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Adrian Estrada

General counsel and institutional affairs director | Ternium Mexico

A highly flexible general counsel, who recognises and cherishes change, Adrian Estrada has been leading the efforts of the legal and investor relations team of the largest steel conglomerate in...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Adriana Servin Villada

Legal and government affairs director | Lexmark International de México

Since 1998 Adriana Servin Villada has built up expertise in company law, M&A and contract negotiations and litigation at some of the top technology firms operating in Mexico. After almost...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Alejandro Athie

General counsel for Mexico and southern cone | Bank of America México and Merrill Lynch México


Alejandro Athie developed a deep interest in banking and securities law when studying at law school, and after going on to work at a number of law firms joined the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Alejandro Becker Ania

General counsel and secretary of the board | Grupo Gasoductos de Chihuahua

Alejandro Becker Ania has over 25 years’ experience in the Mexican legal industry. After a successful spell at law firm Guerra González y Asociados, he spent six years at entertainment...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Alejandro Cantú Jiménez

General counsel | America Movil

Since 2001, Alejandro Cantú Jiménez has served as general counsel for America Movil, Latin America´s largest wireless company and, in terms of equity subscribers the third largest wireless provider in...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Alejandro de Iturbide

General counsel | Banamex

Having worked in top in-house positions since 1995, Alejandro de Iturbide was nominated for having ‘great experience in the financial sector and a long trajectory as in-house counsel’. Between 1995...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Alejandro Giordano

Legal director | AT&T Mexico

A globally educated lawyer with degrees from both Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico and Boston University, Alejandro Giordano has a natural talent for finding innovative solutions to complex and challenging...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Alfredo Bonifaz Molina

General secretary and general counsel | MAPFRE

Nominated for his work as secretary general and general counsel of one the most important insurance companies in Mexico, MAPFRE, Alfredo Bonifaz Molina also gained a wealth of experience during...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Alma Maria Rodriguez Flores

General counsel | Grupo Stiva

Alma Maria Rodriguez Flores has gained comprehensive expertise in negotiations, compliance and commercial real estate during in a number of in-house roles since leaving Deloitte’s legal tax department in 2004....

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Alonso Acebes Sevilla

General counsel | Linio México

Alonso Acebes Sevilla began his legal career in 1994 as a law clerk working on litigations in mercantile law suits for law practice Asesoría Jurídica. After two years there and...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Alvaro Vertiz

Vice president, general counsel Latin America | Prudential Real Estate Investors Latin America

Alvaro Vertiz has demonstrated expert legal skill in corporate finance and real estate in a short space of time. His career began in 2002 at one of the largest professional...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Anabell González Nava

Legal area director, North Latin America division | Arcos Dorados

Anabell González Nava began working for fast food chain giant, McDonald’s Corporation, in 2005 as general counsel for central and Latin America. Whilst many directors were removed, González Nava retained...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Andrés Alvarez Cordero

General counsel and compliance officer | Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento De Maíz y Trigo (CIMMYT)

Andrés Alvarez Cordero gained solid experience of working in-house for public bodies when he joined the Mexican government as the Undersecretary for International Trade Negotiations in 1995. Working on negotiations...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Ángel de León Zamora

General counsel, Mexico and the Caribbean | Unilever

Ángel de León Zamora’s current role as general counsel for the Mexico and Caribbean region represents a culmination of over 20 years of hands-on professional experience of providing high quality...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Antonio Garza

Regulatory executive director and senior compliance leader | AT&T

Before moving in-house, Antonio Garza worked in both law firms and the public sector. He began his career at the Internal Ministry of Foreign Affairs participating in negotiations including the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Antonio Jáuregui

General counsel | Sofoplus

Antonio Jáuregui embodies over 30 years of working in top legal positions at large Mexican companies. Between 2000 and 2005 he served as general counsel and legal director for Aeroméxico,...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Armando Ascencio Pérez

Corporate CEO | Grupo FRISA

Armando Ascencio Pérez joined the shopping centre division team of FRISA, the family-owned real estate and construction company, as chief legal counsel in 1993. A year later, following the Mexican...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Armando Martinez

Deputy general counsel | Grupo Televisa

Joining Latin America’s largest mass multimedia company, Grupo Televisa, as general counsel for their newly launched internet company, Armando Martinez was asked to lead the group’s digital and internet legal...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Beatriz Munozcano

Regional legal manager | Pernod Ricard Americas

Beatriz Munozcano is Regional Legal Manager of one of Mexico’s most important beverages and spirits companies operating in North and South America, Pernod Ricard Americas. Munozcano spent five years at...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Carlos Facha Lara

General counsel and secretary of the board of directors | Impulsora del Desarrollo y el Empleo (IDEAL)

Since his final year at university, Carlos Facha Lara has worked within Grupo Carso, a global conglomerate based in Mexico with a revenue of over $5bn and companies in a...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Carlos Hassey Artigas

Vice president - legal, finance and fleet | Aeroméxico

A specialist aviation lawyer, Carlos Hassey Artigas has accumulated experience which is multifaceted in nature as it includes regulatory, commercial, tax, and liability issues. His legal career began as an...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Carlos Ortiz Mena

Head of legal | Fresnillo

Since his career began in 1992, Carlos Ortiz Mena has worked in the legal teams of a number of top companies. He has been director of international legal affairs at...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Claudia Jañez

President, general manager and legal director - Mexico, Central America and Caribbean | DuPont México

Claudia Jañez’s legal career spans over 20 years, during which she has worked for the some of the region’s largest companies. After two and half years at law firm Bufete...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Claudia Rosso Rizo

General counsel | Abilia

Claudia Rosso Rizo’s career has combined private practice with two in-house positions that has given her experience of the highest levels of the Mexican real estate sector. Rosso Rizo joined...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Cristian Colin

Legal director and transactions corporate counsel | Kellogg Company Latin America

After almost three years at Phillip Morris International, Cristian Colin joined world leading cereal producer Kellogg Company in 2005. Having held a number of positions, Colin has worked his way...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

David Handelsmann

General counsel (Latin America) | Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA)

General counsel (Latin America) at Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA), David Handelsmann is branded an ‘experienced and extremely capable attorney.’ In an active past 18 months, Handelsmann has been...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Diego Valdes

General counsel and corporate affairs officer | Jugos del Valle

Diego Valdes moved in-house in 2012 after 11 years at some of Mexico’s top law firms including Galicia y Robles, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and Galicia Abogados. He gained international...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Diego Valdovinos

Legal affairs director and head of compliance - Mexico and South America | Ford de México

Diego Valdovinos moved in-house to join Ford de México in 2010 after working for one of Latin America’s largest law firms Basham, Ringe y Correa. Since joining the global automotive...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Dina Moreno

General counsel | Hoteles City Express

Before starting her in-house career, Dina Moreno worked at law firm Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez between 2000 and 2010. In addition to building expertise in corporate law, joint ventures...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Edgar Martinez

Head of legal and corporate affairs | Japan Tobacco International (JTI) México

Before joining Japan Tobacco International (JTI), a Fortune 500 company and the world’s third largest tobacco company, Edgar Martinez served as an associate at Goodrich, Riquelme y Asociados for seven...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Elizabeth Chicuellar Casillas

Legal manager Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America | Nokia

Before joining worldwide telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent, Elizabeth Chicuellar Casillas’ legal career was spent at other leading companies in the sector such as Motorola and Telefónica Moviles México, acquiring strong negotiation...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Erika Favela Mena

General counsel | Un Kilo de Ayuda

Having gained significant experience in litigation and corporate law, at law firms between 1996 and 2003, Erika Favela Mena joined Fundacion Teleton México, the country’s most important civil organisation that...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Federico Gil

General counsel | Axtel

Prior to moving to Axtel, Federico Gil worked in-house at real estate company, Grupo Internacional de Inversiones. Gil also has public sector experience, having been a legal advisor for Nuevo...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Federico Vergara

General counsel and government affairs director (Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean) | Nokia

Federico Vergara originally joined Alcatel-Lucent México, a global telecommunications company in 1996 as a deputy general counsel. Since being appointed as the company’s general counsel for Mexico, Central America and...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Gabriela Hernández Morgan

Head legal counsel and compliance officer | Grupo Consupago

Gabriela Hernández Morgan has worked in Mexico’s banking sector for over 20 years. As one source says, ‘Gaby is a very thorough person and of very high integrity. In my...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

George Troy Hatch

Vice president and general counsel | AT&T

As vice president and general counsel of AT&T, a telecoms company with a global revenue of $146bn, George Troy Hatch has facilitated some of the industry’s biggest deals, making the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Gerardo Fonseca

General counsel and head of compliance | Laureate International Universities

Fluent in Spanish, English and French, Gerardo Fonseca is recognised for his expertise in M&A, corporate law, negotiations and financial law. After three years at law firm Diez Gargari, Fonseca...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Gerardo Iñigo Heras

Assistant general counsel | Kansas City Southern de México (KCSM)

Gerardo Iñigo Heras began his legal career at Mexico’s former Federal Competition Commission between 1998 and 2000. After this he spent four years at law firm Baker & McKenzie where...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Gonzalo Mendez

General counsel | HSBC México


Known as an expert in the banking sector, Gonzalo Mendez served as general counsel to financial services company ING from 1995 until 2009. During this period Mendez worked on the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Gonzalo Ruiz San Sebastián

International trademark counsel | The Coca-Cola Company

Food, beverages and tobacco

Gonzalo Ruiz San Sebastián has worked at the world’s largest beverage manufacturer, The Coca-Cola Company, for over 18 years in progressive roles of increasing responsibility. He has gained a vast...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Guillermo Garcia San Pedro

Legal director | Banamex

Guillermo Garcia San Pedro initially joined Banamex, Mexico’s second largest domestic bank, in 2002. As head of the regulatory and government affairs area, he was the bank’s liaison to the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Gustavo Alarcon

Deputy general counsel | Peñoles

Having worked at prestigious law firms such as Mayer Brown, Jauregui, Navarrete y Nader, SC (now Nader, Hayaux & Goebel) and Baker & Mackenzie, Gustavo Alarcon took his expertise and...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Hans Hutterer

Vice president and general counsel | FINSA

Recognised by peers as ‘one of the most talented lawyers in Monterrey’, Hans Hutterer joined FINSA, the real estate developer, in 2002. He was promoted to general counsel in 2004...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Héctor Ávila Flores

General counsel, secretary of the board and managing director - legal affairs | Grupo Financiero Banorte

Héctor Ávila Flores had already worked in the financial sector for over 10 years before assuming his position as general counsel and secretary of the board at Grupo Financiero Banorte,...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Héctor Serrano

Deputy general counsel | Innophos

Héctor Serrano has over 30 years of in-house experience of working for Mexico’s largest multinational corporations. As Latin America and Caribbean general counsel for global information technology company Unisys, between...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Hernán Treviño de Vega

General counsel and operations head | Grupo Acosta Verde

Hernán Treviño de Vega moved in-house following successful spells at law firms Jauregui Navarrete, Nader y Rojas and Quintanilla y Asociados. Following this he spent three years as general counsel...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Iliana Martinez

General counsel | General Motors de Mexico

Joining General Motors de México in 1995, Iliana Martinez has occupied several positions within the legal department and was appointed general counsel in 2004, later assuming responsibility for Central America...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Isabelle Girard

General counsel | 3M México

After four and half years at global law firm Baker & McKenzie as an associate, Isabelle Girard moved in-house joining leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer in 2003. In her eight years...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Isolda Llorente

Director, head of legal, Latin America and Brazil | Takeda

Isolda Llorente’s legal career began in 2003 at top Mexican law firm Ritch Mueller, subsequently moving in-house to work at Nokia, Schering-Plough and Reckitt Benckiser between 2005 and 2010. After...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Jacobo Martínez Flores

Legal corporate director and general counsel | Monex Grupo Financiero

Jacobo Martínez Flores has operated in financial institutions for 25 years, working for Finamex Casa de Bolsa between 1991 and 2003 and then joining his current employers, Monex Grupo Financiero...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Jaime Blanco

Director, international compliance and business development Latin America | Grainger

Since 1990 Jaime Blanco has held top legal positions at institutions including global imaging company Kodak and Fortune 250 chemical company Praxair, where he helped with a restructuring of the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Javier García García

General counsel | Grupo Kaluz

After a successful spell as legal manager Javier García García was promoted to the position of general counsel of Grupo Kaluz, a venture capital and private equity company, directly reporting...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Javier Labrador

General counsel | KUA MEX FOODS

Javier Labrador moved in-house after almost eight years working at a number of law firms. His career began as an associate in 1999 at law firm Ritch, Mueller, Heather y...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Javier Oroz Coppel

General counsel and head of compliance | AXA Seguros México

According to one source, Javier Oroz Coppel is an ‘outstanding candidate for the GC Powerlist’. Before joining multinational insurance company, AXA, Oroz Coppel worked in the Mexican subsidiary of Dutch...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Jennifer Martínez

Mexico managing regional counsel | Delphi

Jennifer Martinez worked for external legal providers including serving as manager of Deloitte’s legal corporate practice for five years, before joining Delphi, a global supplier of technology for automobiles with...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Joaquin Balcarcel

Vice president legal and general counsel | Grupo Televisa

Joaquin Balcarcel joined Grupo Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world with a revenue of $5.3bn, in 1999 as a corporate legal director working predominantly on M&A negotiations....

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Jorge Vega Iracelay

Assistant general counsel and senior legal director (Mexico) | Microsoft Corporation

Jorge Vega Iracelay was an associate professor for 10 years specialising in commercial, corporate and contract law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina before moving in-house to GDF SUEZ –...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Jose Gabriel Sotelo Rios

General Counsel, México and Costa Rica | Tyco

Jose Gabriel Sotelo Rios is in charge of Tyco’s Mexican and Costa Rican legal function. In this role, he holds responsibility for the legal work of all entities of the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Jose Lechuga

Legal, governance, compliance and government affairs director | Navistar Mexico

Jose Lechuga has held in-house legal positions in a number of companies since 2000. He began his in-house career as a contracts attorney at Carrier, the world leader in high-technology...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

José Luis Bracho Ortiz

General counsel | Asociación de Bancos de México (ABM)


The Asociación de Bancos de México (ABM) was founded in 1928 with the sole purpose of representing the general interests of banks and serving as the leadership body of the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Juan Carlos Maroto

General counsel | Siemens Mesoamérica

Beginning his legal career in 1991, Juan Carlos Maroto is a ‘transnational lawyer with extensive international experience’. Having spent the majority of his legal career as an external lawyer, Maroto...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Juan Llanos

Global business executive legal director | Grupo Financiero Santander México

Juan Llanos has gained significant experience in the financial sector having worked in various companies in the industry since 1991. Previously at Grupo Financiero Ve por Más and Grupo Financiero...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Juan Pablo Visoso Lomelín

Managing director and general counsel | Nexxus Capital

Having worked at law firm White & Case on finance, accounting and M&A for a total of eight years, Juan Pablo Visoso Lomelín, was invited to join Nexxus Capital, one...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Karla Acosta

Legal Director, Advisory Counsel | AXA Seguros México

Karla Acosta has over 20 years of in-house experience in the financial services industry. She began her career at Casa de Bolsa Arka (now part of Grupo Financiero Ve por...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Leticia León Gonzalez

Regional legal and compliance head - Latin America and Canada | Novartis México

Leticia León Gonzalez began building the legal department of Sandoz de México in 1990 and soon became the legal head of the entire group containing 11 companies in diverse sectors....

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Ligia González Lozano

General corporate counsel | Grupo ADO

Ligia González Lozano spent almost nine years at law firms and one year as president at Academia Mexicana de Derecho Internacional Privado y Comparado, before joining global technology company IBM...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Lourdes Ivonne Massimi Malo

Legal corporate manager and secretary of the board | Grupo Simec

Lourdes Ivonne Massimi Malo began working for Grupo Simec, considered the largest producer of specialty steel in North America, in 1994. She has served as legal corporate manager since 1999...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Luis Enríquez de Rivera Morales

General counsel and compliance officer - Mexico and Latin America | Continental

‘Extraordinary with personal relations’, Luis Enríquez de Rivera Morales was nominated for ‘his ability to look at the big picture in very complex cases; the fact that he seeks different...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Luis Lozano

General counsel, institutional relations manager and compliance officer | Toyota Motor Sales de México

Before moving in-house, Luis Lozano worked at law firms for over 10 years, including six years at Baker & McKenzie. He was initially hired by automobile company Toyota Motor Sales...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Marcos Czacki

Chief operations officer | Daimler Financial Services México

After two years in Volvo Financial Services’ corporate and litigation department, Marcos Czacki joined Daimler Financial Services México in 2002. Czacki has risen through the ranks since joining the financial...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Mariana Páez Robles Martínez

General counsel | Eutelsat Americas

Having spent most of her career in the telecommunications industry, including nearly 13 years as deputy legal director of Telefónica México, Mariana Páez Robles Martínez assumed the general counsel position...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Marisol González Ortega Roque

General counsel - Hispano American zone | L'Oréal

With more than a decade of professional experience, Marisol Gonzalez Ortega Roque is an accomplished attorney with particular focus on corporate law. Ortega Roque, became the general counsel for the...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Mauricio Ibañez

General counsel | Grupo México

Before moving in-house, Mauricio Ibañez founded and served as managing partner for law firm Ibañez Schriever & Hoffmann after spending a decade in some of Mexico’s most renowned firms. Spending...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Maurin Pérez de León

Legal affairs director | Pfizer México

Maurin Pérez de León is an accomplished healthcare and pharmaceutical in-house lawyer having served in some of the largest companies in the industry. Between 2005 and 2011 she was legal...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Mónica Andapia

General counsel | Barclays Bank México


Mónica Andapia has had a highly successful career with a distinct focus on financial services, managing the legal processes of some of the largest international banks in Mexico. Her first...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Mónica Bichara

Director and associate general counsel | The Home Depot

Having held numerous in-house positions at companies such as Internacional de Inversiones, GRUMA, Virginia Tech and Global Payments, Mónica Bichara joined The Home Depot in 2002 shortly after it entered...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Monica Soto Perez

Chief counsel and compliance officer Mexico | Mondelēz International

A reliable professional with over two decades of professional in-house experience in the public and private sectors, Monica Soto Perez has consistently demonstrated knowledge of complex legal issues, as well...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Omar Ruiz Mena

General counsel Latin America and chief compliance officer | Intellego

Omar Ruiz Mena’s in-house career began in 1994 at global information technology company Unisys de México where in three years as legal affairs director he negotiated major agreements of outsourcing...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Pablo Aguilar Albo

General counsel | Cinépolis

After working at law firm Galicia y Robles (today Galicia Abogados) from 2004 to 2010, Pablo Aguilar Albo decided to move his career in-house and joined Cinépolis, the Mexican chain...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Pablo Jiménez Zorrilla

Vice president legal and corporate affairs | Grupo Modelo

Having worked at law firms for almost 14 years, including nine years at Galicia Abogados, Pablo Jiménez Zorrilla built up a wealth of corporate and commercial law experience. He moved...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Paola Piotti

Head of legal and compliance | Deutsche Bank México


Since 1999 Paola Piotti has accumulated substantial in-house experience within the financial services sector, having worked in the legal departments of some the sector’s biggest players such as Citibank, BNY...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Pedro Pesqueira

Vice president - legal and compliance (Latin America) | Sura Asset Management

Pedro Pesqueira is an established Mexican in-house lawyer, having served as general counsel at Sun Microsystems of Canada for six years before joining global financial services company ING in 2005...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Rafael Llamas

Deputy general counsel retail banking, wealth management and insurance, and legal regional head for global private banking - LATAM | HSBC México


In 2010, Rafael Llamas moved in-house to HSBC México after having worked for almost seven years for law firms; four of which were for Jáuregui, Navarrete y Nader. Since joining...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Rafael Romo Aguiñaga

Director of legal - business division | Banco del Bajío


Rafael Romo Aguiñaga’s first years in the legal profession were spent in the public sector, having worked as director of the legal municipality of Guanajuato between 1995 and 1997, and...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Ramiro Villarreal

Executive vice president legal and secretary of the board | Cemex

Ramiro Villarreal has amassed a wealth of experience since graduating with honours in 1968. He joined Cemex in 1987 as general counsel and in 2012 was appointed as secretary to...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Raul Felix Saul

Legal director, ethics officer and corporate secretary Mexico | Engie

Raul Felix Saul worked at global law firm Baker & McKenzie for almost 10 years before moving in-house. His time at the firm included serving as a partner and climate...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Raúl Hernández Ojeda

General counsel Mexico and Central America | Assurant Solutions

With a strong client and customer focus, Raúl Hernández Ojeda has worked on corporate financial matters for both law firms and in-house. In his current position as general counsel for...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Rebeca Orozco Garcia

General counsel | Gerdau Corsa México

In 20 years, Rebeca Orozco Garcia has accumulated a wealth of experience after having worked in a number of top legal positions. Between 1996 and 1998 Orozco Garcia served as...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

René Buentello Carbonell

Vice president and general counsel | IEnova

With an in-house career that began in 1989, René Buentello Carbonell is vastly experienced in the natural resources sector. His first 13 years were spent in the industrial division of...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Roberto Andrade Martínez

Director of institutional relations and legal affairs | Farmacias del Ahorro

Well recognised for his ‘ability to innovate in and adapt to different sectors’, Roberto Andrade Martínez has held top legal positions at ExxonMobil México, Panasonic de México and Telefonica Moviles...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Rodrigo Montemayor

Regional general counsel and institutional relations director Latin America | Owens Corning

Rodrigo Montemayor is a general counsel with broad expertise in leading the legal function of global, Fortune 500 companies doing business in Latin America. Prior to moving in-house Montemayor worked...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Rodrigo Pérez Elizundia

Legal director | ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (México)

During his seven year tenure as legal director at ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (México) and senior legal counsel for the group’s global legal area, Rodrigo Pérez Elizundia has devised initiatives to...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Sylvia Martínez

Managing director, general counsel and compliance officer | Evercore México

Before joining investment bank Evercore México, Sylvia Martínez worked at Grupo Iusacell and also served at JPMorgan as vice president of the trust division. Since 2005 she has served as...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Valeria Chapa

Vice president and general counsel, Latin America | Honeywell International

Valeria Chapa is noted for being an ‘outstanding lawyer’ and a ‘true leader with impressive accomplishments’. Following her graduation, Chapa joined international law firm Baker & McKenzie, becoming a partner...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

Victor Alcantar

Latin America legal director and compliance officer | Philips Lighting

An alumnus of Panamerican University, Victor Alcantar recently joined Philips Lighting in Mexico City to lead the legal department. Alcantar’s previous career spans 15 years and covers the consumer goods...

#GCPowerlist Mexico 2016

For 29 years, The Legal 500 has been analysing the capabilities of law firms across the world. The GC Powerlist is the latest publication from The Legal 500, turning its attention to the in-house function, and recognising those corporate counsel who are driving the legal business forward. The latest edition is the GC Powerlist: Mexico, which identifies an array of the most influential and innovative in-house counsel working in those two jurisdictions.

We have canvassed opinions from law firm partners and in-house counsel across Mexico, to identify corporate counsel that have been instrumental in changing or forming opinions within their company or industry; developing brilliant technical solutions to complex issues; creating innovative structures to ensure that the in-house function is driving the business forward; or providing a business working model that other corporate counsel should follow. Our team of experienced researchers assessed the nominations, speaking both to general counsel and nominating lawyers to finalise each list. GC Powerlist: Mexico features not just information on why that individual has made the list, but also comment from those in-house lawyers about how they have helped shape innovation in the legal industry.

If you have feedback on the GC Powerlist: Mexico, or wish to nominate other in-house individuals (either in Mexico or global), please do get in touch at

We hope that this listing will stimulate debate around the role of the in-house lawyer and help corporate counsel with possible improvements and efficiencies in running their departments.

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez logo

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez is honored to sponsor The Legal 500 GC Powerlist: Mexico. Participating in a gathering of Mexico’s most important, influential and visionary general counsels, representing many and varied companies across multiple industries and sectors, is quite unique, and a great opportunity to exchange views about the challenges facing us, and prospects for the legal marketplace and Mexico at large.

We are meeting at a time when the world, and Mexico is certainly no exception, faces vast challenges and perils, but at the same time great prospects for development and a better future.

When compared to most countries, particularly emerging economies, relatively speaking Mexico presents itself as an open and stable economy with low inflation, sustained GDP growth (albeit modest), an expanding middle-class and internal consumer market, a growing manufacturing base and exports and relatively sound public sector finances. These fundamentals, coupled with the early stages of the implementation of a profound set of structural economic reforms focused on fostering competition, and reshaping key sectors such as energy and telecommunications, will in the long term assuredly transform the economy and yield prosperity. By most metrics, Mexico’s pro forma and prospects are quite encouraging.

With this backdrop, the legal community has confronted diverse challenges, and is itself undergoing a transformation towards modernization and globalization. With the advent of information and technology, the types of services demanded by consumers of legal services, and the high standard in which such services must be offered have significantly changed over the last several decades, and the trend is certain to continue in the future. The ever increasing complexity of legal frameworks governing various activities, and the sophistication of the capital markets and business transactions generally, as well as the emergence and development of new industries in Mexico, such as oil and gas, have forced the legal profession to steadfastly grow and learn new areas of the law, and changed the way lawyers and law firms relate to clients and counterparties. At Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enriquez we find these times to be most energizing and transformational. We have been forced not only to adapt to increasing competition by local and international service providers, which we welcome, but to also look within in order to align our strategy and vision with that of our clients, and to focus on offering them a shared interest and a value and trust based relationship. Simply put, evolution.

Despite what we consider to be a positive moment in the legal marketplace, we are certain few participants in the GC Powerlist would disagree that one of the greatest challenges confronting the legal profession in Mexico has to do to with one of the most basic components of any society – the rule of law. For decades, deficient rule of law and corruption have plagued our country, severely burdening further development and shared prosperity for all in Mexico. Notwithstanding the many positive developments in Mexico’s substantive laws, as a country we continue to suffer from vast corruption and a deficient and ill-prepared justice system. On this issue, by definition no group has a greater responsibility to change the status quo and contribute to change than the legal profession.

With this in mind, we invite all of you to use this The Legal 500 GC Powerlist summit, as a venue to discuss how we can all focus and coordinate efforts in a quest towards the development of a better and more transparent and equitable justice system, and towards the eradication of corruption. By making the rule of law a shared and foremost goal of the legal profession, and a cornerstone of Mexico’s development, what is already a promising future for the country will improve exponentially.

GC Summit Switzerland

On 23rd November, The Legal 500 was in Zurich again to host the GC Summit Switzerland 2022.

The event gathered leading general counsel and private practice practitioners from Switzerland to exchange their views on cutting-edge legal topics. The quality of the discussions was exceptional.

The Summit opened with a session, led by Fabian Martens and Nils Harbeke, of Pestalozzi, focusing on the changes brought by ESG in the legal and tax functions. The panel, which also included Eva Frehner (Sulzer), Romana Giesen (Swisscom) and Matthias Maurer (Lonza), discussed the recent shift in the weight of ESG, changing from being  “best practice” to compulsory legal obligations. Following a comprehensive introduction, the panel explained the key legal ESG-related requirements for companies carrying out business in Switzerland, with a specific focus on competition and tax law.

Daniel Raun and Beda Kaufmann, of Advestra hosted the second panel. Along with Philippe Huber (SIG) and Robert Kuster (Zurich Insurance), they shared insightful comments on how to draft term sheets accurately and the main elements that parties should focus on at this early stage of a prospective deal.

The following session was chaired by Melissa Magliana, Daniel Lucien Bühr and Matthias Gstoehl, of Lalive. The discussion covered strategies to mitigate and manage dispute risks. The speakers examined how companies can prevent disputes, optimize amicable resolutions and prepare for legal proceedings, should they arise. Both litigation and arbitration were discussed, with a highlight on climate change litigation, stakeholder claims, and greenwashing-related enforcement.

To conclude the Summit, Irène Suter-Sieber and David Vasella, of Walder Wyss, moderated a panel that explored key issues of international private law, data protection and secrecy law, and labour, tax, and social security law, which relate to remote working from abroad.

After an excellent afternoon of exceptional panel discussions, attendees continued the conversation and enjoyed a valuable networking opportunity over Swiss gin, wine and canapes.

Thank you again to all our panellists for sharing their insights, and special thanks to Advestra, Lalive, Pestalozzi and Walder Wyss for partnering with us on this enjoyable and successful event in Zurich.