Some clients don’t like negotiating with women

Legal 500 researcher William Farrington speaks to senior female lawyers about partnership, diversity, and recruitment in India’s legal market

A hot-button topic across the legal profession globally, diversity is one one of the key talking points for researchers at The Legal 500 when conducting interviews. During my recent stint as a researcher into the Indian legal scene, I raised the issue in a (virtual) all-female roundtable discussion with several senior lawyers at Samvad Partners, …

A changing approach to leadership at the Bar

Barristers are demanding more from their leaders and what they can deliver their chambers, says Nick Rees, managing director of GRL Legal 

Once upon a time in an Inn not so far away, a seemingly clever individual created the first ‘chambers director’ position to make the Bar competitive. These roles – ambassadorial in function – spread rapidly. They linked members of the Bar with their increasingly business-like clients and performed the role of a lynch pin between …

The uncertain road to equity


In an era where the partnership track is more epic journey than career path, how can those for whom equity partnership is still the Holy Grail navigate a steady course to the top? Definitive Consulting’s Craig Hoyland details the questions equity hopefuls must ask themselves

In my experience, the biggest issue for anyone focused on making equity is the chronic lack of clarity from employers about what it takes to get there. Not a week goes by without a salaried partner contacting me after being passed over for equity status, without explanation. In that kind of scenario, it is all …

Better the devil you chose: The truth of the counter offer


Luke Woodward, London and international recruitment manager at Chadwick Nott, considers the pros and cons of ‘buying back’ lawyers intent on leaving your firm

Better the devil you know, as the old adage goes. When it comes to staff retention, however, this isn’t the case. If somebody resigns then it should actually be ‘better the devil you chose’. The dynamics of a counter offer are always tricky and will inevitably come with a health warning. As a recruiter I …

The millennial bug


With today’s associates more likely than ever to switch
jobs – and willing to question the benefits of the partnership track – Definitive Consulting’s Craig Hoyland explores how law firms can retain the next generation of leaders.

A millennial (or generation Y) is typically classed as anyone born between 1980 and 1994. Therefore, in the legal profession this group includes both the junior partners and senior associates who are now close to or about to make the step up to partner, which is easier said than done in the current climate. More …

Conquering the globe, one office at a time


Mark Wagner, director at SSQ London, explains the key to a successful new office launch

The world is smaller than ever and many law firms continue to believe that in order to compete effectively they need to be global. Over the years many have gone down the merger route and while this strategy suits some, it can present difficulties in the long run – firm culture and identity being two …