Dinner with GC – Singapore | Legal technology

In the latest iteration of our ongoing Dinner with GC series, we assembled elite corporate counsel from across Asia Pacific in Singapore, to consider the role of technology and innovation in the delivery of legal services.

New tech frontiers and the in-house counsel | Tech frontiers

GC explores how inside counsel are responding to developments in the world of technology, both internally and in their interactions with outside providers. Google’s legal director, Ted Lazarus, and Vodafone Global Enterprise’s legal director, Kerry Phillip, give their views, with commentary from professional services network, World Services Group.

Foreword: Todd McClay | Foreword

GC spoke with New Zealand’s Minister of Trade, Todd McClay, for his view on the increasing prominence of Asia Pacific globally and the role of trade in regional growth.

Recalibrating the global trade compass | Trade, investment and law

As Asia Pacific continues to provide the engine for growth of the global economy, GC sits down with representatives from the realms of academia, business, law and politics, to unpack competing attempts to unify the region from an economic and regulatory standpoint, as well as the implications of growing geopolitical uncertainty.

Beware the black swan | Crisis management

McKinsey’s crisis response team has helped companies around the world to confront the unimaginable – a major crisis threatening their very future. GC speaks with McKinsey’s crisis response leader, Mihir Mysore, about the unique role in-house legal departments play in times of crisis and distils key coping mechanisms from McKinsey’s practice.