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‘We are a collaborative and client focused team that is always looking to efficiently serve the company by being fast and creative, but above all, trying to keep the company...

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| Accenture

Global professional services firm Accenture is supported in the Latin American region via a legal team arranged according to a matrix structure with several legal practice areas, each with their...

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Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos

| Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos

Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos is a Brazilian pharmaceutical manufacturer that currently employs 4,600 people and holds a diversified portfolio of more than 300 brands in over 800 product presentations of prescription...

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| Adobe

Global software company Adobe has some of its most impressive global in-house legal operators based in Brazil. In particular, regional manager for the Latin America piracy conversion team Rodrigo Leme...

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| Airbnb

Airbnb recently identified Latin America as the fastest growing market for its business of connecting travellers to people who have a space to rent in their homes and want extra...

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Ajinomoto do Brasil

| Ajinomoto do Brasil

The legal team of the Japanese multinational food and chemical corporation Ajinomoto do Brasil brings together all of the company’s professionals involved in legal, intellectual property and government relations into...

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Almap BBDO

| Almap BBDO

One of the most celebrated advertising agencies in Brazil, Almap BBDO takes on a range of clients and has an enviable reputation for creative excellence and success in growing clients’...

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ArcelorMittal Brasil

| ArcelorMittal Brasil

ArcelorMittal Brasil is comprised of 27 facilities with over 11,000 employees, and has a steel production capacity of 11.3 million tonnes in addition to an iron ore production capacity of...

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Arcos Dourados Comércio de Alimentos (McDonald’s)

| Arcos Dourados Comércio de Alimentos (McDonald's)

Chief legal officer and GC Powerlist: Brazil inclusion in 2016 Boris Gris leads a legal team of 13 lawyers, three trainees, two apprentices and two administrative staff for Arcos Dourados...

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| B3

Brasil Bolsa Balcão – more commonly known as B3 – is the Brazilian Stock Exchange, and owing to a merger between BM & FBovespa and Cetip in a deal worth...

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Banco do Brasil

| Banco do Brasil


Banco do Brasil, the second largest bank in Latin America by assets, provides a wide assortment of products and services for individuals, companies, and the government of Brazil. Providing counsel...

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch

| Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Bank of America dates its presence in Latin America back to 1951, when it opened its first office in Mexico City. Today, the bank has corporate offices in six Latin...

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| Bradesco

Bradesco is one of Brazil’s largest and most historic banking and finance companies, with a revenue of $50bn and being listed on the Brazilian, New York and Madrid Stock Exchanges....

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| Braskem

Braskem is a petrochemical company with a 2016 revenue figure of R$54bn achieved through its industrial plants spanning Brazil, the United States and Germany. A São Paulo based company, Braskem...

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| Bravante

With more than 50 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, working in the areas of maritime support, port support, shipbuilding, ship repair and environmental protection, Bravante has...

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| BRMalls

BRMALLS is the largest shopping mall company in Latin America, with a portfolio of 44 shopping malls across the continent, a total sales figure of R$21.8bn whilst also offering marketing...

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Brookfield Brazil

| Brookfield Brazil

For Canadian company Brookfield Infrastructure, its ability to handle complex transactions is essential to its contrarian-thinking strategy of investing in regions where capital is scarce, such as Brazil and Latin...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Bunge Brasil

| Bunge Brasil

The global agribusiness and food company Bunge has been operating in Brazil since 1905 and is currently the country’s largest exporter of agricultural products. At the helm of this historic...

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Cast Group

| Cast Group

Henrique Rabelo is the current general counsel for all companies that are part of the Cast Group, a Brazilian information technology company specialising in IT consulting, outsourcing and the integration...

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With a highly diversified business model primarily based around road, rail and air transport and infrastructure, CCR’s international, multi-billion-dollar operation is one of the most complex that any in-house legal...

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| Cielo

One of the ten largest Brazilian corporations in terms of market value, Cielo is the leading player within the electronic payments segment in Latin America. Since 2015 the Cielo legal...

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Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF)

| Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF)

Brazil’s success in football, the world’s most popular sport, is unparalleled. FIFA world champions on an unprecedented five occasions, Brazil’s men’s national football team is a global sporting brand that...

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| Cosan

One of Brazil’s largest companies, Cosan started off in the sugar and ethanol industry and has since diversified its operational portfolio. Today it focuses on investments on industries such as...

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CPFL Energia

| CPFL Energia

CPFL Energia, Brazil’s largest private electric utility company, serves residential, industrial and commercial customers around the country through operating wind, biomass-powered thermal, solar, and hydroelectric power plants. The company boasts...

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| Cummins

A global operation with 7,400 dealer locations globally, Cummins creates, distributes and supports an impressive array of diesel and alternative engines for civilian and defence clients at land and sea....

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| Electrolux

Camilo Wittica is the vice president, legal and government affairs Latin America for Electrolux, the multinational home appliance manufacturer, which has a presence in major Latin American countries such as...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Eletrobras

Led by chief legal and administrative officer Alexandre Aniz, the legal team of Eletrobras, the largest utilities company in Latin America, has recently been involved in supporting the company’s significant...

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| Embraer

As a global conglomerate with businesses in commercial, executive, agricultural and military aviation, Embraer relies heavily on its widely acclaimed legal team to support its activities in Brazil and around...

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Enel Group Brazil

| Enel Group Brazil

Led by highly esteemed legal director Antonio Basilio Pires e Albuquerque, Enel Group Brazil’s legal team has supported the business on a number of marquee transactions in the last year....

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Essilor

Multinational French company Essilor produces optical lenses and equipment and is the world leader for prescription lenses. Part of the Brazilian arm of the global company’s operation includes manufacturing instruments...

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| Facebook

One of the world’s most valuable companies, Facebook has offices in Latin America in São Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Bogotá (Colombia). Due to its status...

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| Formitex

The Brazilian conglomerate Formitex has a formidable legal team headed by esteemed corporate lawyer Amira Chammas. Just over a year-and-a-half into her role, Chammas has hit the ground running and...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Fugro Brasil

| Fugro Brasil

The Netherlands headquartered Fugro is among the most sophisticated energy service and equipment providers in the world, with particular strength in the offshore oil and gas field. The company has...

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| Gerdau

A historic name in Brazilian business, Gerdau’s history dates back to 1901 starting out as a nail factory in Porto Alegre, and has since grown to become the largest producer...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Goldman Sachs

| Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs in Brazil prides itself on maintaining an elite in-house legal team composed of the best and brightest. As in the company’s offices throughout the world, Goldman Sachs Brazil...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Google

Information technology

Described as ‘one of the most talented in-house legal groups in Brazil’ by a nominating source, the Google Brazil legal team continues the company’s reputation of hiring the best and...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Grupo Abril

| Grupo Abril

Brazilian media conglomerate Grupo Abril is the leading and most influential group of communication, education and logistics in Latin America. Since its foundation as a small publisher in 1950, the...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Grupo Boticário

| Grupo Boticário

Led by legal and compliance manager Priscila Jacober Pasqualin, the Grupo Boticário legal team has a rich pool of expertise working in cosmetic business units, and is at the forefront...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Grupo DASA

| Grupo DASA

Grupo DASA is a Brazil-based medical diagnostics company offering the most advanced genetic and molecular biology tests using high performance equipment capable of extracting, amplifying and detecting DNA. With 50...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Grupo Fleury

| Grupo Fleury

Founded in 1926, Grupo Fleury is one of the most respected medical and health organisations in Brazil. Its business lines cover attention units, operations in hospitals, reference laboratories, preventative medicines...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Grupo Latam Airlines

| Grupo Latam Airlines

Born from the merger between Chilean airline LAN and the Brazilian TAM Airlines in June 2012, Grupo Latam Airlines is currently one of the world’s largest airline groups in terms...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA)

| Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA)

GPA is Brazil’s leading retailer of consumer goods ranging from general merchandise, electronic products and home appliances among others. With annual income of R$41.5bn, it is the second biggest retail...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Harsco Corporation

| Harsco Corporation

The US-headquartered, global industrial company Harsco Corporation recently found itself faced with a challenging situation, whereby one of its important operations in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais was shut...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Hasbro

American multinational Hasbro is the third largest toy maker in the world with revenues of approximately $4.45bn. The company’s Brazilian legal team is well equipped to deal with all litigious...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Hospital Sírio Libanês

| Hospital Sírio Libanês

Founded by the large Syrian and Brazilian Lebanese communities of São Paulo in 1921, the Hospital Sírio Libanês is one of the most important hospitals in Brazil and South America....

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Hypermarcas

Hypermarcas is a national champion in the pharmaceuticals market in Brazil, competing in all relevant segments of the industry and operating five industrial complexes with 14 different production lines, located...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Ipsos Brasil

| Ipsos Brasil

The French global market research and a consulting firm Ipsos has been operating in Brazil under the Ipsos Brasil subsidiary for almost 20 years. Assisting the company’s business of delivering...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Itaú Unibanco

| Itaú Unibanco


Itaú Unibanco, the largest bank in South America and 16th largest bank globally by market value (with revenue for 2016 totalling $50bn), maintains a formidable legal department in order to...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Itaúsa

Itaúsa is one of the largest private conglomerates in Brazil, and controls several companies active in the country’s financial, real estate, healthcare, chemicals and electronics industries. In the capacity of...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

J.P. Morgan

| J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan, a global leader in financial services, has had local presence in Brazil since the 1960s. To handle legal matters for its many operations and services in the country,...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceutical

| Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceutical


Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceutical is a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company, founded in the early 1990s after a merger between Janssen Pharmaceutical and Cilag. Led by legal director Felipe...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017



São Paulo headquartered JBS is the largest meat processing company in the world by sales, producing factory processed beef, chicken and pork, and also selling by-products from the processing of...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017



The American real estate investment management and professional services company JLL dates its presence in Brazil back to 1996, when it opened its first office in the country. Today, the...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Klabin

With origins dating back to the 19th century, Índice Bovespa listed Klabin is the biggest paper producer, exporter and recycler in Brazil and generated a revenue figure of approximately $2.1bn...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Light

Committed to the sustainability and growth of Rio de Janeiro, the Light Group has been involved for more than 100 years in the generation, commercialisation and distribution of electricity in...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Lojas Renner

| Lojas Renner

Tracing its origins back to 1965, Lojas Renner has grown into one of the largest retail operations in Brazil through its Renner, Camicado and YouCom stores. In total, it employs...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Marfrig Group

| Marfrig Group

Multinational food company Marfrig Group have several operations in the food service sector and a presence in 16 countries across the globe including the large markets of Brazil, Argentina, France,...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Marsh

Worldwide leading brokerage company Marsh is a multinational corporation and is the leading company of its kind if Brazil, and is serviced by a legal team led by Daniela Frangioni...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Microsoft Brazil

| Microsoft Brazil

The Microsoft legal team in Brazil deals with a large number of concurrent issues at any one time, and its in-house ranks are correspondingly filled with highly competent individuals who...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Minerva Foods

| Minerva Foods

One of Brazil’s largest food exporters and a leading producer of beef, leather, live cattle exports and cattle by-products in South America, Minerva Foods has a footprint in several states...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Monsanto

The legal team of multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology company Monsanto in Brazil is led by the well-known and highly respected Erica Barbagalo. She is approaching her second year as...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Morgan Stanley

| Morgan Stanley

The most senior lawyer in Brazil for global financials company Morgan Stanley is João Camarota, managing director, head of legal South America and an inclusion in the inaugural GC Powerlist:...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

MRV Engenharia

| MRV Engenharia

MRV Engenharia is the second largest homebuilder and real estate company in Brazil. Founded in 1979, the company is owned by Brazilian billionaire Rubens Menin and is present in more...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Natura Cosméticos

| Natura Cosméticos

One of the leading personal care, beauty and cosmetics providers in Brazil, Natura Cosméticos is traded on the São Paulo stock exchange, enjoyed $4bn in total revenue for 2016 and...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Norte Energia

| Norte Energia

Norte Energia is responsible for the construction and operation of the giant Belo Monte Dam complex, the fourth-largest hydroelectric dam complex in the world by installed capacity and a strategically...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Oi

Oi is the largest telecoms company in Latin America, and despite a troubling 2016 that saw it apply for bankruptcy protection from the state, managed to accrue $8.4bn in revenue...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Pentágono S.A. Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários

| Pentágono S.A. Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários

Founded in 1985, Pentágono S.A. Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários – more commonly referred to as Pentágono – is a highly specialised securities distributor that provides bonds and securities...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| PetroRio

‘Over the last two years, PetroRio has undergone a major turnaround, which was only possible due to a strong legal team. During this period, we sought to strengthen the team...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Porto Seguro

| Porto Seguro

Operating through a range of different subsidiaries, Porto Seguro provides diversified insurance products and services to individuals, legal entities, and governmental agencies in several different international markets, primarily in Brazil...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017



PREVI, which acts as a closed pension fund for employees of Banco do Brasil, seeks to guarantee its members financial bonuses above and beyond what their official pensions can provide....

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| PromonLogicalis

PromonLogicalis is a joint venture between Promon, the holding company of the group, which holds 35% of its capital, and the British company Logicalis Group Limited, which holds the remaining...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Raizen

Highly recommended for its cohesion and meritocratic work culture, the legal team at the core of the Brazilian telecommunications company Raizen has recently provided assistance on some high profile transactions....

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| RB

With a team of eight staff broken down into five lawyers and three non-legal staff, Ana Carolina Pescarmona is the head of legal and compliance for multinational consumer goods company...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| RecordTV

With 63 continuous years in transmission, RecordTV is Brazil’s oldest and second most popular television network. Recommended for the problem solving abilities and innovative thinking of its lawyers, the legal...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Rede Globo

| Rede Globo

Launched in 1965, Rede Globo is the largest commercial television network in South America. Based at the company’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, the legal team supporting the company includes...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Rio Energy

| Rio Energy

Committed to sustainable energy, Rio Energy works on the development, construction and operation of renewable energy power plants with the highest quality standards, creating both social and economic value for...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Rolls-Royce Brazil

| Rolls-Royce Brazil

Legal director Ivan Dilly leads the legal team at Rolls-Royce Brazil, which currently is comprised of a structure of three lawyers, plus one project executive and one analyst supporting the...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Sabesp

Sabesp is one of Brazil’s largest organisations, and is recognised as the largest waste management company in the world by market capitalisation. In addition to this impressive accolade, it accrued...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

SalomãoZoppi Diagnósticos

| SalomãoZoppi Diagnósticos

SalomãoZoppi Diagnósticos contributes to the health of Brazilians by running laboratories that utilise some of the most modern scientific and technological concepts. Ana Luiza Duarte de Barros Dourado joined the...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Sanofi

Global French pharmaceutical company Sanofi is dedicated to science that is committed to finding solutions to current health challenges, including epidemics and diseases related to population aging and increased longevity....

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Shell Brazil – Global Litigation Latam and Carribean

| Shell Brazil - Global Litigation Latam and Carribean

Shell Brazil has recently embarked on a number of expansive projects, investing $10bn in Brazil over five years owing to the increased opportunities for foreign companies in Brazil’s oil industry...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Shire

Shire is a major international biopharmaceutical company with a presence across much of the world. This, and the highly regulated nature of the market sector the company operates in, means...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Staples

Roberta Codignoto is the head of legal and compliance, Latin America, for Staples, and has accumulated over 19 years as a legal counsel. She leads the Staples legal team in...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Suzano Papel e Celulose

| Suzano Papel e Celulose

One of the largest pulp and paper companies in the world, Suzano Papel e Celulose – more commonly known as Suzano – pulled in $3bn in revenue during 2016 on...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Syngenta Brasil

| Syngenta Brasil

Employing 1,800 professionals, the Brazilian local subsidiary of Swiss multinational agribusiness Syngenta operates in the country’s main agricultural regions through research centres and experimental stations. As part of the parent...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017



Transmissora Aliança de Energia Elétrica (TAESA) is one of the largest private electricity transmission groups in Brazil, exclusively dedicated to the construction, operation and maintenance of transmission lines. Chief legal...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Telefónica Brasil

| Telefónica Brasil

Telefónica, the world’s largest telecommunications conglomerate, present in 20 countries and employing more than 120,000 people, sells its products and services in Brazil under the trade name Vivo. The company...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Tetra Pak Americas

| Tetra Pak Americas

2017 marks 60 years since Tetra Pak first began operations in Brazil and today, Tetra Pak Brazil is the second largest operation of the Tetra Pak Group in terms of...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

TIM Brasil – Tax

| TIM Brasil - Tax

TIM Brasil is the Brazilian subsidiary of Telecom Italia Mobile, an Italian telecommunications company. As the fastest growing mobile phone company in Brazil with currently more than 13,000 employees, the...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Twitter

Legal support to social media giant Twitter business in the Latin America region is based in São Paulo and led by Regina Lima, the legal director for the region, assisted...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Uber

United States headquartered technology company Uber has invested in its Brazilian legal function as it caters for a surge in customer demand following its successful 2014 entry into the Latin...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Valeo

Valeo is a global automotive parts company with a major presence in Brazil centred on its multiple major plants in the country. It has a €16.5bn-revenue and a particularly notable...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Villares Metals

| Villares Metals

From his base in Campinas, head of legal and compliance officer for Latin America region Artur Menegon da Cruz leads the legal team at Villares Metals, a group whose mission...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Vinci Airports

| Vinci Airports

A subsidiary of the French concessions and construction company Vinci, Vinci Airports develops, finances, builds and operates airports across the world. Its network comprises more than 35 airports in several...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Vinci Partners

| Vinci Partners

Vinci Partners is a Brazilian private equity and asset management firm and employs a legal department dedicated to supporting its business by getting transactions over the line in a legally...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Volvo Group

| Volvo Group

Volvo Group has an extensive presence in Brazil, and produces cars, trucks, heavy machinery and marine engines in large numbers for the Brazilian market. Indeed, while car production is perhaps...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017



Headquartered in Jaraguá do Sul with manufacturing and distribution units across the world, WEG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric-electronic equipment with over 30,000 employees and 2016...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Yara International

| Yara International

The Brazil legal director for chemicals company Yara International is Gianfranco Cinelli, and from his base in São Paulo oversees a legal team of 16 lawyers and six non-lawyers at...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Zenvia

The legal team at the core of the mobile and messaging services company Zenvia has recently undergone several transformational changes. According to general counsel Pedro Flach, ‘over the last two...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Zurich Insurance Company

| Zurich Insurance Company


Global insurance giant Zurich has had a presence in Latin America since 1964 when it first invested in Argentina, and subsequently followed by entering into the Brazilian market in 1986...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

At the forefront of the emerging markets bloc, Brazil is a traditional leader amongst the world’s most prominent developing economies and is considered by many multinational businesses as an essential place to operate in to take advantage of new consumers and markets. Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy and can boast a population that is the fifth largest in the world, and also enjoys the highest per capita income of any of the BRIC nations and a sizeable middle-class, which earns between $11,500 and $29,000 per year and facilitates high levels of domestic consumer activity.

Brazil and its business leaders have fostered several relationships with foreign economies, including that of global superpower the United States, and is also a member of numerous transnational organisations devoted to the growth of free trade and investment in South America, namely Mercosur.

Despite a variety of challenges in the region, namely political distrust and corruption in addition to wealth inequality, during the past two decades, the government has prioritised macroeconomic policies to control inflation and promote economic growth. In recent years increased inflation has been the target of government economic policy via Brazil’s Central Bank, whilst unemployment – particularly in urban areas – is also a key characteristic to correct if Brazil is to reach its economic potential.

The legal teams contained within these pages, and on The Legal 500 website all possess excellent legal knowledge as a matter of course – they are all technically gifted and highly trained but this is not necessarily what sets them apart. Rather, it is their ability to utilise their legal knowledge strategically alongside keen business insight to make a positive impact towards their organisation’s success that place them among the top in-house legal counsel in the region.

I would like to express my personal thanks to our sponsors for supporting this publication, Castro, Barros, Sobral, Gomes Advogados. A special mention must also be made for in-house lawyers that took time to speak to us throughout the process, and for the research team that worked on this GC Powerlist publication.

Castro Barros Sobral Gomes Advogados

Castro Barros Sobral Gomes Advogados logo

Here we are, again. During the past 12 months, Brazil has been rocked on an almost daily basis by a number of interrelated political scandals. Notwithstanding, our institutions remain fairly solid and, best of all, the economy is finally showing some signs of recovery. It will be a long way until the country’s economy reaches the levels of the past decade, but it seems that the worst (at least from the economic standpoint) has passed. The challenges remain though: Brazil is far from being an investor’s heaven and doing business here is not for amateurs. In this scenario, sound legal advice is of paramount importance. Hence, the role played by general counsels and legal departments continue to be instrumental and crucial to a company’s success. Legal departments have to be in constant standby condition, being pro active rather than reactive, ready to guide management in strategic decision-making processes, while raising awareness and providing the necessary training for the company’s employees in order to meet the constantly evolving compliance requirements. The general counsels and members of the legal departments nominated in the GC Powerlist Brazil Teams 2017 do have the necessary qualities and skills to handle those difficult tasks.

We from Castro Barros Sobral Gomes Advogados are proud and delighted by the invitation to again sponsor this extremely important initiative, dedicated to pay a just and absolutely necessary homage to in-house legal teams that really strive to make a difference and achieved such a goal with flying colours.

Congratulations to you all.

GC Summit Thailand 2022

Having to bring in extra seats to our event rooms is always a sure sign that the day is going well, and that is exactly the fortunate situation The Legal 500, in this case represented by head of Sales for Asia Ben Lovell and in-house legal research head Joe Boswell, found itself in at our Thailand GC Summit. With over 120 GCs in attendance and a schedule bursting with expert speakers ready to dispense their considerable wisdom, the atmosphere at the top of the conference was electric.

Starting proceedings was keynote speaker Sahachai Wibuloutai of PwC Mekong with a comprehensive keynote speech on the exciting world of NewLaw, followed by our first fireside chat. In this, hospitality expert Ben Hirasawa of BH2I was joined by Jesse Lieberman of Minor International to give a roundup of the Thai real estate and hospitality industry, opining on where things may be headed as the world – hopefully – gets over Covid.

Steven Burkill of Watson Farley & Williams, Jirasak Latada of Prime Road Power and Tigran Ter-Martirosyan of Accuracy then provided a thorough rundown of the current state of play in international disputes from a Thai perspective. Of particular note, this session outlined the possibilities that third-party funding provides, which the audience visibly found fascinating.

Thanathip & Partners’s panel on digital assets was tackled by Nat Boonjunwetvat, Nitchaya Vaneesorn (both from the hosting firm), Thitiwat Wisarath (Gulf Binance) and Santipap Charasphaew (Bitazza Company). A very hot topic now, especially given recent high-profile news articles featuring cryptocurrency handlers, the discussion went beyond a surface-level explanation of digital assets towards some of the less obvious applications of the new technology.

DFDL’s session on outbound Thai Investments featured three of their most-respected partners from Southeast Asia to discuss investments across the region. Kevin Hawkins provided the Vietnam perspective, while Nishant Choudhary fed in from his viewpoint as managing director for Myanmar. Regional tax head Jack Sheehan led the session, which was hugely impressive for the level of detail it packed into 50 minutes.

Moderated by The Legal 500’s Joe Boswell, the next session featured expert analysis from host firm Robert Walters’ Suchanasa Nantanapramoth and the thoroughly engaging and charismatic Tom Thomas of Agoda. Drawing on a comprehensive report on employment trends in Southeast Asia created by Robert Walters, the conversation moved from there on to general tips for talent management, and how to get the most out of an in-house legal team.

Finally, we moved on to our closing session alongside Thuraisingham International. Featuring Eugene Thuraisingham himself, and moderated by the firm’s Suang Wijaya, the session expertly utilised the vast experience and disarming charisma of our two expert in-house legal speakers, Dr Vincent Siaw of Thoresen Group and Supapohn Wonganan of Bookaway, to create a vibrant and highly educational session on a topic that is at the forefront of the minds of all in-house lawyers: crisis management.

As always, a huge thank you to our event partners, Watson Farley & Williams, Thanathip & Partners, Thuraisingam (International), DFDL, BH2I and Robert Walters, for making this all possible and for all their help in putting such a fantastic event together. Thanks also to everyone in attendance, especially our GC speakers, Tom Thomas, Supapohn Wonganan, Dr Vincent Siaw, Thitiwat Wisarath, Santipap Charasphaew, Jirasak Latada, Tigran Ter-Martirosyan, Jesse Lieberman and Sahachai Wibuloutai. We look forward to our next event in beautiful Bangkok, and to seeing our friends from the local in-house legal scene again.