Life in Law | Politics and legal practice

For a general counsel position at any major company, a continued commitment to law is generally requisite. But chance took Ironclad GC Chris Young from basketball to a key role in Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, in preparation for GC stints at two venture-backed tech upstarts.

Made in (the) America(s) | Latin America and Global Business

In the first partnership between GC magazine and Akerman, at the US-Latin America Legal Summit 2019, we spoke to leading industry counsel to distil both the challenges and opportunities of being a US-domiciled counsel responsible for Latin America.

Online overreach | Balancing Privacy and Public Interest

In an increasingly digitised world where data is as valuable as it is prolific, balancing the rights of the individual with corporate interests is a nebulous task for businesses of all sizes. But what about when the entity seeking that data is the government?

No more firsts | In the Spotlight: Beth Nolan

GC sat down with Beth Nolan – the first female to be appointed White House counsel. Serving during President Bill Clinton’s administration, Nolan would go on to become general counsel of George Washington University, a position she currently holds. She reflects on her personal journey through the law and her rise to the pinnacle of the profession.