Under Investigation: A GC Guide to White Collar and Sanctions Trends in 2021


Moving the goal posts | Modern Solutions to Novel Risks

Planning for investigations and prosecutions is challenging enough in a vacuum, but a rapidly changing global environment has exacerbated this further, redefining the risk profiles of many businesses in the process. GC looks at the ways in-house counsel are grappling with such constantly disrupted risk environments.

Data Analysis Part One: The Ethical Shield | The Ethical Shield

Just as compliance continues to take on increasing importance for businesses around the world, so too have questions of ethics. But the relationship between the two concepts and their implications for business in general are not always easy to pin down – particularly in the context of investigatory risk.

Digital Laundery | Cashing in on Crypto

As cryptocurrencies continue to proliferate, concerns about their vulnerability to criminal money laundering are becoming more common. GC talks to counsel from the crypto eco-system about how big of a problem money laundering is for crypto, and how in-house teams can prevent it.

Preparing for the Worst | A Plan of Action

GC surveyed top in-house counsel around the world to understand how businesses prepare for white collar and general investigatory risk, revealing little uniformity across companies and jurisdictions alike.

Data Analysis Part Two: Seeking Counsel | Seeking counsel

Given the potential for external investigations and prosecutions to severely impact an organisation, efforts to prevent, respond to and mitigate this risk will naturally extend beyond just the legal team. Bringing in external counsel seems inevitable, but at what stage should the in-house team seek outside assistance?

Banking on a Brighter Future | Looking into the Mirror

The Australian financial sector has gone through a major regulatory overhaul after allegations of misconduct were exposed through a Royal Commission. GC magazine investigates the impacts of these reforms on the role of general counsel.