Selendy & Gay reimagines the modern law firm

Diversity and inclusion

Amidst growing calls from clients, market consultants, and alternative legal service providers for a systematic overhaul of the traditional law firm model, ten of America’s most prominent trial attorneys banded together to re-architect law firm structure, operations, and culture.

The result: Selendy & Gay, a powerhouse litigation firm which opened its doors in February 2018, and today is one of the only elite, majority women-owned firms in the United States. In announcing its launch, the firm vowed to deploy diverse critical thinking to transform ‘the most challenging litigation scenarios into net positives’ for its …

Diversity rules: A closer look at Mansfield Certification

Diversity and inclusion

The Mansfield Rule – increasingly well-known as a national movement to increase diversity in law firm recruitment and promotion practices in the US – was created by the Diversity Lab, a self-described ‘incubator for innovative ideas and solutions that boost diversity and inclusion in law’. The Mansfield Rule originated from a winning idea from the …

Building diversity into the legal talent pipeline

Diversity and inclusion

In a series of forthcoming articles, fivehundred will feature a selection of legal diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives from the US, highlighting the efforts of the law firms and GCs we work with in an effort to draw attention to the work being done in this area and hopefully inspire others to get involved. This inaugural article in the series focuses on promoting the law as a career amongst high school students from diverse backgrounds

Street Law’s Legal Diversity Pipeline Programs The legal teams seeking to make the most progress in terms of diversifying their talent pool are taking a multi-pronged approach in targeting diversity initiatives to recruit, retain, and promote individuals from different diversity backgrounds, while complementing this by addressing diversity at different career stages – or pre-career stage …

Being your true self at work

Diversity and inclusion

This Pride season, The Legal 500’s Amy Ulliott spoke to representatives of three UK law firms to find out how they have championed equality at home and abroad, and what advice they would give other firms yet to embrace an openly inclusive environment

From Brunei to the UK, the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) people in society has rarely been out of the news in recent months. In April, Brunei introduced new legislation making sodomy an offence punishable by death, with lesbian sex now subject to corporal punishment and/or ten years imprisonment. In May, Kenya’s …

Don’t be afraid of ‘coming out’

Diversity and inclusion

illustration of opening curtains to rainbow

As part of Pride Season, Daniel Gerring, head of pensions at Travers Smith and a founding members of The Law Society LGBT+ Lawyers Division Committee, shares his thoughts on the progress of inclusion in the legal profession

How would you rate the legal profession on LGBT+ inclusion? What more needs to be done? We have made enormous strides on rights for and attitudes towards LGBT+ people over recent years and I feel incredibly lucky to be living in the UK at this time. But challenges remain. A random sample might include: outright …

For BAME students, the struggle to get into law is very real

Diversity and inclusion

The Law Society’s committee member Umar Kankiya
recounts his personal journey into the profession and how law firms can be more diverse and inclusive environments

At 34-years old, I have six-and-a-half years post qualification experience (PQE), am married with two children under the age of four, and am a department head of a Legal 500-recognised law firm. Sounds like life is pretty plain sailing. Yes, life is pretty good, but the struggle to get to where I am now started …

The battle for diversity is far from won

Diversity and inclusion

Asia Pacific deputy editor Andrea de Palatis speaks to leading partners on mentoring, flexible working, unconscious bias, and how to break Big Law’s glass ceiling

For many women lawyers, a long-term career at the top level of Big Law seems just out of reach. Even in 2019, the centenary year of women being allowed entry to the profession in the UK, it is still widely believed that women cannot ‘have it all’ and must eventually choose between having a family …

Women lawyers making a difference

Events and awards

UK Solicitors editor Georgina Stanley praises 2019’s outstanding achievement winners who have acted as positive role models to inspire future generations of women in law.

What makes an outstanding achievement winner in The Legal 500’s eyes? Broadly speaking, the answer is going to differ markedly depending on the individual. This year however, our seven outstanding achievement winners were united by one very obvious factor – their gender. To mark 100 years since women were given the right to practise law …

Want change? Then start something different

Diversity and inclusion

MinterEllisonRuddWatts’ Sarah Sinclair talks to Asia Pacific editor John van der Luit-Drummond about gender diversity and wellbeing in New Zealand’s legal market

Equality and wellbeing in the workplace – including in the legal profession – is increasingly under the spotlight around the world. According to the latest statistics, from the New Zealand Law Society, women account for close to 70% of law graduates. Of the 13,103 lawyers currently practising in the country, 6,553 are women and 6,550 …

Germany’s women in law: where are all the leaders?

Diversity and inclusion

Senior researcher Dr Dana Ferchland crunches the numbers and asks why the representation of female lawyers at partnership level is so stubbornly low

Shortly after joining The Legal 500, I attended a training session at Stephenson Harwood in London. Such sessions are organised by law firms to explain the minutiae of a specific topic and help us in our research. Occasionally, drinks and nibbles follow, giving researchers and lawyers an opportunity to mingle, exchange views on the legal …