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‘We are a collaborative and client focused team that is always looking to efficiently serve the company by being fast and creative, but above all, trying to keep the company...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Accenture

Global professional services firm Accenture is supported in the Latin American region via a legal team arranged according to a matrix structure with several legal practice areas, each with their...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos

| Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos

Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos is a Brazilian pharmaceutical manufacturer that currently employs 4,600 people and holds a diversified portfolio of more than 300 brands in over 800 product presentations of prescription...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Adobe

Global software company Adobe has some of its most impressive global in-house legal operators based in Brazil. In particular, regional manager for the Latin America piracy conversion team Rodrigo Leme...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017


| Airbnb

Airbnb recently identified Latin America as the fastest growing market for its business of connecting travellers to people who have a space to rent in their homes and want extra...

#GCPowerlist Brazil Teams 2017

Editor Message

At the forefront of the emerging markets bloc, Brazil is a traditional leader amongst the world’s most prominent developing economies and is considered by many multinational businesses as an essential place to operate in to take advantage of new consumers and markets. Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy and can boast a population that is the fifth largest in the world, and also enjoys the highest per capita income of any of the BRIC nations and a sizeable middle-class, which earns between $11,500 and $29,000 per year and facilitates high levels of domestic consumer activity.

Brazil and its business leaders have fostered several relationships with foreign economies, including that of global superpower the United States, and is also a member of numerous transnational organisations devoted to the growth of free trade and investment in South America, namely Mercosur.

Despite a variety of challenges in the region, namely political distrust and corruption in addition to wealth inequality, during the past two decades, the government has prioritised macroeconomic policies to control inflation and promote economic growth. In recent years increased inflation has been the target of government economic policy via Brazil’s Central Bank, whilst unemployment – particularly in urban areas – is also a key characteristic to correct if Brazil is to reach its economic potential.

The legal teams contained within these pages, and on The Legal 500 website all possess excellent legal knowledge as a matter of course – they are all technically gifted and highly trained but this is not necessarily what sets them apart. Rather, it is their ability to utilise their legal knowledge strategically alongside keen business insight to make a positive impact towards their organisation’s success that place them among the top in-house legal counsel in the region.

I would like to express my personal thanks to our sponsors for supporting this publication, Castro, Barros, Sobral, Gomes Advogados. A special mention must also be made for in-house lawyers that took time to speak to us throughout the process, and for the research team that worked on this GC Powerlist publication.

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Castro Barros Sobral Gomes Advogados

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Here we are, again. During the past 12 months, Brazil has been rocked on an almost daily basis by a number of interrelated political scandals. Notwithstanding, our institutions remain fairly solid and, best of all, the economy is finally showing some signs of recovery. It will be a long way until the country’s economy reaches the levels of the past decade, but it seems that the worst (at least from the economic standpoint) has passed. The challenges remain though: Brazil is far from being an investor’s heaven and doing business here is not for amateurs. In this scenario, sound legal advice is of paramount importance. Hence, the role played by general counsels and legal departments continue to be instrumental and crucial to a company’s success. Legal departments have to be in constant standby condition, being pro active rather than reactive, ready to guide management in strategic decision-making processes, while raising awareness and providing the necessary training for the company’s employees in order to meet the constantly evolving compliance requirements. The general counsels and members of the legal departments nominated in the GC Powerlist Brazil Teams 2017 do have the necessary qualities and skills to handle those difficult tasks.

We from Castro Barros Sobral Gomes Advogados are proud and delighted by the invitation to again sponsor this extremely important initiative, dedicated to pay a just and absolutely necessary homage to in-house legal teams that really strive to make a difference and achieved such a goal with flying colours.

Congratulations to you all.