Chile 2019 – GC Powerlist

Chile 2019

Alberto Julio Martínez Santander

Senior legal director Chile and Latin America | Laboratorio Chile (Teva Pharmaceuticals)

Alberto Julio Martínez Santander joined Teva in May 2012 as the company’s senior legal director in Venezuela. Then in May 2017, he was promoted to the regional position as senior...

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Alberto Vergara

Assistant general counsel, director of litigation | Scotiabank Chile

Alberto Vergara, assistant general counsel and director of litigation of Scotiabank Chile, began his current position in 2016 at BBVA Chile and has stayed in the role after Scotiabank purchased...

#GCPowerlist Chile 2019

Alejandra Urenda Silva

Legal manager North Latin America and Andean region | Electrolux

Alejandra Urenda Silva joined Electrolux in 2014 as legal manager for the Southern Cone, covering Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia before being promoted and also assuming responsibility for the...

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Alejandro Berríos Durán

Legal manager - real estate, contracts, technology, corporate and logistics | Walmart Chile

After graduating in 1994 from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Alejandro Berríos Durán practiced law from 1995 to 1999, a time during which he says he ‘developed legal and...

#GCPowerlist Chile 2019

Alejandro Celedón Raveau

General counsel | Sonda

Alejandro Celedón Raveau is a lawyer with 15 years of experience encompassing five in Chilean and Spanish banks, and 10 as a legal counsel of SONDA, the leader of a...

#GCPowerlist Chile 2019

Editor Message

Despite predictions that Chile’s economic growth
will continue to be slow in the next twelve
months, the country is shaking off the slowdown
it has experienced in the last few years. The effects
of the government’s market-oriented policies,
supported by the country’s competitive financial
system and successful foreign direct investment, is
set to off set the factors which are keeping the price
of copper – Chile’s main export – low.

With further economic reforms aimed at bolstering
growth being rolled out, Chilean companies are
preparing to adapt and take advantage of market
developments in order to maintain profits whilst
exploring new revenue opportunities. Furthermore,
they will be relying increasingly on their internal
heads of legal who have been empowered to
contribute to business goals beyond the purely legal
roles they traditionally operate in. Chile’s highly
developed in-house legal market is therefore seeing
general counsel effortlessly taking on additional
projects or roles to their already demanding
workloads to provide holistic, business-focused
and best-in-class support to their respective

The Legal 500 is proud to feature such contributors
to the profession in this year’s GC Powerlist: Chile. The
in-house lawyers contained within these pages have
successfully utilised their legal skills to become true
business partners of their respective organisations
are without question among the very best in the
wider region.

Editor |

Sponsor Message


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Carey is honoured to have been invited again by The Legal 500 to host the third edition of the GC Powerlist, which recognises the leading and most innovative general counsel in Chile. They were chosen by The Legal 500 after conducting careful and independent research, which included many consultations with key players in the Chilean legal community.

This is the third year that The Legal 500 has carried out this in-depth investigation into the leading and most innovative in-house general counsel of our country, with particular attention to those who promote effective team collaboration.

We at Carey sincerely congratulate all of those who made the list, sharing our admiration for the outstanding results they have achieved. We have worked closely with many of them and can consequently confirm that, in our view, their inclusion in the GC Powerlist is entirely justified.

In recent decades, Chile’s economy has experienced impressive growth, and it currently has one of the highest incomes per capita in Latin America. The economic reforms that have sustained such growth began in the mid-eighties and the country has been progressing since then. Chile has signed free trade agreements with nearly all of its trading partners and applies a low and uniform tariff to all imports. Our country is a member of the OECD and is widely recognised as one of the most open and stable economies in the world. It is also perceived, along with Costa Rica and Uruguay, as one of the countries in Latin America where there is the least amount of corruption.

Although today we are sailing in rather turbulent waters because economic growth is not improving as fast as expected, at Carey we have a positive view of the future of our country. We are confident that 2019 and the years to come will mean more challenging work for our specialised teams in a transparent and reliable country. In this spirit, we will continue exerting our best efforts to help our clients understand and correctly apply our laws and regulations, alongside general counsel and in-house legal teams.

We believe that leadership, expertise, hard work and innovation, are some of the key attributes required to stand out as a general counsel in today’s corporate world. The journey of discovering each person’s potential to develop more creative and innovative outcomes will always result in engagement and success.

The general counsels recognised in the GC Powerlist exemplify these values and beliefs, which has enabled them to achieve the degree of excellence required to be honoured with this prestigious recognition.

At Carey, we also believe in these values and strive to achieve a spirit of professionalism and collaboration that allows our 270 plus lawyers to work together successfully. Although we are very proud of the culture we have created, we are sure that we can still learn a great deal from the distinguished general counsel included in the GC Powerlist.

We reiterate our appreciation to The Legal 500 and our congratulations to the selected teams and wish everyone mentioned herein great success in their respective endeavours.