Foreword: Ramon Ignacio Moyano

Ramon Ignacio Moyano (Chairman of WSG) welcomes you to this GC Special Report examining the impact and influence that technology continues to have on legal practice.

From all of us here at World Services Group, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the fourth edition in our series of GC Special Reports, examining the impact and influence that technology continues to have on legal practice.

The past two years have seen the legal profession impacted by technology more than any other period in history, a fact of course driven not by a single seismic innovation, but rather by necessity. And by all accounts – as the pages that follow in this report detail – both in-house and private practice teams alike have thrived, as our collective work environments, habits and processes have shifted, in almost every case, literally overnight.

But amongst the litany of success stories that have emerged, so too did several material challenges faced by businesses as a direct result of these shifts in our professional lives – challenges that are sure to shape the face of the profession for years to come. Data privacy, protection and integrity, cybersecurity, as well as of course, specialist legal technology, are near-universal issues faced by enterprises – and more specifically – their legal departments.

As corporate leaders, general counsel and their teams will be on the front lines during this transition, charged with both setting the rules of engagement for their business and guiding the wider organisation throughout a period that is likely to be characterised as much for its upheaval as it is for the evolution it represents.

At World Services Group, our membership have made it clear that they not only want to be a part of this change – they want to be in a position to lead it. Collectively, we strive to be part of the solution to the issues facing our industry and profession at large and together, we have an opportunity to affect positive change for the profession as a whole.

With an international mandate and broad sectoral representation at World Services Group – in addition to a forward-looking digital prospectus – our network is in an ideal position to capitalise on the bold digital transformation set to define what it means to be a successful legal department in this new digital age.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of those in the legal community who continue to contribute to the ongoing success of this series. By sharing the benefit of your own experiences and actively engaging in discourse around these pertinent issues for the wider profession, collectively, we can chart a brighter future for the lawyers of today and tomorrow.

Ramon Ignacio Moyano
World Services Group

Beccar Varela