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ESG’s undeniable influence on investment in Latin America

Introduction In Latin America, concern for environmental and social issues is high and made more urgent in the Coronavirus era. Scarcely a day passes without newly issued statistics, a newly created ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) index, investor groups weighing in, or a domestic or international political initiative in the area. ESG is a complex …

Martha Elena Ruiz, general counsel, Telefónica Colombia

I am a lawyer with a master’s degree in Economic Law and have been working in the telecommunications sector for over 22 years. During these years I have witnessed innumerable modifications and changes in the telecommunications sector, and, at the same time, I have had the privilege of leading Telefónica’s legal team in Colombia from …

Overview: Panama

This chapter will cover a general description of Panama, taking into consideration several positive and strategic complements that influence the services that may be promoted in different areas such as business, logistics, financial and maritime matters that are seen from a global perspective. In this sense, Panama, as a country with a privileged geographic position …

Latin America’s New Investment Landscape

Introduction As the COVID-19 pandemic creates significant uncertainty and unique challenges in the global investment environment, its impact on Latin America presents several opportunities for private equity funds. In navigating the new investment landscape with respect to their Latin American investment programs, there are number of corporate, finance and tax issues PE funds should consider …

José D Zuniga, head of legal, compliance, regulatory affairs and asset protection, Cuestamoras Salud

Cuestamoras Salud is a pharmaceutical distribution company. We have a portfolio of distribution assets that not only cover pharmacy, but also medical equipment. We serve the two biggest markets in Costa Rica: the public market – which consists of hospitals, clinics and the whole public health sector – and the private sector, which also includes hospitals, …

Overview: Peru

During COVID-19, the Peruvian government has approved transitory regulations that, by making the management of labor relations more flexible, have allowed the continuity of labor relationships. For example, the Emergency Decree extraordinarily allows employers to apply leave without payment to its employees, provided that it is approved by the Ministry of Labor. In addition, regulations …

Overview: El Salvador

This article aims to show the legal environment that El Salvador is experiencing, both before the pandemic, at the present time, and how it might look in the future once COVID-19 is learned to live with. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the smallest country in Central America is being threatened with an economic recession like never …

How to Secure Your Arbitration Funding – The Process and its Pitfalls

Funding Landscape in Latin America A lot is different in Latin America, compared to the Anglo-American world. This is also the case as regards litigation or arbitration funding. The language to start with, civil law v common law, duration of court proceedings, popularity of arbitration, the price of legal advice and much more. Whereas litigation …


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