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Seshani Bala, Group General Counsel & Corporate Assurance, Chartered Accountants ANZ

My past in-house roles were in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies where I had international remit and exposure to the benefits of legal operations and using digital solutions in European and US markets. Having a cross-border perspective has really shaped my legal career and how I view in-house lawyering, particularly with respect to ensuring …

Enforcement Predictions for 2021

Since November 2020, white-collar defense lawyers have faced one question: will the Biden administration change US priorities when it comes to pursuing a range of economic crimes? Generally, it takes a relatively long time for a new administration to have an impact on white-collar crime enforcement. White-collar matters often take a long time to process: …

Ritankar Sahu, General Counsel and Head of Compliance, MAXpower Group

I serve as the general counsel & head of compliance of MAXpower Group, Asia’s leading gas to power specialist and a key developer, owner and operator of small-to-medium gas-fired power plants. I also sit on the Board of the MAXpower-Mitsui & Co., a joint venture which operates a separate group of power assets in Myanmar. …

Oliver Jaberg, Deputy Chief Legal & Compliance Officer and Director of Integrity & Anti-Doping, FIFA

Generally speaking, there is a trend with political and public pressure continuing to drive significant changes in white-collar law enforcement throughout the world. In my opinion, it is important for in-house counsel to be on top of things in this area and particularly when it comes to advising our internal clients with the view to …

Sergey Vitorov, Legal Compliance and Quality Director, BACIS, NOVO Nordisk

My role in Moscow is heading up the legal and compliance team. I am responsible for this whole area, which includes things such as: risk management, internal investigations, preparation and execution of compliance and legal plans, litigation, contractual work and really everything you can think of. I am not aware of any multinational organisations nowadays …

Leanne Geale | EVP, General Counsel, Corporate Governance and Compliance | Nestlé

Everything we do at Nestlé is rooted in our core values of respect: respect for people, respect for the planet, and respect for diversity and difference of thought. Nestlé has one of the most diverse consumer bases of any company, with activities in nearly 200 countries globally. There is no way to understand that consumer …

Jennifer Salinas | Executive Director of Global Litigation | Lenovo

“This is what a lawyer looks like” I have always been a strong believer in the value of engaging with communities directly. During my time as president of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) I made community engagement my mission. HNBA representatives would go into schools in primarily black and brown communities wearing these t-shirts …

Luis-Xavier Hernández | General Counsel, Data, Privacy & Digital | Unilever

For GCs, the very first question you need to ask yourself is how much of a diverse and inclusive mindset you have as a leader. Only then can you successfully analyse how diverse and inclusive your current team is, both with respect to hard numbers but also in terms of its culture. Luckily, I work …


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