In-House Technology in Latin America


An Honest Day’s Work | Doing the Right Thing

Legal technology is transforming the business landscape for in-house counsel across Latin America. But while the tech revolution is laying the groundwork for an exciting future, GC discovered that it also gives rise to a host of new ethical and moral dilemmas.

Data Analysis Part One: Size matters | Bigger Doing Better

When it comes to implementing tech solutions for in-house legal teams, our research for in-house legal teams in Latin America suggests that size, does indeed matter.

El Sendero de la Innovación | Innovation in Mexico

As an up-and-coming hub for innovation internationally, Mexico’s start-up ecosystem is undergoing great change. GC talks to some of the actors about the journey so far, with a focus on what lies between Mexico and the realisation of its entrepreneurial potential.

Data analysis part two: Funding the Future | Money Matters

Getting backing from the business is a crucial element for successfully implementing legal tech solutions, with a bigger budget one of the strongest predictors of future behaviour.

A red light for red tape? | The Benefits of Bureaucracy

Red tape – it’s everyone’s favourite bugbear and a common source of frustration for companies. But Brazilian entrepreneurs are exploiting red tape – and discovering an engine for a whole new legal ecosystem.

Growing up: The rising importance of technology | Different Futures

Nearly all in-house counsel surveyed for this report were making use of technology in some way – but on the question of how emerging technology is best deployed, and where these advancements are taking the in-house team, opinions are nuanced.

Breaking barriers: Adjusting to change | Led by Example

Having an appetite for technological solutions is one thing, but it’s not the only thing. Speaking to leading in-house counsel for this report, it is apparent that what is needed is leadership – be it within the team, from the wider business, or from trusted external partners.

Foreword: J. Michael Bernard | Foreword

J. Michael Bernard discusses how WSG strives to be an agent of change that helps facilitate progress.