In the driving seat | Risk and growth

Carlyle Kingswood Global meets Matt Wilson, Uber’s legal head in Northern Europe, and finds out what it’s like behind the legal wheel of one of the world’s most controversial companies.

GC Think Tank – Navigating the Corporate Crisis | Corporate crisis

‘GC Think Tank – Navigating the Corporate Crisis’ gathered an elite group of US general counsel, alongside leading lawyers and external experts in the field, to discuss strategies and practical learnings for businesses in crisis. While the discussion was held strictly under the Chatham House Rule, GC has collated the most significant and pragmatic ideas from the event.

The new space race | Space regulation

Once a domain restricted solely to superpowers, the turn of the millennium has seen space flight shift from the public to the private sector, with commercial activity truly beginning to take off. GC sits down with leading figures across the industry, as well as those helping to develop and institute the necessary legal frameworks, for an inside look at a booming business.