Fight for your rights | Human rights

Ericsson’s Stockholm-based chief legal officer and head of group legal affairs Nina Macpherson, and corporate counsel Lisa Edblom, describe how and why they designed a human rights-compliant due diligence framework for M&A transactions.

Legal fusion | Integrating legal teams post-merger

So, your business has acquired another business. What now? Peter Wexler is senior vice president and general counsel for the highly acquisitive global energy management company Schneider Electric. In 2013 it bought Invensys for £3.4bn. He talks GC through integrating legal departments, pre-merger strategy and what needs to be actioned post-merger.

Private equity: the equity of in-house | Private equity: legal efficiency

Given the transactions costs incurred by private equity funds, fund managers and portfolio companies are often leanly staffed – or even not staffed at all – by in-house legal teams. The over-reliance on external counsel can be hugely inefficient. Steve Yoost, general counsel of cloud hosting service HOSTING, argues that in-house counsel can increase the value of private equity investments by effectively managing and mitigating risk.