In-House Technology in Europe


Foreword: Francesco Gianni | Foreword

Francesco Gianni discusses how WSG makes technology and innovation a cornerstone of its core service objectives.

The State of Play | Measuring The Appetite for Tech

Following a comprehensive survey of in-house counsel from across Europe, GC looks at the state of technology innovation at in-house teams and the diverse, pragmatic perspectives offered by leading general counsel.

Potential intelligence | The limits of intelligence

GC examines the current state of artificial intelligence in the legal world: what has been done, what might still be waiting around the corner, and whether an industry ripe for disruption could soon be faced with wholesale change.

Data Analysis: Part 1 Backing From the Business | Tech support

With in-house teams at varying stages of the innovation journey, GC looks at the factors most influential for those leading the way in implementing technological solutions within their departments.

Keeping your friends close | Incubating tech

GC takes a look at the growing phenomenon of law firm legal tech innovation labs.

Data Analysis: Part 2 Big Budgets, Big Future | Funding Innovation

With the perception being that implementing innovative technological solutions is an expensive endeavour, the wildly differing budgets committed to it across Europe suggests that there may be more than one way to get in on the hype.

Emerging technology: Blockchain | Building blocks

The emergence of blockchain technology has the potential to touch every sector of business – and law is no exception. GC examines the potential of blockchain technology and considers just how it could impact the legal profession.

Data Analysis: Part 3 Trickle-down innovation: redefining the firm-GC relationship | Leaders and Followers

An already evolving relationship between in-house and external counsel is being changed even further by the pressure to innovate, and to do so cheaply, according to those surveyed for this report.

A look ahead | Innovation Forecast

GC dives into the long-term outlook for innovation within in-house teams and businesses across Europe, considering the contemporary state of affairs, what could still be achieved, and what progress may mean for the profession as a whole.

Data Analysis: Part 4 Positive Disruption | The Change To Come

Disruption has long been promised to the legal profession. GC asked in-house counsel when this might come, what form it may take and what this means for the future of legal advice.