Move watch: Spotlight on Scott Wilson, DLA Piper

Scott Wilson joined DLA Piper’s litigation practice as a partner in the New York office in December 2019. In the following interview, Helen Donegan, US editor (content), speaks with Scott about this move and his reasons for joining DLA Piper, and he shares some insights into his practice 

Can you tell me about your background and experience prior to joining DLA Piper? I was a partner at a prominent US litigation firm, Boies Schiller, for six years before I joined DLA Piper. Prior to that, I served as senior advisor and special counsel to the New York Attorney General, which was a formative …

How plans can change for the better

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One of the few Australian female lawyers qualified to practice in Papua New Guinea, HFW’s Helen Verrier was admitted as a lawyer of the Pacific nation’s Supreme Court in 2018. Here she reflects on her career to date and what she has learned from working in this resource-rich nation of just 8 million people

The thing that surprises many people about me is my experience as a lawyer in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Looking at my career with fresh-out-of-law-school eyes, I’d be pretty surprised myself. Opportunities early in my career led to a less-than-common legal qualification and a keen professional and personal interest in PNG. When I joined Blake …

Striking a balance

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Mijke Sinninghe Damsté explains how she combined family life with partnership, and how Loyens & Loeff aims to do the same for its next generation of partners

Ever since my first year in university, I knew that I wanted to become a lawyer. It seemed to be the perfect combination of finding creative solutions for challenging problems and applying social skills to reach common goals, either through litigation or negotiations. I even remember the exact moment: after winning a moot court challenge …

Think international arbitration is ‘soft’ litigation? Think again

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illustration of bridge between heads

Litigators who yearn for the rough and tumble of the local courtroom are not necessarily the best fit for international arbitrations, writes Kyle Richard Olson, senior associate disputes resolution lawyer at Baker McKenzie Chicago

Before becoming a lawyer I assumed that arbitration was a lesser man’s litigation, an academic exercise kept behind the curtains. I was wrong. After a decade practising international arbitration, I’ve learned that no two arbitrations are the same; each requires its own thorough and creative approach to the intellectual aspects of the case, balanced with …

Being nimble wins the game

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Senior researcher Dr Dana Ferchland explains how US patent litigation practices have adapted to the changing legal landscape and grown their talent pool

The US patent litigation market has evolved significantly over the past few years. Two main drivers are responsible for most of these changes. The first is 2012’s America Invents Act which introduced the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and established inter partes reviews (IPR) as a new tool to challenging the validity of patents. …

The one constant is that there is no constant

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The Legal 500 Hall of Famer and Dechert partner Andrew L. Oringer reflects on the ever-changing nature of ERISA and how young lawyers can take advantage of the practice’s ongoing evolution.

I’ve been asked to write about issues facing US lawyers in the area of ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act 1974) and executive compensation (for convenience, I’ll consider the executive compensation practice to be a part of the ERISA practice, in references below). I think the keyword here is ‘change’ – it’s clear to …

A non-traditional path to a Texas-sized legal career

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You don’t have to become an associate straight out of law school to be successful in ‘Big Law’, argues Elizabeth Ross Hadley of Greenberg Traurig.

Many lawyers begin their careers as law firm associates straight out of law school and eventually make partner around eight years later. Law schools sometimes make you feel as if that’s the only path. I, on the other hand, became a shareholder (partner equivalent) at Greenberg Traurig 18 years after finishing law school and after …

If you want lawyers to do a better job for you, tell them a story

Client journey

Yolanda Cartusciello, a partner at PP&C Consulting, explains the advantages of client journey mapping, both for in-house counsel and private practice lawyers.

I was recently corresponding with general counsel of a technology company who was bemoaning the lack of what he called ‘the basics’ from his law firms – understanding his company, the importance of the matter in the context of their situation, and how to best work with his team. I asked whether he provides feedback …