Sweden 2018 – GC Powerlist

Sweden 2018

Anders Eriksson

General counsel | Preem

Energy and utilities

General counsel of the largest fuel company in Sweden, Anders Eriksson joined Preem in January 2018. He arrived having joined from Ericsson, where he served as vice president and regional...

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Andreas Lüning

General counsel - Nordic and the Baltic countries | Siemens

Industrials and real estate

With a region-wide responsibility at one of the world’s most high profile conglomerates, Andreas Lüning takes charge of Siemens legal operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland as well as the...

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Anna Almén

Senior legal counsel | Boehringer Ingelheim Italia

Transport and infrastructure

As senior legal counsel within the SAS Group, Anna Almén provides legal advice and risk assessment, balancing commercial interests and potential legal risk. She has a large amount of experience...

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Anna Bülow Zetterberg

General counsel | Novamedia Sverige

Sports and media

Since 2012, Anna Bülow Zetterberg has been general counsel of Novamedia Sverige, a leading media and publishing company based in Sweden with a large European reach. It specialises in charity...

#GCPowerlist Sweden 2018

Anna Byström

General counsel, head of the legal and public and regulatory affairs team | Telenor Sweden

Telecommunication services

Anna Byström, general counsel and head of the legal, public and regulatory affairs team at Telenor Sweden, began her legal career as a trainee at Baker & McKenzie, before working...

#GCPowerlist Sweden 2018

Editor Message

Despite Sweden’s status as a relatively small country, it punches above its weight in the global economy and can be proud of being home to world-leading businesses across multiple sectors, with some of the most recognisable brand names and technologically advanced companies in existence calling Sweden their home.

Amidst the context of low levels of national debt, low and stable inflation and a healthy banking system, Sweden’s economy is the envy of many, leading its citizens to enjoy some of the highest living standards in the world.

In spite of its strong performance, the Swedish market is not without its challenges, and leading the charge against issues that arise are the country’s in-house lawyers – who are adept at dealing with commercial and legal issues with knowledge and experience, adding value to their organisations whether through expert legal advice, advising senior management or informing company strategy.

In the inaugural GC Powerlist: Sweden we are pleased to highlight some of the country’s leading in-house lawyers. To compile this list, we canvassed opinions from both law firm partners and in-house counsel in the jurisdiction. We identified the most impressive counsel who have utilised their legal knowledge strategically alongside business insight to make a positive impact towards their organisation’s success.

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Sponsor Message

Hamilton Advokatbyrå KB

Hamilton Advokatbyrå KB logo

It is with great pleasure that Hamilton, in partnership with The Legal 500, is hosting the GC Powerlist: Sweden, which was established to put in the spotlight the substantial work of in-house counsel and their importance in the legal service sector. We wish to congratulate all the nominated general counsels (GCs) as you have ensured that the in-house legal function continues to drive the business forward.

The role of today’s GC is to demonstrate a strong ability to address complex legal issues with practicable solutions, while adopting a pragmatic and feasible approach to align the legal requirements with the needs of the specific business. The role as a strategic partner in the corporate system for the GC has been given more weight. A strategic response is essential in today’s unpredictable business environment and the legal function is looked upon by boards and management teams as the compass to make decisions that adds value, rather than being viewed as a cost centre.

GCs need to be at the forefront of the continual development of technology which is one of the most fundamental current trends. In addition, the fast-changing regulatory landscape requires the GC to master a wider range of skills.

The legislation which has been in the spotlight over the last year is without doubt the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. General counsels, just like law ­ rms, have faced exciting challenges explaining and implementing all regulatory matters into their company’s business. We will both continue to face new challenges as the legal market changes, develops and adapts.

At Hamilton, we work closely with exceptional GCs throughout Sweden. We treasure these relationships as they help us lay the foundation for a stronger practice tailored to meet the high expectations of our clients. Furthermore, GCs guide us in accelerating the transformation of our own role as external legal counsels. It is not anymore just about us knowing what a GC’s company’s business is concerned with. But it is also essential for Hamilton to support the company strategy and planning whilst cementing a stronger two-way bond.

Consequently we have created one of the markets most ambitious development programs for GCs: Hamilton Insights. This program is a series of seminars that provide a greater understanding of pertinent subjects and market updates in various key practice areas. This is supported by Hamilton Perspectives, our legal newsletter, which includes news from business sectors and our practice groups. These initiatives provide GCs with a broader understanding of the challenges being faced in the legal world.

We look forward to facing these challenges together. And once again: all the GCs that have been recognised deserve our warmest congratulations regarding their innovative and exceptional achievement of being nominated for the Powerlist.