United Kingdom Rising Stars 2014 – GC Powerlist
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United Kingdom Rising Stars 2014

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The Legal 500 has been analysing the capabilities of law firms across the world for 28 years. In a new series, The Legal 500 is turning its attention to the in-house function, shining a spotlight on the role of corporate counsel, and in particular those individuals who are driving both legal business and the profession forwards.

The aim of the UK: Rising Stars is to highlight those standout performers coming into their own at major companies, typically but not exclusively during their 30s – the GCs of tomorrow if you like….read more

Given the relatively flat nature of the career structure below group GC level and the increasing breadth of the UK in-house profession, identifying and then narrowing down the field to 100 was obviously going to prove more challenging than highlighting a group of GCs who had already climbed to the top of their ladder.

Our research, which was led by Legal Business news editor Caroline Hill and reporters Francesca Fanshawe and Sarah Downey, went through several stages, beginning with the online collection of hundreds of individual nominations before we moved to directly canvassing senior figures in the profession. Inevitably, pulling together such a list is not an exact science once you go beyond the easy-to identify standout chief legal officers at major companies, but the breadth of nominations and weeks of research among our established contact base means we feel we’ve made a very credible start on which to build in future. To widen the scope of the project, we have also built on the core UK Powerlist itself to solicit commentary on the changing demands made of up-and-coming in-house counsel and to provide analysis of how the career outlook and opportunities of working with major corporates are evolving. To keep continuity with last year’s report and the 100 senior UK GCs we highlighted in 2013, this group was again canvassed for their input on the best mid-level talent on offer and how they as GCs are looking to develop more of this breed.

David Burgess
Publishing Director

GC Powerlist: Austria 2024

In the heart of the picturesque city of Vienna, The Legal 500 joined forces with Cerha Hempel to celebrate Austria’s top in-house counsel at our annual GC Powerlist: Austria 2024 event.

Sara Maggi, deputy editor for The Legal 500 GC Powerlist Series, warmly welcomed attendees and shared key insights from the research process. She emphasised the crucial role of in-house lawyers in enhancing organisational resilience through open communication, fostering relationships with other business departments, and implementing legal tech tools and AI across Austria-based legal departments.

Following Sara’s remarks, Clemens Hasenauer, managing partner at Cerha Hempel, congratulated everyone and discussed the key challenges facing general counsel in Austria. He highlighted the importance of such events for the legal community to meet and exchange ideas.

Next, Sandra Krebs, country legal director and ethics and compliance officer at Coca-Cola HBC, addressed the audience on the legal complexities confronting Austria-based in-house counsel. She stressed the importance of recognition by legal directories, as in-house lawyers become integral business partners and enablers for their companies.

The evening concluded with a vibrant networking session, fostering enriching dialogues and new connections, honouring legal excellence and fostering solidarity.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to all who contributed to our research and to our sponsor, Cerha Hempel, whose support made this event possible. We look forward to returning to Vienna in 2025!