Chile Teams 2018 – GC Powerlist

Chile Teams 2018

ABB Chile

| ABB Chile

Industrials and real estate

ABB Chile, the Chilean branch of ABB Group, is a specialist technology and engineering company specialising in robotics and motion, electrification products, industrial automation, and power grids across 130 countries...

#GCPowerlist Chile Teams 2018

Adecco Group

| Adecco Group

Industrials and real estate

Over the past two years Adecco Group’s compact seven-person legal team in Chile has been fundamental to the success of the wider company, due to its ongoing involvement in virtually...

#GCPowerlist Chile Teams 2018


| Adexus

Information technology

With operations spanning Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia, Adexus is a leading IT provider in Latin America, whose market has grown significantly in recent years thanks to the expanding...

#GCPowerlist Chile Teams 2018

ADP Chile

| ADP Chile

Commercial and professional services

ADP, the leading provider of technological solutions for human capital management in the world, accelerated its growth in Latin America after acquiring PayRoll in Chile, Argentina and Peru in 2013....

#GCPowerlist Chile Teams 2018

AES Gener

| AES Gener

Energy and utilities

A legal team of professionals possessing deep technical sector expertise and the capability to oversee projects from start to finish is an absolute necessity for an ambitious and constantly growing...

#GCPowerlist Chile Teams 2018

Editor Message

Over the course of a challenging year for Chile’s economy – which consists of a large mining sector in addition to many other industrial and service-based activities – internal in-house legal teams have demonstrated remarkable, resilience and efficiency in their work. In turn, businesses in the country, who often have to operate under extremely tight budget constraints, are becoming more accustomed to utilising highly competent legal departments as one of the best ways to operate in this challenging and competitive economic environment. As Chile has also seen high quantities of new legislation, including a new labour law and recently approved competition law amendments, the importance of these teams and their expertise in dealing with issues pertaining to law and corporate strategy is of even greater importance.

This year’s GC Powerlist: Chile Teams brings to your attention a variety of ways in which in-house legal teams have contributed to their businesses, whether by responding to changes in legislation, effectively closing marquee deals, introducing novel technological innovations or directly applying their expertise to positively impact company revenues. As part of this year’s research process we spoke to and canvassed opinions from a wide variety of in-house and private practice sources. The resulting list features a plethora of top-notch teams whose ability to innovate and integrate with their businesses is only matched by their extensive understanding of laws and regulations. It is both our pleasure and honour to present these outstanding professionals, as we hope that their achievements will serve as an inspiration for years to come.

Boris Dechev
Senior research analyst, GC Powerlist series

Editor |

Sponsor Message


Carey logo

It is an honour for Carey to have been invited once again to participate in this new edition of the GC Powerlist in Chile.

For decades, The Legal 500 has been diligently evaluating the Chilean legal market and, as a consequence, has acquired a deep knowledge of its most outstanding practitioners.

This is the second year in which it has carried out extensive research on the leading and most innovative in-house counsel of our country, with particular reference to those who display efficient collaboration and, of course, undisputed technical excellence.

It is, therefore, no small feat to have been recognised on this year’s GC Powerlist and we heartily congratulate these highly effective teams. Carey also shares with The Legal 500 our admiration for the
outstanding results they have achieved.

We have worked closely with many of the selected teams and can consequently confirm that, in our view, their inclusion in the GC Powerlist is entirely justified.

As we all know, in today’s knowledge-based society, accumulating star talent is no longer enough.

Indeed, to maximise the value and output of their talent, their diverse knowledge needs to be effectively integrated, something which, as we
know, is not an easy task.

The leadership required to bring together professionals with different types of expertise is an art which requires hard work, on a daily basis, by all the members of the team. If the right collaboration is found, the potential to develop more innovative outcomes increases exponentially.

Collaboration, of course, not only involves the sharing of knowledge and expertise, but also requires the ability to trust the other members of the
team so as to achieve a greater shared benefit.

Camaraderie and loyalty are fundamental to effective teamwork, as the expertise and skills of each member of a team, adds value to the legal work done.

Effective collaboration also requires a deep respect for a colleague’s competence and also a profound belief in his/her integrity.

Promoting teamwork involves developing motivational strategies that stimulate the participation of all members of the team in a manner that each one recognises that his or her contribution is essential to achieving the team’s objectives.

Of course, good and effective leadership is key to engaging and bringing out the best in each member.

Motivating and encouraging each member to pursue the overall goals is definitely hard work, but with the correct amount of recognition and a sense of commitment, great results can be achieved.

We are sure that the leading teams recognised in the GC Powerlist adhere to all of the values and beliefs described above, as otherwise they would not have achieved the degree of excellence required to be
honoured with such a recognition.

At Carey, we also follow these values and strive to perfect the spirit of professionalism, collaboration, teamwork and camaraderie that is needed when 250 lawyers work together. Although we are very proud of the culture we have created, we are sure we can learn a lot about how to improve it from the distinguished teams included in the GC Powerlist.

We reiterate our appreciation to The Legal 500 and our congratulations to the selected teams and we wish you all a great 2018.