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Alberto Julio Martínez Santander

Senior legal director Chile and Latin America | Laboratorio Chile (Teva Pharmaceuticals)

Alberto Julio Martínez Santander joined Teva in May 2012 as the company’s senior legal director in Venezuela. Then in May 2017, he was promoted to the regional position as senior...

Alberto Vergara

Assistant general counsel, director of litigation | Scotiabank Chile

Alberto Vergara, assistant general counsel and director of litigation of Scotiabank Chile, began his current position in 2016 at BBVA Chile and has stayed in the role after Scotiabank purchased...

Alejandra Urenda Silva

Legal manager North Latin America and Andean region | Electrolux

Alejandra Urenda Silva joined Electrolux in 2014 as legal manager for the Southern Cone, covering Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia before being promoted and also assuming responsibility for the...

Alejandro Berríos Durán

Legal manager - real estate, contracts, technology, corporate and logistics | Walmart Chile

After graduating in 1994 from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Alejandro Berríos Durán practiced law from 1995 to 1999, a time during which he says he ‘developed legal and...

Alejandro Celedón Raveau

General counsel | Sonda

Alejandro Celedón Raveau is a lawyer with 15 years of experience encompassing five in Chilean and Spanish banks, and 10 as a legal counsel of SONDA, the leader of a...

Alejandro Palma

Legal manager and corporate affairs | Copec

Copec is Chile’s main distributor of fuels and lubricants, holding most of the market share for each and with over 630 service stations from Arica to Punta Arenas. Overseeing all...

Alejandro Rubilar

Managing director | J.P. Morgan Chile

Alejandro Rubilar has served as general counsel and head of legal Chile for J.P. Morgan in Santiago since 2008. He has since expanded his role becoming executive director and head...

Álvaro Larraín Fierro

Sub-manager of legal studies | Banco del Estado de Chile (BancoEstado)

Álvaro Larraín Fierro has been a lawyer in the legal department of Banco del Estado de Chile, a public Chilean bank, since January 2012. Last year was an important one...

Ana María Emilfork

Manager legal West Coast of South America | Maersk

Maersk, the international shipping company, is a force within the Chilean legal market. She joined Maersk in February 2017 covering the West Coast of South America, which includes Chile, Peru,...

Ana María Muñoz Blawciak

Senior legal manager Chile and Peru | Nissan Chile

Featured in the inaugural GC Powerlist: Peru for her contribution towards the launch of Nissan’s LEAF electric vehicle in Chile, Ana María Muñoz Blawciak has gone from to strength to...

Andrea Convalia

General counsel and ethics correspondent | L'Oréal Chile

Since being featured in the GC Powerlist: Chile 2017, Andrea Convalia has continued impressing peers in Chile’s legal industry and her colleagues at the multinational personal care company, L’Oréal. In...

Andrés Curia

Head of legal and commercial, Latin America | Mainstream Renewable Power

Andrés Miranda Curia started at Mainstream Renewable Power Chile as head of legal services, Chile and since December 2018 he has assumed the position as head of both legal and...

Andrés Eyzaguirre Larraín

General counsel and compliance officer | Nestlé Chile

Andrés Eyzaguirre Larraín, general counsel and compliance officer at Nestlé Chile, is at the forefront of the in-house legal market in Chile and a highly skilled lawyer. At Nestlé he...

Angie Armer

Chief compliance and ethics officer – Latin America | Walgreens Boots Alliance

According to nominators, chief compliance and ethics officer for Latin America Angie Armer ‘has demonstrated an ability to anticipate and evaluate risky legal situations before they arise’ at Walgreens Boots...

Antonio Valdés Vicuña

General counsel | AFP ProVida

Constituted by public deed in February 2013 and part of MetLife, the leading global insurance and pension plan provider, AFP ProVida is a company focused on satisfying the real needs...

Arturo Le Blanc Cerda

Chief regulatory and legal officer and secretary of the board | Transelec

The leading provider of high voltage systems in Chile with close to 10,000 kilometres of transmission, Transelec plays a crucial role between the country’s Arica and Parinacota region and the...

Bárbara Leighton

Legal manager | Unilever

Chile is an important market for global consumer goods company Unilever within its Southern Cone operations. And to fortify its business, Unilever Chile relies on the expertise of general counsel...

Bernardita Saez

Head of legal and external affairs | British American Tobacco Chile

Bernardita Saez began her career in Chile in 2002 as a corporate finance attorney for Carey & Cia, working in secured finance deals for the country’s urban highways. She then...

Blas Troncoso Montégu

General counsel | Socovesa

A corporate legal expert who is also highly adept at tax law, Blas Troncoso Montégu has had a major impact on the legal function of Socovesa since joining. Primarily responsible...

Camilo Larraín

Legal affairs director | Aguas Andinas

Chile’s largest water utility, Aguas Andinas, supplies over an estimated eight million people in the country and therefore requires a best-in-class legal service to reflect its social importance. Fortunately the...

Carlos Prat

Legal manager | Glencore Chile

Beginning his career as an associate at Cariola Diez Pérez-Cotapos in 2001, Carlos Prat’s rapid rise through the ranks prefigured his current extremely high status among Chilean in-house lawyers; his...

Carlos Rodó Parisi

Head of legal | Uber Chile

After a successful nine years working in-house in the telecommunications sector, Carlos Rodó Parisi has excelled in his role at Uber Chile, being the multinational transportation network’s first in-house counsel...

Carmen Román Arancibia

Vice president, general counsel and head of corporate affairs | Walmart Chile

With a history dating back to the 1890s and currently operating 370 stores, Walmart Chile is a major player in Chile’s retail industry. Heading the company’s legal function since 2009,...

Carolina Carrasco Acuña

General counsel | Alstom Chile

Having joined Alstom in 2003, general counsel Carolina Carrasco Acuña has accumulated a formidable knowledge of Chilean and Latin American operations at the French global leader in energy and railroad...

Carolina Orrego

Corporate legal advisor and compliance manager | Melón

A leading producer and supplier of cement and construction materials in Chile, Melón has a strong reputation in the construction materials industry and divides its operations into the three divisions...

Cristián Ceballos Argo

Head of legal | Siemens Healthineers

Assuming the position of head of legal in March 2018 for Siemens Healthineers in Chile, Cristián Ceballos Argo has made a significant impact on the Chilean operations at the multinational...

Cristián Lorca Donoso

Legal sub-manager | Adexus

Adexus is a Chilean company that integrates systems, provides open solutions and specialised services in IT and communications, being a key innovator in the country’s technological market when developing and...

Cristián Maturana Miquel

Legal manager | Entel

In place at the multibillion revenue generating company Entel since 1994, Cristián Maturana Miquel has had an unparalleled impact on the development of the legal function of the organisation. A...

Cristián Salgado

Legal and regulatory director | Claro Chile

Cristián Salgado started his career as a lawyer in the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, a government department, before becoming manager of regulatory and corporate affairs for Nextel Chile. In 2015, he...

Cristián Toro Cañas

Corporate legal manager and secretary of the board | Itaú CorpBanca

Itaú Corpbanca is one of the largest banks in Chile with operations also in Colombia and Panama, a New York branch and representative offices in Lima, Peru and Madrid, Spain....

Cristóbal Quezada

Legal manager | PepsiCo Chile

Featured in the inaugural GC Powerlist: Chile 2017, Cristóbal Quezada continues to impress peers in the Chilean market as evidenced by one nominator who says the following: ‘Quezada has strong...

Dafne González

Legal operations manager | Falabella

As a major Chilean retail company, Falabella is able to attract the country’s best in-house lawyers and the company capitalised on this when it hired Dafne González as legal operations...

Daniel Lorenzini

Regional legal counsel | Sandvik

After 10 years of working as an attorney in three Chilean law firms and studying an LLM in Germany, Daniel Lorenzini was selected in 2014 as regional legal counsel covering...

Daniel Weinstein

Managing counsel (projects, commercial and exploration) | BHP

With a 15 year career in top national and international law firms in Chile, including serving as general counsel at QPX, now known as Quantum-Discoveries, Daniel Weinstein is managing counsel...

Diego Brieba

Senior counsel | Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile (CODELCO)

Diego Brieba, senior counsel at Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile (CODELCO), has impressed since his appointment in 2013 as part of the legal team at the Chilean mining company...

Diego Peró Ovalle

General counsel and head of properties | Bupa Chile

The holding company of a private health insurance company, a clinic, an insurance company and multiple medical centres, Bupa Chile is one of the country’s leading healthcare groups. Diego Peró...

Domingo Valdés Prieto

General counsel | Enel Chile and Enel Americas

Created as a result of a corporate restructuring that began in 2015, Enel Chile is today the largest power holding company installed in the country. General counsel for both Enel...

Duncan Grob Urzúa

Corporate legal affairs director | Parque Arauco

Described by a nominator as an ‘extremely competent and innovative general counsel’, Duncan Grob Urzúa manages the legal issues for Parque Arauco, one of the largest retail and real estate...

Eduardo Diez

Chief legal officer | Generadora Metropolitana

Generadora Metropolitana is a relatively new player in the energy market and is owned by the AME and EDF Groups. It has an installed capacity in Chile of 750 MW...

Enrique Ortúzar

General counsel | Viña Concha y Toro

With revenues of close to US$1bn, not only is Viña Concha y Toro Latin America’s biggest wine producer it is also one of the leading companies in the global wine...

Felipe Bunster Echenique

CEO | Mutual de Seguridad de la CChC

Since being featured in the inaugural GC Powerlist: Chile 2017, Felipe Bunster Echenique has demonstrated not only expert legal skills but also a high level of business acumen at Mutual...

Felipe Merino Grau

Manager of legal affairs and human capital | CodelcoTech

Having steered his career towards fields related to creative industries with a practical and concrete approach to the role of law in his final year of law school, Felipe Merino...

Felipe Romo Andrade

Regional legal counsel - Chile, Peru and Ecuador | Tata Consultancy Services

Felipe Romo Andrade, legal counsel for Chile, Peru and Ecuador, began working at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in 2009 taking on the functions of legal counsel for Chile and added...

Fernando Carmash Cassis

General counsel | BCI

Having been at Bci since 1987, current general counsel Fernando Carmash Cassis has an advanced understanding of the historical Chilean bank’s operations allowing him to seamlessly ensure a best-in-class legal...

Fernando V. Beguiristaín

General counsel - South America | Acciona Energía

A leader in providing sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects across the world with a focus on sustainability, Spanish conglomerate ACCIONA has been active in Chile since 1993....

Francisca Larraín

Chief counsel and head of compliance – Chile | Liberty Seguros Chile

Francisca Larraín is an experienced corporate lawyer with a special focus on banking and finance, M&A, project finance and business organisations areas. She has been praised by nominators for her...

Francisco Brotfeld

Legal counsel | Transelec

Francisco Brotfeld, legal counsel at Transelec, assumed his current position three years ago after returning from practicing abroad at international law firm Shearman & Sterling in New York. His role...

Francisco Javier Allendes

Legal, compliance land and mining property director | Teck Chile

Teck Chile is developing a major project in Chile, the Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 (QB2) project which is one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper resources. The Canadian diversified resources...

Francisco Vial

General counsel | Komatsu Latin America

As general counsel, chief compliance officer and company secretary at Komatsu Latin America, a global mining and construction equipment company based in Japan, Francisco Vial is the head of a...

Gonzalo Montoya Cisterna

Legal manager | Antofagasta Minerals

Having amassed approximately two decades of experience working for international mining companies and operations in the north of Chile, Gonzalo Montoya Cisterna first joined the multibillion-dollar revenue mining titan Antofagasta...

Gonzalo Smith

Chief legal and governance officer | Falabella

Nominated in this year’s research for, among other things, having a ‘a preponderant role in compliance matters at Falabella’, Gonzalo Smith is a distinguished figure in Chile’s in-house market with...

Guillermo Herrera Pizarro

General counsel Latin America | Golder Associates

Having spent the last nine years at Golder Associates, a global organisation providing consulting, design, and construction services to a range of sectors, Guillermo Herrera Pizarro has a thorough understanding...

Hernán Barahona Flores

General counsel | Empresa Nacional de Aeronáutica De Chile (ENAER)

Hernán Barahona Flores assumed the position of ENAER’s general counsel in January 2016, after serving as head of the contracts department of the business since January 2000. Previously he worked...

Hernán Felipe Velasco Viveros

Legal and compliance officer | AME

Hernán Felipe Velasco Viveros, legal and compliance officer at AME – the major Chilean renewable electrical energy company – began his career as a lawyer at Carey y Cía as...

Hernán Torres Aguirre

Head of legal | Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial

Hernán Torres Aguirre, head of legal of Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial in Chile, is an IP specialist with a strong background in the publishing industry. He started his career...

Horacio Aránguiz

General counsel | Enel Distribución

The largest electricity distribution company in Chile, Enel Distribución accounts 44% of the total sales among the country’s distributors. The company’s vastly experienced general counsel, Horacio Aránguiz, has been identified...

Ignacio Díaz Sahr

Senior lawyer | Mainstream Renewable Power

Having recently moved into in-house work with Mainstream Renewable Power after an extremely impressive private practice career, Ignacio Díaz Sahr states he is looking to make an impact as an...

Ignacio Liberman Yaconi

Legal manager | Empresa De Correos de Chile

Legal manager Ignacio Liberman Yaconi has an extensive knowledge of Chile’s national postal service, Correos de Chile (also known as CorreosChile), having first joined the state company in 1999. After...

Ignacio Mehech

Regional counsel Latin America | Albemarle

Since joining global US specialty chemicals company Albemarle in November 2017 as regional counsel for Latin America, Ignacio Mehech has quickly made strides to promote the in-house legal function internally:...

Ignacio Morales Sierra

Legal manager Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay | Kimberly-Clark

Since graduating in law from Diego Portales University in 2006, Ignacio Morales Sierra has enjoyed an impressive career path that places him among the best counsel in Chile, especially in...

Ignacio Parra Benavente

Compliance officer and risk manager | Compañía de Seguros de Crédito Coface Chile (Coface)

In charge of all the legal, compliance and risk matters at Coface, one of the largest credit insurance companies in Chile, Ignacio Parra Benavente is a specialised attorney in financial...

Ignacio Quiñones

General counsel | Enel Generación

Previously listed in the inaugural GC Powerlist: Chile 2017, Ignacio Quiñones continues to impress peers in the legal industry. By being general counsel of Enel Generación, Chile’s most important power...

Isabel Margarita Cabello Silva

General counsel | Banco del Estado de Chile (BancoEstado)

Having worked in-house within Chile’s financial sector for over 20 years, Isabel Margarita Cabello Silva is today one of the country’s leading lawyers as affirmed by her appointment to the...

Ivana Domitrovic G.

General counsel South America | Air Products

Having worked in-house since 1996 Ivana Domitrovic G. occupies a prominent position in Chile’s in-house legal market, and today she serves Air Products, a world-leading US industrial and medicinal gases...

Javier Benavides Muñoz

Head of legal and compliance and privacy lead - Latin America | The Adecco Group Chile

To be selected as the regional legal and compliance lead for a multinational corporation like The Adecco Group before the age of 30 is a significant achievement in itself, but...

Javiera Alarcón López

Controller and general counsel | Atlantica Yield

A highly proficient and astute lawyer, Javiera Alarcón López has been developing her skills in-house for over eight years. It began in March 2011, when she was being employed as...

Jean Paul Azaro Silva

Legal head and compliance officer for Chile and Argentina cluster | Alcon Laboratorios Chile

Jean Paul Azaro Silva started working at EY as a legal associate before joining two different law firms Cuevas Abogados and Mackenna and Irarrázaval, Cuchacovich & Paz Abogados. In 2009...

Jorge Hirmas Bormann

General counsel Americas | Orica

Jorge Hirmas Bormann, general counsel Americas of ORICA, joined the company in 2015 as a legal counsel and has steadily risen the ranks to his current title by February 2019....

José Ignacio Merino

External affairs manager | Philip Morris International

A prime example of how in-house lawyers can transition into roles requiring more than a purely legal skillset and in a range of different industries, José Ignacio Merino is currently...

José Pedro Urrutia

Chile head of legal | Anglo American

José Pedro Urrutia assumed his current role with Anglo American in 2013, taking lead of the legal department after the settlement with Codelco. ‘I could not say no to such...

José Tomás Palacios Calvanese

General counsel | SalfaCorp

Since moving in-house in 2015, José Tomás Palacios Calvanese has excelled. In 2018 he joined SalfaCorp to serve as general counsel, a major achievement itself considering the company’s standing as...

Juan Carlos Motta Ponce

Chief legal counsel | S.K. Comercial

As the chief legal counsel of SKC Group, Juan Carlos Motta Ponce is responsible for all legal and compliance matters, leading and managing the legal department of SKC Group, an...

Juan Carlos Valdivieso

General counsel | Prime Energía

Juan Carlos Valdivieso, general counsel of Prime Energía, has greatly impressed since his arrival into the in-house legal market in 2017. He moved in-house having previous executive experience with more...

Juan Pablo Araya Marco

General counsel | Banco Central de Chile

Juan Pablo Araya Marco first joined Banco Central de Chile in 2004, originally operating as a senior lawyer in the office of the general counsel, and took on a number...

Juan Pablo Suffiotti

General counsel | Echeverría Izquierdo Montajes Industriales (Chile and Peru)

Juan Pablo Suffiotti hit the ground running with Echeverría Izquierdo Montajes Industriales (EIMISA) upon joining in October 2015, immediately enacting a comprehensive shakeup and restructuring of the company’s legal department...

Karen Piddo

General counsel | MH Inversiones

Karen Piddo started her career as an associate in private practice with a focus on commercial and corporate law, M&A and securities markets first at Carey, then at Alvarez Hinzpeter...

Karin Ioannidis

Head of legal and compliance – Chile | Bayer Chile

German multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company Bayer has established a strong presence in Chile having been present in the country for over 100 years since 1914. To continue fortifying...

L. Andrés López Campos

Legal and compliance director | Vías Chile

L. Andrés López Campos has consistently excelled as an in-house counsel in big multinational companies in the Chilean market. López started his career as a junior advisor before assuming senior...

Luis Andrés Ulloa Martínez

Chief legal officer | Directorate General of Water (DGA)

As the government agency responsible for water use planning and management in Chile, the DGA plays a vital role in the country. Despite only joining the organisation in September 2018,...

Luis Enrique Pineda Macias

Legal and compliance manager | Bureau Veritas Chile Group

In Chile, the French world-leading professional services company Bureau Veritas is a holding of six companies that fall under the legal responsibility of legal and compliance manager, Luis Enrique Pineda...

Magdalena Strahovsky Villanueva

Legal and labour risk prevention director | The Adecco Group Chile

Initially recruited by The Adecco Group Chile in 2015 Magdalena Strahovsky Villanueva quickly demonstrated her ability in the in-house legal department which led to promotions, first as chief of the...

Manuel Díaz M.

Legal, compliance and permits manager | Goldfields Chile

Having worked in-house within Chile’s mining sector since 2004, Manuel Díaz M. has a formidable knowledge of the industry placing him perfectly to advise Goldfields, one of the world’s largest...

Manuel Somarriva Loyola

Legal director and human resource director (Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Colombia) | Forus

Specialising in building high-performing footwear, apparel and accessory brands, Forus is a leader in Chile’s retail sector and has presence in Colombia, Peru and Uruguay. Having joined the company in...

Marcelo Fica Aránguez

Director of legal affairs and compliance officer | WOM

Marcelo Fica Aránguez, director of legal affairs and compliance officer, joined WOM in 2012, when the company was still controlled by the US telecom holding NII Holdings and operated in...

María Constanza Itikawa

Legal manager South America | Genomma Lab

With 14 years of international experience in corporate law, María Constanza Itikawa, legal manager South America at Genomma Lab, has had a career mostly focused on fast moving consumer goods...

María Paz Alvear

General counsel | GasValpo

Having been the general counsel for 17 years at GasValpo, the Chilean distributor of natural gas, María Paz Alvear has an almost unparalleled understanding of the company’s operations and legal...

Mariana Gómez

Corporate executive director | Credicorp Capital

Dedicated to the provision of financial services, asset management and capital markets, Credicorp Capital’s position in Chile’s financial market is fortified through the expertise of its coporate executive director, Mariana...

Mario Larenas

Legal and administration director | Freeport-McMoRan

Since 1996, leading international mining company Freeport-McMoRan has been in operating the El Abra open-pit copper mining complex in Chile’s El Loa province. Mario Larenas initially joined the company in...

Matías E. Concha Vial

Director of legal | Compass Group Chile

Over the course of his career, Matías E. Concha Vial has consistently demonstrated the attributes of a modern in-house lawyer that goes beyond his legal remit to add greater value...

Matías Rojo Picand

Senior attorney | IBM de Chile

Matías Rojo Picand has been working as a lawyer for 15 years in multinational companies in industries such as real estate, outsourcing and general insurance. Since moving to Hewlett Packard...

Maximiliano Schmidt Gabler

General counsel | Mapfre Chile

‘Maximiliano Schmidt Gabler understands the business and always gives precise legal advice. He can anticipate complications and brings to the table innovative solutions to complex legal issues. He and his...

Michael Timmermann Slater

Chief officer of business development and legal affairs | Latin America Power

Listed in the inaugural GC Powerlist: Chile in 2017, Michael Timmermann Slater has continued his upward trajectory in Chile’s in-house legal market. Now, as chief officer of business development and...

Miguel Baeza

Vice president general counsel, corporate affairs and sustainability | Compañía Minera Sierra Gorda

Sierra Gorda produces copper and molybdenum concentrate from one of the largest mining districts in the world. The organisation’s legal matters are overseen by the highly experienced and respected Miguel...

Miguel Dunay O.

Vice president of corporate and legal affairs | Molymet

A Chilean company committed to treating and processing of molybdenum and associated products, which are used in diverse and multiple industrial activities, Molymet has two industrial plants in the country,...

Miguel Oyonarte

Vice president legal and corporate affairs | VTR

Part of the Liberty Latin America group, VTR is a leading telecommunications services company in Chile supplying more than 3.5 million homes with high internet speeds, and digital television. VTR’s...

Nelson Rojas Preter

General counsel and secretary of the board | Banco de Chile

Founded in 1893, Banco de Chile holds a leading role in the financial industry of Chile and attracts the best in-house lawyers to its in-house ranks. Heading the legal function...

Nicolai Bakovic Hudig

General counsel | Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile (CODELCO)

Nicolai Bakovic Hudig, general counsel of Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile (Codelco) continues to impress following on from his inclusion in the inaugural GC Powerlist: Chile in 2017. He...

Nicolás Cabello Eterovic

General counsel | Empresas Banmédica - UHG

Since 2015, Nicolás Cabello Eterovic has served as general counsel of Banmédica, the holding company of Empresas Banmédica, a healthcare leader company in Chile, Perú and Colombia. In this position,...

Nicolás López Vásquez

Senior attorney | IBM de Chile

IBM, the world leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company, has a strong presence in Chile and is currently committed to developing technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and...

Nicolás Lustig

Legal vice president - minerals Americas | BHP

With a 15 year career in top national and international law firms in Chile, including serving as general counsel at QPX, now known as Quantum-Discoveries, Daniel Weinstein is managing counsel...

Oscar Jara León

Prosecutor - legal manager | Military Factories and Armories (FAMAE)

Oscar Jara León’s time as a prosecutor for Military Factories and Armories (FAMAE) started 12 years ago when he applied for a prosecutor assistant role during his last year at...

Oscar Lira

Executive manager, legal and corporate affairs | Pacific Hydro

Oscar Lira, executive manager, legal and corporate affairs of Pacific Hydro is a highly regarded and experienced executive who is described by nominators as an ‘all-rounder’, bringing his legal acumen...

Pablo Andrés Pacheco Escalona

General counsel, Chile, Peru and headquarters Latin America | Groupon Latam and Peixe Urbano

Since joining e-commerce company Groupon Latam in July 2016, Pablo Andrés Pacheco Escalona has played a key role on the company’s recent landmark activities. When the company was acquired by...

Pablo Guzmán A.

Legal manager | Colliers International Chile

Pablo Guzmán A. joined Colliers International Chile in 2015 as an assistant lawyer, and assumed the position of legal manager the following year. During his tenure, Colliers has become the...

Paola Cifuentes

Legal counsel | Anglo American

Following the start of her career as an associate at law firm Carey, Paola Cifuentes has enjoyed a 20 year career in Chile’s in-house legal market, establishing herself as a...

Patricio Enei

Vice president of legal | Antofagasta

Given its status as a major Chilean conglomerate active in the mining and transport sectors, Antofagasta is able to recruit and hire the services of the best in-house lawyers in...

Patricio Reyes Urrutia

Legal and corporate affairs manager and secretary of the board | Masisa

His experience in the market is highly valued by peers, one of whom says ‘Reyes has strong legal expertise developed through his years of experience in the legal environment’, adding,...

Paul de la Taille

HR and legal manager | Iansa

The main producer, distributor and marketer of sugar and other natural foods in Chile, Iansa is one of the foremost agro-industrial holding companies in the country. To ensure the smooth...

Paulina Cox Vyhmeister

Head of legal | EDF Renewables Chile

EDF Renewables has been active in the Chilean market since 2014, participating in the development and financing stage of utility-scale solar projects in the country. In 2018, the local EDF...

Paz Lamas Beiner

Manager in international corporate area | Itaú Corpbanca

Paz Lamas Beiner is a diversified lawyer with extensive experience in banking and financing areas, corporate law, bilateral and syndicated loans, debt restructuring, corporate finance, capital markets, NDA’s, international financing...

Pedro Parga

General counsel | Invexans

Previously known as Madeco, Invexans was established in Chile in 1944 and today is the largest shareholder in French company Nexans, a world leader in the cables industry. Pedro Parga...

Rafael Bilbao Deramond

Legal vice president | Scotiabank Chile

After over a decade in private practice and other in-house legal positions in banks such as ABN AMRO, Rafael Bilbao Deramond joined Scotiabank Chile in 2007 to provide legal advice...

Rafael Cox Montt

Chief legal officer and corporate secretary | CMPC

The past 24 months have seen exciting developments at leading global pulp and paper company CMPC’s in-house legal function, under the company’s extremely capable chief legal officer and corporate secretary...

Rafael Le-Bert

General counsel - Compañía Pesquera Camanchaca and Salmones Camanchaca | Compañía Pesquera Camanchaca

Rafael Le-Bert joined Compañía Pesquera Camanchaca as general counsel in 2013, prior to which he enjoyed an extremely successful decade as a private practice lawyer at a number of extremely...

Ricardo Muza

Regional legal director for Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia | Pfizer Chile

Pfizer’s operations in Chile can be traced back to 1957. Since then Pfizer has established a significant presence, forging its reputation as a key player in the local pharmaceutical market....

Roberto Ladrón de Guevara

General counsel | MetLife

Roberto Ladrón de Guevara, general counsel at MetLife in Chile, is an experienced in-house counsel with an impressive background and a wealth of experience, having been in his current role...

Rodrigo Bórquez

Regional legal director - Latin America | BNP Paribas Cardif

A major multinational insurance company, BNP Paribas Cardif is present in six Latin American countries including Chile where it has been active since 1997. Offering a wide range of products...

Rodrigo Hinzpeter Kirberg

Chief counsel | Quiñenco

Formerly an associate professor of civil law at Universidad Católica de Chile, Rodrigo Hinzpeter Kirberg’s professional career has seen him specialise in corporate law, acquisitions, mergers, and financial matters. Hinzpeter...

Rodrigo Mackenna Cooper

Legal manager Chile | Thiess Chile

Rodrigo Mackenna Cooper has been central to the blockbuster deals that Thiess Chile has inked in the past 24 months. ‘Last year Thiess negotiated and awarded a massive mining service...

Rubén Henríquez Núñez

Legal and regulatory affairs manager | Australis Seafoods

Rubén Henríquez Núñez started his career in private practice with Cariola, Diez, Perez Cotapos & Cía’s dispute resolution and arbitration department. From there, he moved to Grupo Saesa, a company...

Sebastián Rivera Martinez

Manager of legal affairs and institutional relations | Cencosud

Having over 13 years of in-house experience at one of Chile’s leading retail companies, Sebastián Rivera Martinez occupies a prominent position in the country’s in-house legal market as legal and...

Stefan Franken

General counsel | CAP

Stefan Franken, general counsel at CAP, started his career at the Santiago based law firm Alcaíno, Rodriguez y Sahli Abogados with a practice in corporate and commercial law, specifically M&A,...

Tatiana Munro Cabezas

Corporate legal manager | Empresa Nacional del Petróleo (ENAP)

Nominated by peers for consistently ‘delivering a high level of legal advice with a strategic vision’, Tatiana Munro Cabezas is corporate legal manager at ENAP. Given ENAP’s status as the...

Teresita García de la Huerta

General counsel | Sky Airline

A popular low cost airline in Chile and the Southern Cone of Latin America, Sky Airline was the first airline to operate under a low-cost model in Chile when it...

Thomas Gottschlich

Legal director | Crystal Lagoons

Thomas Gottschlich worked in various law firms in Washington, DC before arriving in Santiago, Chile in 2013, where he worked at Grasty Quintana Majlis y Cía before starting at Carey...

Valeria González Schulz

Legal affairs manager | GNL Quintero

Since it began operations in 2009 as the first land-based terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the southern hemisphere, GNL Quintero has been supplying the demand for natural gas...

Ximena Matas

Legal director | Kinross Chile

Responsible for the legal department in Chile at Kinross, one of the leading gold mining companies in the world, Ximena Matas stands out in the traditionally male-dominated mining industry for...

Despite predictions that Chile’s economic growth
will continue to be slow in the next twelve
months, the country is shaking off the slowdown
it has experienced in the last few years. The effects
of the government’s market-oriented policies,
supported by the country’s competitive financial
system and successful foreign direct investment, is
set to off set the factors which are keeping the price
of copper – Chile’s main export – low.

With further economic reforms aimed at bolstering
growth being rolled out, Chilean companies are
preparing to adapt and take advantage of market
developments in order to maintain profits whilst
exploring new revenue opportunities. Furthermore,
they will be relying increasingly on their internal
heads of legal who have been empowered to
contribute to business goals beyond the purely legal
roles they traditionally operate in. Chile’s highly
developed in-house legal market is therefore seeing
general counsel effortlessly taking on additional
projects or roles to their already demanding
workloads to provide holistic, business-focused
and best-in-class support to their respective

The Legal 500 is proud to feature such contributors
to the profession in this year’s GC Powerlist: Chile. The
in-house lawyers contained within these pages have
successfully utilised their legal skills to become true
business partners of their respective organisations
are without question among the very best in the
wider region.


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Carey is honoured to have been invited again by The Legal 500 to host the third edition of the GC Powerlist, which recognises the leading and most innovative general counsel in Chile. They were chosen by The Legal 500 after conducting careful and independent research, which included many consultations with key players in the Chilean legal community.

This is the third year that The Legal 500 has carried out this in-depth investigation into the leading and most innovative in-house general counsel of our country, with particular attention to those who promote effective team collaboration.

We at Carey sincerely congratulate all of those who made the list, sharing our admiration for the outstanding results they have achieved. We have worked closely with many of them and can consequently confirm that, in our view, their inclusion in the GC Powerlist is entirely justified.

In recent decades, Chile’s economy has experienced impressive growth, and it currently has one of the highest incomes per capita in Latin America. The economic reforms that have sustained such growth began in the mid-eighties and the country has been progressing since then. Chile has signed free trade agreements with nearly all of its trading partners and applies a low and uniform tariff to all imports. Our country is a member of the OECD and is widely recognised as one of the most open and stable economies in the world. It is also perceived, along with Costa Rica and Uruguay, as one of the countries in Latin America where there is the least amount of corruption.

Although today we are sailing in rather turbulent waters because economic growth is not improving as fast as expected, at Carey we have a positive view of the future of our country. We are confident that 2019 and the years to come will mean more challenging work for our specialised teams in a transparent and reliable country. In this spirit, we will continue exerting our best efforts to help our clients understand and correctly apply our laws and regulations, alongside general counsel and in-house legal teams.

We believe that leadership, expertise, hard work and innovation, are some of the key attributes required to stand out as a general counsel in today’s corporate world. The journey of discovering each person’s potential to develop more creative and innovative outcomes will always result in engagement and success.

The general counsels recognised in the GC Powerlist exemplify these values and beliefs, which has enabled them to achieve the degree of excellence required to be honoured with this prestigious recognition.

At Carey, we also believe in these values and strive to achieve a spirit of professionalism and collaboration that allows our 270 plus lawyers to work together successfully. Although we are very proud of the culture we have created, we are sure that we can still learn a great deal from the distinguished general counsel included in the GC Powerlist.

We reiterate our appreciation to The Legal 500 and our congratulations to the selected teams and wish everyone mentioned herein great success in their respective endeavours.

GC Powerlist: Philippines Teams 2024

For our second edition of the Legal 500’s GC Powerlist: Philippines, we decided to turn the focus of the publication on to legal teams rather than individual lawyers, based on conversations we had with in-house and private practice lawyers in the region. By doing so, we moved our attention on to hardworking but often less heralded members of the legal team alongside the general counsel and other senior lawyers that are famous in the community. The response the community was intensely positive, and we were happy to welcome around 150 people to the beautiful Rainmakers Lounge at Villaraza & Angangco’s V&A Law Centre in Manila for our exclusive launch event.
After speeches from managing partner Sylvette Tankiang, Dodjie Lagazo of ACEN Renewables who provided the in-house legal perspective, and Legal 500 editor Joe Boswell, we moved on to the award ceremony where each legal team was given their accolade on stage by Sylvette. As you can see from the photos, we had a huge range of teams in attendance, many of whom made great efforts to represent their companies. Of particular note are the team from Globe who attended wearing matching T shirts to fly the flag.
As always, celebrations continued well past the official end time and the energy in the room was hugely positive. Special thanks for the massive success of our second GC Powerlist Philippines must go to our excellent sponsors V&A, who were helpful throughout the research in giving nominations and tips regarding the in-house legal community there, as well as faultlessly organising a complicated reception and award ceremony.