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In association with WSG, GC surveyed leading general counsel from across the US and Canada, examining the influence that technology continues to have on legal practice, especially during the last two years that have seen the legal profession impacted by technology more than any other period in history.

GC Magazine, in association with Latham & Watkins, looks at the concerns and risks GCs around the world have identified as emerging threats in this evolving regulatory climate.

In-House Technology in Asia Pacific

GC magazine teamed up WSG to survey over 100 of Asia Pacific’s leading general counsel, asking them about everything from the impact of Covid-19 on the legal team’s efficiency to their use of AI, how they find the right software (and the money to buy it), and their expectations of outside counsel when it comes to technology.

Women in Law: Latin America

In this GC magazine special edition, in partnership with Willkie, Farr & Gallagher LLP, we focus on profiling a group of trailblazing women in-house counsel across Latin America – women who have, in the face of quite significant challenges, broken through barriers and glass ceilings, and are paving the way for others to follow.

Their Voices

GC's latest collaboration with Clifford Chance, Their Voices: Insights from Today’s Rising Lawyers, chronicles the journeys and stories of a selection of the next generation of lawyers, revealing that the stereotypical, well-trodden pathway to law is far from the sole entry point to the profession.

Advice To My Younger Self: Reflections of Successful Women Lawyers

In Advice To My Younger Self: Reflections of Successful Women Lawyers, GC Magazine team worked with Clifford Chance to profile the professional journeys of some of its female partners and associates around the world, highlighting the diversity of pathways to success as a woman in law, and also to share practical learnings and tips

To help us understand just how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted businesses in the region, we spoke to over 100 of Latin America’s leading GCs regarding how their organisations adjusted to life during lockdown, what impact the situation had on the legal team’s ability to perform its day-to-day role, and which areas of their businesses’ operations were likely to be hit hardest.

GC on Tour

In our GC on Tour blog, we showcase the stories of counsel we encounter on our travels, sharing a snapshot of what life as a lawyer entails

GC + Finnegan: Trusted Advisor – Women in Leadership


In conversation: David Mace Roberts, General Counsel, Electronic Transaction Consultants, LLC (ETC)

Awareness of cyber risk is increasingly catching the attention of boards of directors and senior executives. For Electronic Transaction Consultants (ETC), cybersecurity has been a top risk priority for a long time. As a leading provider of smart mobility solutions, including electronic tolling solutions, we manage back-office systems and roadside systems for many prominent state …

In conversation: Paul Slattery, General Counsel, Eleusis

At Eleusis, we are developing psychedelics for potential therapeutic applications, as well as a care delivery platform that aims to increase the safety, tolerability, and accessibility of any ultimately-approved psychedelic drug therapies. It is a complex path from drug discovery, to preclinical work, to trial design and regulatory submissions, involving selection of potential patient populations, …

In conversation: Robert Jett, Chief Privacy Officer, Crawford & Company

I have been working on data privacy since before it was a recognised area of law. When I started out, what is now understood as privacy was part of a company’s compliance programme and fell to its compliance officers. Of course, privacy still falls under compliance, but it has become a unique feature of the …

In conversation: Alex Tovitz, General Counsel, AbleTo Inc.

The intersection of technology and health is truly fascinating. AbleTo, a leading provider of virtual behavioural healthcare, proves there is a hugely important role for technology to play in providing healthcare, but working out the right blend of technology and in-person connection is an important aspect to the successful delivery of this care. Our technology …

In conversation: Chris Young, General Counsel, Ironclad

When legal moves fast, business moves fast. Time kills deals, and often moving at speed is imperative. For in-house counsel, the need to move quickly can be a source of tension. No lawyer wants to hold business back, but it takes legal time to review a contract and ensure compliance. Rushing can generate risk that …

In conversation: Cameron Forbes Kerry, Ann R. and Andrew H. Tisch Distinguished Visiting Fellow – Governance Studies, Center for Technology Innovation, Brookings Institution

Privacy law is a subject that has interested me for a long time. Even as a college student – although I was the paragon of a classic liberal arts major who avoided hard sciences – my best paper was on comparative law issues between French and American rights to privacy. However, it was not until …

In conversation: Ashley Herring, Global Legal Programme Manager, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

My route into legal services has been a slightly unusual one. I did not graduate from a legal program and spent the better part of my career as HR Immigration Manager at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). However, as a business studies graduate I have always worked adjacent to law, and when the chance to transition …

In conversation: Richard Brzakala, Director – Global Legal Services, CIBC

I was almost a unicorn when I first started working in legal operations 20 years ago. The concept of operations, though well-defined in other business functions, was not well understood among legal counsel. Only the largest and most sophisticated legal departments were using e-billing products or matter management, and only the most far-sighted GCs thought …


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