In-House Technology in North America


The tip of the iceberg: Data protection and cyber risk | Results from our Survey

GCs are central to any coherent cyber security strategy, but many feel their skills are overlooked. Results from our survey suggest recent high-profile cyber attacks are only the beginning of the story…

Held to Ransom | Results from our Survey

With ransomware hitting the headlines, we ask what GCs can do to prepare for the inevitability of a cyber attack.

The red pill: How legal teams are embracing the freedom to be replaced | Results from our Survey

Many fear what technology will do to their industry… until they try it. GC hears how a new generation of lawyers are learning to stop worrying and love legal tech.

Schrödinger’s Tech: Opening the box on law firms’ use of technology | Results from our Survey

Even with the best support, GCs can sometimes struggle to identify the right technology. Our survey asks what is holding them back.

Foreword: Ramon Ignacio Moyano | Foreword

Ramon Ignacio Moyano (Chairman of WSG) welcomes you to this GC Special Report examining the impact and influence that technology continues to have on legal practice.

Running to stay still: How North American legal teams are using technology | Results from our Survey

Almost all legal teams in North America are using more tech, but as survey of over 200 senior counsel shows, more is never enough.

Tech Tactics: The case for rethinking the legal function | Results from our Survey

In the rush to boost efficiency and productivity, GCs could be missing an opportunity to reposition the legal function and unlock its value.

The State of Privacy: Does the US need a federal privacy law? | Results from our Survey

With data privacy emerging as a key priority for the Biden administration, we ask what changes are in store, and what they mean for North America’s legal teams.