Welcome to lawyerland | The lawyer's mindset

What’s the view like from Lawyerland? Paul Teta, vice president and general counsel of international trading and marketing company Kolmar Americas, probes the unique lawyer mindset.

Flying solo | Flexible engagement

Considering working on a more flexible basis of engagement? Why not start your own business? One high-flying GC-turned-entrepreneur takes to the skies on a venture that redefines the limits of getting commercial.

The linkedin legal department – pushing the boundaries | Technology, innovation, law

‘Every individual is now an entrepreneur, whether they recognise it or not.’ So said Reid Hoffman, one of the founders of LinkedIn. In such a culture of innovation, what does the ideal legal department and in-house lawyer look like? GC caught up with Mike Callahan, LinkedIn’s GC, to discuss the risks and rewards of working at the law’s new frontiers and how to find lawyers who are up to that challenge.