lawyers.

A Lawyer’s Perspective: Key points and guidelines under PRC Employment and Labour law during the COVID-19 crisis in China

The Chinese employment and labour law has always been driven by the public policy to maintain social stability, which is the country’s top priority. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the employment relationship became a topic full of controversy since the previous commonly adopted law enforcement practice has not been ready in response to such acute situation. …

Legal impacts of COVID-19 in Cyprus

The escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergency situation created in the public health sector, which severely harms the citizens and the wider society, has led to concussions in the global and national economy. The impact on the Cypriot economy, businesses and society at large has been enormous. Businesses have been forced to operate …

Banking and financial litigation amid and after the pandemic

The new coronavirus outbreak has led to a health, human, social and economic crisis, the real impact of which may yet be still to come. Financial institutions have become accustomed to cyclical turbulence and this has helped shaping their resilience to challenging events. But this time, we face new questions: is the financial sector prepared …

Leading your organization through a complex novel crisis: Lessons from the frontlines of COVID-19 in India

The Legal 500 sits down with leading Indian law firm, Legasis Partners, to discuss how the firm are handling COVID-19, and protecting in-house counsel facing an unprecedented crisis. Legasis with its unique blend of professional legal services coupled with its legal tech solutions has not only kept up with the pace of rapid changes in …

The Eye of the Storm – Managing a Crisis

Alban Caushi is the partner in charge of the corporate and commercial practice of Albanian law firm CR Partners and has advised clients from a range of sectors and industries on how to mitigate and handle a crisis. He has provided domestic and international clients with legal advice across all sectors on M&As both for …