Norway Teams 2022 – GC Powerlist

Norway Teams 2022

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Energy and utilities

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#GCPowerlist Norway Teams 2022

Editor Message

Since the industrial age, Norway’s economy has outperformed many of its European neighbours, recording strong growth rates. Norway presents one of the healthiest environments to start a business; this business-friendly country has continually embraced innovation and digitalisation and established one of the most innovative and efficient business markets in Europe. The resilient nature of the Norwegian market, which has attracted investors worldwide for decades, particularly shined through during the pandemic.

This year’s the Legal 500’s GC Powerlist: Norway Teams wants to congratulate this extraordinary group of in-house legal teams who have earned recognition through their dedication to the success of their companies and profession, adopting resilience whilst navigating the turbulent waters of an increasingly complex role. They have swiftly managed to adapt to constantly changing legislations while handling pressures from multiple sources including regulatory bodies and stakeholders to guarantee impeccable services to their internal clients as well as organisations.

Norway’s general counsel have demonstrated their ability to add value to their companies by offering solutions to a series of matters beyond mere knowledge of the legislation. Flexibility and adaptability have been at the core of their operation. Having acquired increased knowledge of risk and crisis management, in-house lawyers in Norway are now ready to look ahead and to become a decision maker for their organisation.

Norway is beginning an exciting journey — moving away from oil towards a greener and more sustainable economy. With the country’s leading role in the electronic driving and hydropower, the priority of legal teams going forward is to focus on climate change and ESG, while working closely with their business partners and other departments of their organisations.

‘We aim to be close to the business, understand what the company is doing and get involved in the early stages of projects. We look at it like in Hollywood movies — when an asteroid is approaching the Earth, caught on time, it can avoid hitting the planet. It works the same for legal issues – if we get involved at the outset, we can nudge projects in the right direction.’ reported an in-house team.

I would like to extend the warmest thanks to every legal team who participated in this edition of the GC Powerlist: Norway Teams 2022. This edition selected the most impressive counsel who used their legal and business knowledge to strategically overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, demonstrating their resilience and willingness to look ahead. I am honoured to present this list of the most agile, innovative, and exceptional legal teams in the country.

Sara Maggi
Research analyst:
GC Powerlist Series

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Sponsor Message

Arntzen de Besche

Arntzen de Besche logo

We are pleased to congratulate the legal teams nominated to The Legal 500’s GC Powerlist: Norway 2022. We are excited about being able to host this event again, after two years of uncertainty due to the pandemic. This year, we welcome all participants to our new offices in Oslo.

The role of general counsel has changed over the years, with an increasing focus on the importance of being present when the company evaluates strategic and operational possibilities, challenges and threats.

More than ever, management in large and medium-sized companies need general counsels and legal departments with a strong combination of academic skills and business acumen. General counsels and legal departments that possess such skills will contribute with value-added advice and recommendations to management and to the board of directors that improve the competitive sphere for the company. They avoid pitfalls, solve problems that occur, and spot the possibilities brought about by a constantly developing world.

Arntzen de Besche works closely with general counsels and legal departments in large and medium-sized companies, in both Norway and abroad. These companies’ perspectives, challenges and possibilities, motivate and drive us to constantly renew our thinking, improve the services we provide, and to ask ourselves how we can meet the demands of the general counsels and legal departments even better. We have intimate knowledge of the challenges that general counsel and legal departments face, within a large number of sectors.

Legal aspects of issues like sustainability, compliance, data security, privacy, digitalization and corporate governance are increasingly finding their way into board discussions and management meetings. General counsels and law firms must be in front of these, and other “new” developments, in order to maintain strong competitive advantages. We congratulate again the legal teams who have been admitted into the GC Powerlist, as it is a testament to your efforts. Your work, knowledge and dedication provide true value to shareholders, employees and stakeholders.