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| Abilia

As one of the largest real estate developers in Mexico, Abilia’s legal team has been at the forefront of facilitating 15 large-scale projects totalling more than 3 million square meters...

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| Accenture

Led by associate managing director Juan Luis Rodriguez Rivero, a talented team of 13 lawyers oversees the Mexico and Hispanic South America division of Accenture, a global management consulting, technology...

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AES México

| AES México

Fortune 200 global power company AES Corporation has operated facilities in Mexico since 2000 under its subsidiary, AES México. Héctor Torres, general counsel and compliance officer for AES Mexico, leads...

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| Alfa

Led by Carlos Jimenez Barrera, senior vice president, legal and corporate affairs who joined Alfa in 1976, the team has continued to add to the company’s sterling reputation as an...

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| AlphaCredit

AlphaCredit is a finance company that provides specialty loans to the large, unbanked consumer market in Mexico and holds a credit portfolio of $87.5m. According to general counsel and compliance...

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Amazon Mexico

| Amazon Mexico

Attracted by the high growth potential in Mexico’s e-commerce market, with estimated annual growth rates of approximately 30%, Amazon launched its operation in the country in 2015. Today Amazon operates...

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América Móvil

| América Móvil

Led by general counsel Alejandro Cantú Jiménez, the legal team at América Móvil, Latin America’s largest wireless company and the third largest in the world, continues to drive the business...

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Arca Continental

| Arca Continental

Arca Continental manufactures beverages owned and licensed by The Coca-Cola Company in Mexico and parts of Latin America. It is the third largest Coca-Cola bottler in the world. Jaime Sánchez...

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| ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company, with a presence in more than 60 countries and an industrial footprint in 19 countries. In 2015, ArcelorMittal had revenues of...

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Arcos Dorados

| Arcos Dorados

Arcos Dorados Holding Company is the largest franchisee of McDonald’s restaurants in the world, accounting for over 5% of the global total of franchised restaurants. Its main area of operations...

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AT&T México

| AT&T México

In 2015 Nextel was acquired by global telecoms company AT&T for $1.9bn. Following the acquisition, Antonio Garza, regulatory executive director and senior compliance leader, led the Mexican side of the...

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AXA Seguros México

| AXA Seguros México


Following the 2008 purchase of ING Insurance Mexico for $1.5bn, French multinational insurance company AXA has been established in Mexico through its subsidiary, AXA Seguros México. In a unique legal...

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| BanBajío

Banco del Bajío (known as BanBajío) has established itself as one of the most renowned banks in Mexico and Latin America. With a strong focus on social responsibility, the bank...

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Banco de México

| Banco de México


Mexico’s central bank and monetary authority, Banco de México (Banxico), boasts a wealth of legal talent with expert knowledge of the financial sector within the team. Banxico shares responsibility for...

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Bayer de México

| Bayer de México

Bayer has been present in Mexico for almost 100 years, operating in the country since 1921. With over 3,150 employees and annual sales of more than MXN$18bn, the Mexican subsidiary...

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BBVA Bancomer

| BBVA Bancomer


BBVA Bancomer, Mexico’s largest bank, is a subsidiary of multinational Spanish banking group BBVA. Led by director of legal services José Fernando-Pío-Díaz Castañares, the legal department’s activities cover a wide...

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BMW México

| BMW México

BMW México is a private Mexican-owned branch of the German global automobile manufacturer. Initially set up in 1994 as a joint venture between BMW and private Mexican investors, the subsidiary...

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| Bombardier

With a presence in Mexico for over twenty years, Bombardier Transportation has become one of the main suppliers of passenger rail transportation equipment in the Mexican market. The legal team...

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| Cemex

Cemex, the top cement and ready-mix concrete manufacturer in Mexico, provides high-quality products and reliable services to customers and communities across the country. As a cement distributor accounting for more...

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| Cinemex

Founded in 1995 after Mexican cinematography regulations were lifted in the early 1990s, Cinemex currently owns and operates over 270 cinema complexes in every major city in Mexico. Ana Piedra...

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| Cinépolis

The legal team at Cinépolis, the Mexican chain of movie theatres, is made up of 22 lawyers or lawyers-to-be and three administrative positions. The team is led by general counsel...

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| Citibanamex

The legal team at Citibanamex, one of Mexico’s largest banks, has been involved in some very large deals that has given them recognition both within the bank and throughout the...

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Coca-Cola FEMSA

| Coca-Cola FEMSA

Food, beverages and tobacco

The Coca-Cola Company’s largest bottler, Coca Cola FEMSA, was founded in 1991 as a joint venture between the US beverage company and Monterrey-based FEMSA. Today the company earns around $11bn...

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Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)

| Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)

The legal team at the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) contains experts in public policy and international law, helping the state-owned utility on its mission to generate, transmit, distribute and...

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| Continental

Continental, a multinational German automotive manufacturing company, has been active in Mexico since the 1990s. The Mexican legal team has become an important business partner of the company, highly integrated...

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| Cotemar

Cotemar provides services for the oil industry relating to offshore oil field development, maritime support operations and highly specialised vessels. Led by general counsel, Alejandro Fernandez Ramirez Buendia, the current...

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| Diageo

British-headquartered multinational beverages company Diageo owns some of the most famous alcoholic brands in the world. Heading the legal team of Diageo’s Mexican subsidiary is Zamira Zapata who, within five...

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Engenium Capital

| Engenium Capital

Engenium Capital is a leading financial specialist in the Mexican leasing and business credit sector with a portfolio of over $1tn in assets. The company was created when GE Capital...

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| Engie

French multinational Engie has been active in Mexico since 1989 and is currently a major player among private gas pipeline operators and natural gas distributors in the country, operating three...

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Eutelsat Americas

| Eutelsat Americas

In 2014 a significant reform was made to the telecommunications law in Mexico. The resulting opening of the market generated new competition and new services, encouraging Eutelsat Americas to reinvent...

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Evercore México

| Evercore México

Founded in 1995, Evercore is an US investment banking advisory that handles assets under management of approximately $2.6bn. Following a recent company restructure, the size of the Mexican legal team...

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Faurecia Mexico

| Faurecia Mexico

Headquartered in France, Faurecia Mexico is ideally located to support the extensive car manufacturing industry in the Latin American powerhouse. It is one of the largest automobile parts producers in...

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FEMSA is a leading multinational beverage and retail company headquartered in Mexico City that boasts revenues in excess of US$18bn. It operates Coca-Cola FEMSA, the largest independent Coca-Cola bottling group...

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Fiat Chrysler

| Fiat Chrysler

Another famous multi-national automobile manufacturing company that has established a production base in Mexico is Fiat Chrysler. The London-headquartered company has gone from strength to strength following its gradual takeover...

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FINSA is a leading company in Mexican industrial real estate, with developments across Mexico, the US and Argentina. The legal team is led by legal manager of real estate Gerardo...

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Ford de México

| Ford de México

Ford de México, the domestic subsidiary of the US multinational automaker, has been doing business since 1925. Diego Valdovinos, its legal affairs director and compliance officer for Mexico, Puerto Rico...

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| Fresnillo

The world’s leading silver producer from ore and one of Mexico’s largest gold producers, Fresnillo has an extensive portfolio of world-class operating mines and pipeline growth projects. As the first...

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General Motors Mexico

| General Motors Mexico

Having recently reaffirmed its commitment to producing a significant portion of their wide range of automobiles within Mexico, General Motors’ future in the country is assured for the near future...

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Giesecke y Devrient Mexico

| Giesecke y Devrient Mexico

Founded in 1958, Giesecke y Devrient (G&D) Mexico was the first subsidiary of G&D Group, a company specialising in the payment, secure communication, and identity management sectors, to be set...

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| Gruma

With a reported revenue of $3.8bn for 2014, Gruma is the largest corn flour and tortillas manufacturer in the world and operates in more than 79 plants worldwide, mainly in...

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Grupo ADO

| Grupo ADO

Ligia González Lozano, corporate legal director and general counsel, leads the Grupo ADO legal team, one of the main Mexican bus companies. Gonzalez started at ADO in 2005 as legal...

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Grupo Aeroméxico

| Grupo Aeroméxico

Aeroméxico, Mexico’s national flag carrier, is the largest domestic airline group in the country. General counsel David Lamoyi, oversees a diverse, multidisciplinary and responsive legal team that has worked on...

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Grupo Bimbo

| Grupo Bimbo

Grupo Bimbo is a Mexican multinational investment holding company engaged in the production, distribution and sale of bakery goods, and is Latin America’s second-largest food company in terms of revenue....

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Grupo Carso

| Grupo Carso

Grupo Carso is a global conglomerate owned by Mexico’s richest individual Carlos Slim. With a market capitalisation of over $10bn, the conglomerate operates and develops key projects in the industrial,...

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Grupo Elektra

| Grupo Elektra

Grupo Elektra is a leading Mexican financial and commercial services company that is also the nation’s largest chain of domestic appliance and furniture stores. It has operations in Latin America...

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Grupo Empresarial Ángeles

| Grupo Empresarial Ángeles

José Luis Alberdi is the current legal manager of Grupo Empresarial Ángeles (GEA), a Mexican conglomerate active in range of sectors including multimedia communications, tourism, healthcare and financial services. Demonstrating...

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Grupo Financiero Banorte

| Grupo Financiero Banorte

One of the top four Mexican commercial banks by assets, Grupo Financiero Banorte has over 1,000 branches within the country and a listing on the Mexican Stock Exchange, where it...

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Grupo Financiero Inbursa

| Grupo Financiero Inbursa

Owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, Grupo Financiero Inbursa is a Mexican financial company that has over $1bn in annual revenue. Raúl Zepeda Ruiz, general director of legal and institutional...

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Grupo Financiero Santander México – Legal Global Business

| Grupo Financiero Santander México - Legal Global Business

The Mexican subsidiary of global Spanish bank Banco Santander, has been established since 1991. Within the company’s legal department is the Legal Global Business team, led by executive legal director...

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| Grupo FRISA

Led by Armando Ascencio Pérez, as Corporate CEO and general counsel, the legal team at Grupo FRISA is made up of 11 lawyers and nine non-lawyers. FRISA is dedicated to...

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| Grupo IAMSA

Grupo Inversionistas En Autotransportes Mexicanos, S.A. (IAMSA) is one of Mexico’s main transport companies and is the largest bus operator in the country. It is also the only transport conglomerate...

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Grupo Idesa

| Grupo Idesa

Since being founded in 1956 as a family company, Grupo Idesa has established itself as a one of the biggest petrochemicals companies in Latin America. Karla Baez Elizondo, the company’s...

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Grupo La Comer

| Grupo La Comer

Grupo La Comer is a domestic Mexican Supermarket chain with a long history. The firm has its roots in the 1930s, when it originally began operation as a company specialising...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Grupo México

| Grupo México

As a key contributor of all central business developments the company undergoes, the legal team at Grupo México is in charge of all legal matters related to offshore oil and...

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Grupo Modelo

| Grupo Modelo

Grupo Modelo is one of the largest and most significant breweries in Mexico, accounting for 63% of the local beer market. In addition to this, the company is responsible for...

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Grupo Reforma

| Grupo Reforma

Grupo Reforma, the second largest printed media company in Mexico and Latin America, has a legal team to contend with the extensive variety of corporate legal matters they deal with....

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Grupo Rotoplas

| Grupo Rotoplas

Grupo Rotoplas have an established history in Mexico, characterised by its first-rate reputation in solutions to store, drive and purify household water. The Grupo Rotoplas legal team has been an...

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Grupo Salinas

| Grupo Salinas

Led by general counsel Francisco Xavier Borrego Hinojosa Linage, the Grupo Salinas legal team supports a group of Mexican companies spanning a wide range of activities covering TV Azteca, Enlace...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Grupo Televisa

| Grupo Televisa

Grupo Televisa is the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world, with a revenue of $5.3bn. The legal team has been part of its leading position and growth, predominantly focusing...

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Honda de Mexico

| Honda de Mexico

In common with many of the major international automobile manufacturers, Honda de Mexico maintains a significant presence in the country, taking advantage of the beneficial industrial environment and access to...

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| Honeywell

The Honeywell legal team is constantly engaged with business leaders to ensure alignment with the company’s strategic plan in Mexico and across the wider region. During the past year, it...

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HSBC México

| HSBC México


Covering legal matters for HSBC México, one of Mexico’s four largest banking and financial service companies, the legal team comprises of 108 members (83 lawyers and 25 paralegals), specialising in...

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| IEnova

The members of the IEnova legal team is recognised as leading lawyers in the natural resources sector and as excellent business enablers. Vice president and general counsel René Buentello Carbonell...

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Impulsora del Desarrollo y el Empleo (IDEAL)

| Impulsora del Desarrollo y el Empleo (IDEAL)

Comprising of 20 legal and 25 non-legal members, the legal team of Impulsora del Desarrollo y el Empleo (IDEAL) provide legal advice in the area of environmental law and commercial...

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JLL México

| JLL México

JLL, a US-headquartered real estate professional services and investment management company, has been established in Mexico since the early 1990s. The Mexican legal team, headed by chief legal counsel for...

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JTI México

| JTI México

The Mexican legal team of Japan Tobacco International (JTI), the world’s third largest tobacco company, has actively tracked changes to legislation in recent times, to maintain the success of the...

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| L'Oréal

Organisationally, the legal team at L’Oréal has undergone a significant change in recent months. A designated local legal team head dedicated to the Latin American Zone has been installed, reporting...

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| Lanix

In a market dominated by large international firms, Lanix has forged a significant market niche and is currently Mexico’s largest domestic electronics company. Their product base is broad, encompassing desktop...

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LG Electronics México

| LG Electronics México

One of the world’s premier consumer electronics companies, LG’s impressive arsenal of televisions, home appliances and other high-tech products is in high demand across the globe. LG’s legal team in...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Linio México

| Linio México

Despite only starting its operations in Mexico in 2012, Linio is already Latin America’s largest online store. Marianna Elena Del Río Díaz, legal counsel for Mexico and regional chief compliance...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017


| Liverpool

Liverpool is a household name in Mexico and has operated the largest chain of department stores in the country for many years. It employs over 15,000 individuals and has total...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017


| Mabe

Mexico-based Mabe was formed in the period immediately after the Second World War, initially as a kitchen furniture company. It soon began to diversify into the production of kitchen appliances,...

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Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA)

| Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA)

Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) is a leading global alternative asset manager specialising in infrastructure funds, other real asset funds and customised accounts. The most senior lawyer for MIRA...

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Since its first venture into Mexico in 1989, Spanish insurance company MAPFRE has since established itself as the largest non-life insurance company in Latin America. Its legal team of 45...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017


| Mexichem

Led by Francisco Hernández-Castillo, an award-winning corporate vice president for legal, the legal department at Mexichem provides financial legal support to the eighth largest company in Mexico, leader in plastic...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017


| Microsoft

Since revolutionising the personal computer market with the launch of Windows operating system in the mid-1980s, Microsoft has been one of the world’s largest and most important companies. It has...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Navistar Mexico

| Navistar Mexico

Navistar International has global revenue in the billions of dollars, and is one of the most important global truck manufacturers, providing a full range of medium to heavy vehicles for...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Nestlé Mexico

| Nestlé Mexico

The legal team at Nestlé Mexico is led by Wendy Alcala, general counsel and compliance officer. Alcala ranked 31st in Expansion’s 2016 list of 100 most powerful women in Mexico....

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Nissan Mexicana

| Nissan Mexicana

Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan, first entered Mexico in 1959 and has since established itself as one of the largest carmakers in the country. Led by general counsel Armando Curiel since...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Nokia Mexico

| Nokia Mexico

The Nokia legal team in Mexico has been involved in a wide range of acquisitions and transactions, becoming a trusted partner of the business that is responsible for reviewing all...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Novartis México

| Novartis México

In Mexico, the Novartis Group consists of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Vision, Sandoz, Novartis Animal Health and Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics. With this diversity of products and more than 1,700 employees to...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Organización Soriana

| Organización Soriana

Founded by entrepreneur brothers Francisco and Armando Martín Borque in 1968, Organización Soriana currently holds a significant share of Mexico’s retail market with its 824 stores scattered across all 32...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017


| Pemex

Mexico’s largest company, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), is the Mexican state-owned petroleum company and one of the few companies in the world that develops and operates the entire production chain of...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017


| Peñoles

Peñoles is the second largest Mexican mining company, the largest Mexican producer of gold, zinc and lead and the world leader in silver production, with active mines within Mexico and...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

PepsiCo Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and Andean countries

| PepsiCo Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and Andean countries

Food, beverages and tobacco

Led by general counsel and legal, government and corporate affairs senior vice president Francisco Merino, the PepsiCo Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and Andean countries legal team has been regularly highlighted...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Pfizer México

| Pfizer México

The Pfizer México legal team is led by legal affairs director, Maurin Pérez de León, who boasts 20 years of experience as an in-house counsel for a number of large...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Philip Morris International

| Philip Morris International

With an annual gross revenue of approximately $2bn in Mexico, Philip Morris International (PMI) is the current leader in the country’s tobacco market – in fact, more than seven out...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017


| Praxair

Praxair is the largest industrial gasses company in North and South America, and does business in 50 countries around the world. The legal team supporting Praxair’s Mexican operations is made...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Samsung Electronics México

| Samsung Electronics México

With a potential market of more than 100 million people, Samsung Electronics México (SEM) has made efforts to strengthen its position as one of the leading electronics brand in the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

SAP México

| SAP México

Enterprise software giant SAP has carved out a dominant market position based on their sector-leading organisational and management software for the business operations market. General counsel Christian Paredes explains that...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Semex (Sharp Electrónica Mexico)

| Semex (Sharp Electrónica Mexico)

Sharp Electrónica Mexico, known as Semex, is the partially-autonomous Mexican entity of Japanese tech giant Sharp. Semex is the product of a complex joint venture between a group of Mexican...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Siemens Mesoamérica

| Siemens Mesoamérica

Siemens Mesoamérica, the Mexican arm of the global conglomerate, has a legal team of 15 lawyers, and is led by general counsel Juan Carlos Maroto, a ‘transnational lawyer with extensive...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017


| Telmex

Francisco Javier Mondragón Alarcón, director of regulatory and legal affairs, manages the legal team at Telmex, the dominant fixed-line phone carrier in Mexico. In addition to traditional fixed-line telephone services,...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

The Coca-Cola Company

| The Coca-Cola Company

Food, beverages and tobacco

The Mexican legal team of The Coca-Cola Company, the world’s largest beverage corporation, is largely involved in supporting the operations of the country’s business unit and acts as a fundamental...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (México)

| thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (México)

On 1 April 2014 thyssenkrupp Uhde Mexico and Polysius of Mexico merged into a single company to form thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Mexico. As thyssenkrupp is still headquartered in Germany, Mexican...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Toyota Motor México

| Toyota Motor México

The Mexican subsidiary of the Japanese automobile manufacturer began retailing Toyota branded vehicles in the Mexican market in 2002. Due to significant company growth since then, the legal team was...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

TransCanada Mexico

| TransCanada Mexico

Calgary-based TransCanada operates a network of natural gas pipelines covering over 90,000km in North America. After the Mexican energy market opened to private investment in the mid-1990s, TransCanada Mexico became...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

TV Azteca

| TV Azteca

TV Azteca, a leading Mexican multimedia conglomerate, reaches 13 countries in Central and South America, and is part of the Azteca América network in the US. The legal department, led...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

Vestas México

| Vestas México

Led by Mario Barreiro, Latin America regional legal counsel, the legal team at Vestas México are experts in energy law and international law with exceptional business acumen. Vestas, headquartered in...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017


| VivaAerobus

Led by general counsel Lilia Pous, the legal team at VivaAerobus, a Mexican low-cost airline owned by the biggest bus company group in Mexico IAMSA, has supported the company during...

#GCPowerlist Mexico Teams 2017

With an economy worth over $1 trillion, Mexico is the 15th largest economy in the world according to the latest IMF and World Bank statistics. A long established mining industry, a dynamic manufacturing sector and a strong banking system are all hallmarks of the country’s current economic status. Recent reforms, such as trade liberalisation, have attracted major multinational companies, particularly in the financial, energy, telecoms and automobile sectors, and is another major contributor to Mexico’s success.

As companies benefit from these reforms, the legal teams are continually working harder in assessing the operational impact of the latest regulations, especially those in the energy sector and telecoms and broadcasting industries where measures to increase competition have resulted in new entrants to the their respective markets. But this is not the only reason why legal functions are developing business acumen and further integrating into business operations.

Mexico’s achievement in establishing itself as an export economy through its extensive and dynamic trade agreements could be hampered in the future by recent international developments. The downturn of the international oil and gas market and the effects of potential border taxes on automobile companies in the country are already forcing legal functions to assist their companies in re-thinking business strategy and exploring and developing new revenue streams. The impact of the new US Presidential regime is still a lingering unknown that may pose significant problems for Mexican companies in the future.

Considering the developing market and shifting nature of the in-house legal function, The Legal 500 GC Powerlist: Mexico Teams seeks to highlight the legal departments that are playing a significant part during this time of change. In particular, the GC Powerlist includes those teams that are able to successfully combine technical legal ability with excellent business acumen to make a truly indispensable contribution to the success of their respective companies.

Our experienced researchers consulted both law firm partners and in-house counsel, who nominated corporate counsel they believe provided the most outstanding support and innovative methods of working in the market. We then chose those nominees who were most worthy of inclusion based on the above criteria.

I would like to express my personal thanks to our sponsors for supporting this publication, Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez. A special mention must also be made for in-house lawyers that took time to speak to us throughout the process, and for the research team that worked on this GC Powerlist publication, Mudasser Ahmedi, Sara Mageit and Joe Boswell.

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez logo

For a second consecutive year Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez is honored to sponsor the GC Powerlist. The 2016 edition of the GC Powerlist was successful not only in assembling the leading and most innovative general counsel in Mexico, but served as a useful platform to network and exchange experiences among peers, colleagues and other attendees.

We meet again at a time of great challenges and changes globally. Like no other chapter in the last 20 years, the political and economic World Order seems to be at a point of inflection. Globalization and the neo-liberal economic model is being questioned, and the rhetoric of protectionism and isolationism seems to be making strides once again.

The jury is out on whether the prevailing economic conditions have resulted in the current political climate, or whether the current polarization in the political arena is the result of the economic conditions, which has been marked by anemic growth and mounting wealth disparity internationally and within individual countries. Are politics dragging the economy, or is the economy the victim of politics? Regardless of the answer, the result is great uncertainty. For a variety of reasons, including its preeminent position as a great supplier of the global supply chain, Mexico is very much front and center of the debate.

At this time of great uncertainty for our country, the legal profession in Mexico must play a critical and active role. A role centered on providing the business community with poised, sage and thorough advice, to help to mitigate the uncertainty affecting the market. In doing so, as lawyers we must again acknowledge that one of the greatest challenges confronting Mexico is the rule of law, and that no other profession has a bigger role to play in curing the problem.

With this backdrop, once again we invite all of the participants in the GC Powerlist Mexico Teams 2017, to use this venue as a forum to discuss how we can all work together to eradicate corruption, and foster a more predictable and transparent justice system. Unquestionably Mexico’s future will be even brighter if we succeed in this endeavor.

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