In-House Technology in Asia Pacific


Risk aversion | Results From Our Survey

GCs often find themselves toward the back of the line when it comes to corporate tech procurement, but our survey shows they have a huge appetite for new systems.

The Social Network | Revolutionising Community Connections

Peer networks are shaking up legal education across Asia. GC asks their members how these new communities are plugging the gaps when it comes to knowledge of legal tech.

Tech support | Results From Our Survey

Even with the best support, GCs can sometimes struggle to identify the right technology. Our survey asks what is holding them back.

Editor’s Letter | In-House Research Team

The GC team introduces the latest in a series of special reports in partnership with WSG, this time focusing on the rise of technology in Asia Pacific.

Life during lockdown | Results From Our Survey

GC asks Asia’s general counsel what lockdown has meant for productivity, team cohesion and the use of technology.

Foreword: Ramon Moyano | Foreword

Ramon Moyano discusses how investing in technology, talent and corporate sustainability best practices that foster social and economic development, are essential elements for ongoing business success at WSG.

Pacific Shift | The Rising Tide of Tech

As the Asia Pacific tech scene takes off, GC asks what tools the region’s general counsel are using to handle legal work.

Zero-sum gain | Results From Our Survey

The legal tech market is notoriously fragmented. Are law firms missing a business opportunity by keeping their expertise to themselves?