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Norway Teams 2018



Industrials and real estate

Operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment and automation technology areas, Swedish-Swiss multinational ABB is a truly global present in more than 100 countries with approximately 147,000 employees located...

#GCPowerlist Norway Teams 2018

Aker BioMarine

| Aker BioMarine

Food, beverage and tobacco

When Aker BioMarine, the world’s leading supplier of krill (the highly demanded shrimp-like crustacean from Antarctic waters), recognised that there was a need to address its increasingly complex legal issues...

#GCPowerlist Norway Teams 2018

Aker Solutions

| Aker Solutions

Energy and utilities

Senior vice president legal and compliance Frode Strømø heads up the global legal and compliance team at Norwegian oil services company Aker Solutions. As Strømø explains, the global team contains...

#GCPowerlist Norway Teams 2018


| Avinor

Transport and infrastructure

Avinor Group has a dual purpose as the operator of a network of 45 airports across Norway and the national air navigation service for civilian and military aviation, with 12...

#GCPowerlist Norway Teams 2018


| Cermaq

Food, beverage and tobacco

Operating in Norway, Chile and Canada, Cermaq is a world-leading farmer of salmon and trout. The company’s in-house legal function in Norway is comprised of chief legal officer Axel Gustavsen,...

#GCPowerlist Norway Teams 2018

Editor Message

An exemplary model of sound investment and a progressive taxation system, Norway’s economy has been successful in not only producing a high GDP per capita, but has facilitated a highly enviable standard of living for its citizens with comprehensive welfare and public services. Blessed with an abundance of natural resources, Norway’s economy has been influenced greatly by the oil boom of the 1970’s, and despite the energy industry as a whole growing to become incredibly lucrative since then, successful food processing, shipping and financial industries amongst others are all hallmarks of Norway’s productive economy.

In spite of its immense sovereign wealth, the Norwegian market is not without its challenges, and questions about how best to continue the country’s economic growth and quality of life remain, as well as the issues of susceptibility to market volatility and diversification away from oil-related activities. These challenges are being dealt with head-on by the country’s in-house legal teams, which contain talented and ambitious lawyers adept at dealing with commercial and legal issues with knowledge and experience, adding value to their organisations by giving expert advice to senior management and informing company strategy.

In the inaugural edition of the GC Powerlist: Norway Teams we are pleased to highlight some of the country’s leading in-house legal teams. To compile this list, we canvassed opinions from both law firm partners and in-house counsel in the jurisdiction. We identified the most impressive teams who have utilised their legal knowledge strategically alongside business insight to make a positive impact towards their organisation’s success.

Jamie Rayat, Senior research analyst, GC Powerlist series

Editor |

Sponsor Message

Arntzen de Besche

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We are honoured and pleased to congratulate the legal teams being nominated and admitted to The Legal 500’s GC Powerlist: Norway Teams 2018. The role of legal teams has changed during the recent years to a more complex and vital role in the corporations they represent.

In a more complex world, the management in large and medium-sized corporations is more dependent than ever before on having legal teams with a strong combination of academic skills and business acumen. It is increasingly important with legal teams of experts with individual competences that work closely together to be able to collectively give the best possible advice in a variety of situations. Legal departments that possess such skills will contribute with value-added advice. Such advice will improve the competitive edge, inhibit and solve risks and spot opportunities in a constantly developing competitive environment.

Arntzen de Besche works closely with legal teams in large and medium-sized Norwegian and international corporations within a high number of sectors and countries. The combination of the perspectives, challenges and opportunities these legal teams experience, motivate and thrives us to constantly focus on innovation and improvement to meet and exceed the demands of the legal teams we advise.
Again, we congratulate all of the legal teams who have been nominated and admitted into the GC Powerlist: Norway Teams. Your work, knowledge and dedication provide true value to shareholders, employees and stakeholders.