Does reputation risk mean calling time on law firm drinking?


With a number of high-profile investigations linked to excessive drinking, legal sector crisis PR specialist Gus Sellitto of Byfield Consultancy asks if it is time for law firms to sober up

In my experience, there has never such an acute awareness among law firms of the reputational damage they and their people can suffer as a result of inappropriate workplace behaviours. The latest potential threat that law firms are having to grapple with is the excessive drinking culture associated with the business of doing law and …

Collaboration: An essential key to successful business development


Deborah Brightman Farone, founder of Farone Advisors LLC and former Cravath, Swaine & Moore CMO, highlights the importance of partner collaboration in law firm business development and marketing initiatives

A law firm leader recently asked me what it is that separates successful firms from the uber-successful, superstar firms – those that seem to grow exponentially, retain greater profits, and solidify decades-long large-scale client engagements. She asked what I see when I contrast the behaviour of those two types of firms. The challenge is that …

Directory mentions – you could do so much more with them


Melissa Davis admonishes those lawyers, law firms, and chambers failing to capitalise on their directory rankings

Taking entries and interviews for the legal directories is a serious commitment by law firms and chambers. For many, the cost of supplementing an editorial mention with a firm or individual directory listing is dwarfed by the internal resource they have dedicated –perhaps a third of a marketing or PR staff member’s year and valuable …

When you play the game of content…


What content do legal publications want from law firms? Candice Witton, content lead at Propero Partners, has the answers

In 1996, Bill Gates declared ‘content is king’. Now over two decades later, there’s really no denying the power of content marketing. Content marketing is the catch-all term for anything from how-to blogs to thought leadership editorial pieces. In this instance it refers to writing (be it legal analysis or news) featured in legal publications, …

How to stand out within a sea of sameness


In an increasingly competitive international marketplace, David H. Freeman considers what it takes for law firms to truly differentiate themselves

While differentiation is a process, a solid culture is the defining characteristic of any organisation. And make no mistake, your firm has a culture; whether authored by you or not. Anthropologist Philip Folsom will tell you that any ‘tribe’ or group collective develops its own working style. Successful tribes/organisations craft a culture based on two …

Embracing technology in legal marketing


illustration of woman working at desk

Technology won’t change the face of law overnight but firms should be prepared to innovate, says Sean Graham, Seddons’ head of marketing and business development

With a younger roster of legal professionals clawing their way up the ranks, we are seeing a workforce which understands the importance of technology, realises the benefits of using it, and adapts to and utilises new tech quicker than before. This also means that they expect much more from their marketing teams. Technology is expanding …

When it comes to law firm branding, be bold


Look beyond the new colour palette and revamped website if you want a successful rebrand, writes Paul Bellamy, director of strategy and business development at SANDS.

Branding processes happen more often than we think. Six companies I have worked in rebranded during my tenure with them; two others immediately after I left them. My experience in the legal profession is limited to commercial law, as CEO of three of Norway’s largest firms, but I have also been fortunate to be involved …



Catherine Bailey, managing director at Bar Marketing, gives her top tips on how to make the most of branding

A brand is not simply a name, nor is it just a logo, although that’s an important part of it. A brand is the culmination of the organisation’s values and aspirations. Sounds rather lofty, but to understand how to create and use a brand properly for your set, you need to appreciate what a brand …

Leveraging value from the directories process


Your submissions and content can support wider business development activities, explains Linsay Leslie head of
directories and tenders at MD Communications.

Legal directory submissions have been a regular business development fixture across global legal markets for years – starting with the UK market more than 25 years ago. Participants have undoubtedly become savvier about what it takes to produce compelling submissions. Yet, every year we hear about the significant time and cost involved in completing a …