Denmark 2022 – GC Powerlist

Denmark 2022

Alice Grünfeld

Head of Legal | Bankernes Edb Central (BEC)

Information technology

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#GCPowerlist Denmark 2022

Allan Gabriel Zandberg

Group General Counsel | KK Wind Solutions

Energy and utilities

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#GCPowerlist Denmark 2022

Anders Pilgaard Andersen

Senior VP, General counsel | Adform

Information technology

#GCPowerlist Denmark 2022

Anders Stahlschmidt

Senior Vice President & General Counsel | Danfoss A/S

Information technology

#GCPowerlist Denmark 2022

Anders Watson Hansen

Assistant general counsel | Novo holdings


#GCPowerlist Denmark 2022

Editor Message

In-house lawyers faced several challenges due to the pandemic, such as simultaneously dealing with changing legislation and its related implications. Corporate counsel had to be meticulous, proactive, and ready to adapt to new methods of work. They assumed entirely new roles, which involved being an active part of decision-making processes while working closely with other departments and stakeholders.

This year’s Legal 500 GC: Powerlist Denmark 2022 highlights the pivotal role that internal counsel assumed in Denmark, by adding value to their organisations and driving their companies’ success. The seat at the table is today a reality for general counsel in Denmark, with business partners turning to their legal departments for advice on critical areas such as sustainability, reputation, and risk management.

Denmark is one of the top digital hubs in Europe, evidenced by its great tech infrastructures and enviable access to countries throughout the European Union which is one of the largest markets in the world. It attracts business from foreign investors thanks to its willingness to embrace innovation. Additionally, Denmark has a globally leading role in driving eco-friendly culture. Thanks to a long history of swiftly adapting to changes and building opportunities, general counsel in Denmark successfully navigated the challenges brought by Covid-19.

The pandemic accelerated trends that were present pre-pandemic and provided the opportunity to change the way legal teams operate, as well as contribute to their ability to adapt. Additionally, the new work-life format — particularly the explosion in remote working — has demonstrated the efficiency of in-house lawyers as key advisors even when out of office. ‘It is essential to retain the positives from the Covid experience, particularly the concepts of resilience, flexibility, and commitment’, reported one in-house counsel.

I would like to extend the warmest thanks to every single in-house counsel who participated in this edition of the GC Powerlist: Denmark 2022. This edition identifies the most impressive counsel who have utilised their legal knowledge strategically to provide business insight in these challenging times for their company’s success. I am incredibly pleased to present this list of the most agile, innovative and exceptional in-house lawyers in Denmark.

Sara Maggi
Research analyst:
GC Powerlist Series

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Sponsor Message

Lundsgaard & Partnere

Lundsgaard & Partnere  logo

Lundsgaard & Partnere is delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor The Legal 500 GC Powerlist: Denmark 2022.

We are a Danish litigation boutique specialising in litigation and arbitration. We have been and are involved in some of the largest litigations in Denmark at all levels of the judicial system, including the Danish Supreme Court, as well as international arbitration cases. We specialise in commercial cases of high complexity and often of great financial or general public importance. We have extensive experience with cross-border cases involving, among other things, post M&A disputes, professional liability, and D&O liability. We also act as coverage and monitoring counsel for insurance companies in a number of high-profile cases and assist insurance companies with the interpretation and preparation of insurance products. Our team often advise on legal proceedings in close co-operation with our client’s in-house counsels and key employees.

We are a dedicated team providing a full range of advisory services, including analysis of the litigation risk, assessment of the financial implications of initiating a lawsuit compared to alternative dispute resolution methods, etc. In addition, we provide legal assistance to several leading companies and are recognised for our high-quality work and deep insight.

Especially in challenging times, a close and trusted relationship between companies and their legal advisors is crucial. As a specialised litigation boutique, Lundsgaard & Partnere is on your side in unexpected situations which demand knowledge and experience as well as tactical understanding of litigation from the complex legal arguments down to the practicalities of working together with in-house counsels and key employees in the most efficient way. It enables us to help you and to create genuine added value with our advice.

It is of great importance for general counsels to have competent and trusted legal advisors and the opportunity to share ideas with like-minded counsels, in-house or in other companies. In this regard, the GC Powerlist provides an excellent platform to share experiences and discuss current positions and challenges. No one can understand the situation of a general counsel better than other colleagues in similar positions and their advice is a resource which may save time and money and prevent mistakes. That is why it is so important to use the GC Powerlist for creating a network and maintaining contacts.

The GC Powerlist recognises general counsels who are changing or forming opinions within their company or industry, who have developed brilliant technical solutions to complex issues, who have created innovative structures to ensure that the in-house function is driving the business forward, and who have provided a business working model that other corporate counsel should follow. It is of great importance to us to support this valuable recognition as exclusive partner.

Many congratulations to the general counsels who have made this year’s list. We wish you all the best and trust that you will find even better ways to solve your companies’ most critical issues, pertaining to both legal issues as much as to organisation and management questions.