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Alberto Rho

director of legal affairs, insurance and corporate affairs | Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM)

Alberto Rho currently oversees matters related to legal affairs, insurance and corporate for the ATM group, who provide transport services to the city of Milan and some surrounding municipalities including...

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Alessandra Ferrari

general counsel | Avio Aero - GE Aviation

Previous in-house roles, as legal counsel at Dow Italia and Italian general counsel at Capgemini, have given Alessandra Ferrari a wealth of experience to use in her role as general...

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Alessandro Altei

senior legal counsel and deputy general counsel - corporate and legal affairs | SAES Group

Currently working as senior counsel and deputy general counsel at SAES Group, a large corporation listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, Alessandro Altei has been described as a professional who...

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Alessandro Curotti

head of legal and corporate affairs | Salvatore Ferragamo

Assuming his current position of head of legal and corporate affairs for Salvatore Ferragamo in October 2011, Alessandro Curotti adds his experience at the luxury fashion group to over a...

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Andrea Moretti

head of legal Italy | eBay

Andrea Moretti is head of legal for eBay’s Italian operations and all legal matters relating to its Italian platform, He has extensive knowledge of the IP, data privacy and...

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Andrea Parrella

group general counsel | Finmeccanica

An experienced legal professional with strong expertise in corporate governance and joint venture work, Andrea Parrella has had a highly impressive legal career with a distinct focus on the aerospace...

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Andrea Pezzangora

general counsel | Benetton

For over 13 years Andrea Pezzangora has been general counsel at Benetton, an Italian multinational fashion and consumer goods business that operates in over 120 countries globally. Pezzangora’s team provides...

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Antonella Andrioli

legal and corporate affairs director | Valentino Fashion Group

Antonella Andrioli has been the director of legal and corporate affairs for the Valentino Fashion Group since February 2006. As one of the most iconic Italian fashion and luxury groups,...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Antonella Centra

global general counsel | Gucci

Moving in-house after a short spell in private practice, Antonella Centra’s career path has taken her through notable Italian companies such as Prada, Wind and Bottega Veneta before being appointed...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Antonino Cusimano

group general counsel | Telecom Italia

Antonino Cusimano has a diverse educational background with studies completed in Italy at Università degli Studi di Palermo and in the USA at the University of Utah and Harvard Law...

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Antonio Adami

legal manager | SunPower

The Italian business of the American photovoltaic cells manufacturer SunPower is the most profitable subsidiary of the company outside the US. An Italian lawyer with regional responsibilities across several countries...

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Antonio Cangeri

group general counsel | Assicurazioni Generali

With 10 years’ experience at Italy’s largest insurance company, Antonio Cangeri has been group general counsel of the Generali group since the end of 2012. He assumed his current position...

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Barbara Patania

general counsel | Aedes SiiQ

Established in 1905, Aedes was the first real estate holding company to be listed on the Milan stock exchange. A seasoned real estate lawyer with a strong understanding of asset...

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Bepi Pezzulli

group general counsel, managing director of corporate affairs and board secretary | Italiaonline

A former army officer, Bepi Pezzulli embarked on his legal studies in LUISS Guido Carli University and subsequently gained LLM and JD qualifications from New York University School of Law...

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Carlo Ciccarelli

group head of litigation and dispute resolution | Atos

‘One of the key contributors’ in achieving the company’s results, Carlo Ciccarelli has a proven track record of in-house legal success; having negotiated complex contracts, spin offs, acquisitions, mergers and...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Carlo Daneo

general counsel | Ferrari

Carlo Daneo is a hugely respected in-house lawyer who has overseen some of the most complex corporate and commercial matters in the European auto industry. For more than 10 years...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Carmelo Reale

head of group strategic legal affairs | Assicurazioni Generali

An exceptional financial lawyer with knowledge and expertise across a whole range of financial transactions, Carmelo Reale currently oversees the strategic legal affairs function at Generali, one of the most...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Daniele Novello

head of legal and corporate affairs | Total E&P Italia

Daniele Novello began his career at Total E&P Italia in 2010 after practicing as an associate at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer for over four years. With private practice experience in both...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Daniele Parla

head of corporate and investment banking legal - Italy | UniCredit

Daniele Parla is head of corporate and investment banking for Italy at the banking giant UniCredit, having previously acted as Credit Suisse’s Italian head of legal investment banking. Taking charge...

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Davide Spreafico

head of legal - personal, corporate banking and shared services - Italy | Barclays


Overseeing two teams as part of his multifaceted role, Davide Spreafico leads both the legal advice and legal shared services (including litigation and governance) functions at Barclays Italy, a position...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Diego Manzetti

general counsel, Italy | AIG

Joining AIG Italy in 2011 at a time when there was no internal legal department, Diego Manzetti is responsible for the creation and operation of the legal function within the...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Edoardo Baratella

general counsel and company secretary | Dexia Crediop

After nearly 100 years of operation in the banking sector, Consorzio di Credito per le Opere Pubbliche (Crediop) is facing difficult times. The Italian infrastructure and public utilities specialist lender, formerly...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Elisabetta Lunati

group general counsel | Intesa Sanpaolo

Elisabetta Lunati is responsible for all legal matters, including litigation, at Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy’s largest domestic lender and second-largest bank by assets. The Euro Stoxx 50 bank was formed in...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Emiliano Berti

head of legal and compliance - Europe | Nokia

An internationally experienced in-house lawyer having previous roles based in Florence, London and Paris, Emiliano Berti currently manages a team of nearly 80 people as head of legal and compliance...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Enrico-Carlo Baccetti

head of legal | Boehringer Ingelheim Italia

In reshaping and resizing the legal department at the Italian branch leading pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, Enrico-Carlo Baccetti can take credit for the evolution of the function into ‘an integral...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Fabio Fagioli

group general counsel | Maire Tecnimont

In 2013 Fabio Fagioli became general counsel of the Maire Tecnimont group after proving his competency in previous roles including at Technip KTI S.p.A (a subsidiary of Technip Italy S.p.A.),...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Fabio Missori

general counsel | H3G Italia

An internationally educated lawyer Fabio Missori, completed his post graduate studies at Georgetown University Law Centre and boasts 10 years’ experience in private practice and a further 18 years in-house....

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Fabrizio Caretta

group legal director | Prada

With an in-house career enriched by over two decades of experience and spanning two of Italy’s most well-known clothing brands, Prada’s group legal director Fabrizio Caretta has a number of...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Fabrizio Minneci

chief legal officer | Ferrero International

Fabrizio Minneci, chief legal officer at Ferrero, the global consumer goods company privately owned by the Ferrero family, boasts a remarkable legal career of over two decades. Starting out as...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Federico Dal Poz

head of legal affairs EMEA | Luxottica Group

Moving in-house after a spell as an associate in Allen & Overy’s Milan office, Federico Dal Poz acted as general counsel for major energy company Sorgenia for six years before...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Federico Finzi

general counsel | Amazon Italy

Federico Finzi’s past record of working in some of Italy’s most innovative technology companies allows him to successfully provide ongoing legal support as general counsel to the Italian business of...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Filippo Pardini

head of legal and business affairs | Warner Music Italy

As head of legal and business affairs at Warner Music Italy, Filippo Pardini works in a unique and fascinating role combining legal and business aspects of the music group. Refusing...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Francesca Ferretti

legal and HR manager | Rentokil Initial Italia

In her role as legal and HR manager at Rentokil Initial, one of world’s leaders in the provision of pest control, washroom hygiene and workwear solutions, Francesca Ferretti is responsible...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Francesca Renzulli

general counsel | Anima Holding

Francesca Renzulli operates as the general counsel for Anima Holding, a leading independent operator in the Italian asset management industry. She also acts as the GC of Anima’s wholly owned...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Francesca Secco

group legal director | Gruppo Stilo

When Francesca Secco joined Gruppo Stilo, the investment holding company with a specialisation in commercial and residential property, in 2007, the company’s legal department was non-existent. Her first duty was...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Francesco Bortone

chief compliance officer | Avio Aero - GE Aviation

Responsible for overseeing all compliance programs of Avio Aero’s group of companies, Francesco Bortone brings several years of experience gained in private practice and GE’s various business units. Taking up...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Francesco Chiappetta

general counsel and head of general and institutional affairs | Pirelli

Based in the corporate headquarters in Milan, Francesco Chiappetta oversees the department responsible for providing legal support at the world’s fifth-largest tyre manufacturer, Pirelli. Chiappetta joined the company in July...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Francesco Paolino

regional legal lead - Italy and Spain | Avanade

Moving to an in-house legal career after around a decade as an IT and intellectual property rights private practice lawyer, Francesco Paolino currently acts as regional legal lead for Italy...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Francesco Pennisi

head of legal | Shell Italia E&P

Shell’s Italian division plays an important part in the company’s European operations. Shell has recently sold its downstream assets in Italy, including retail outlets, distribution and logistics in order to...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Franco Guariglia

group legal and corporate affairs director | Barilla Holding

Based in Parma, Franco Guariglia is an exceptional legal professional with vast experience in the consumer goods industry, over 25 years of which have been spent at Barilla, the world’s...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Gabriella Dore

executive vice president, general counsel, Europe and Africa | Fox Networks Group

With a truly international remit, Gabriella Dore is currently in charge of a 34-strong legal team dedicated to providing legal support for Fox Networks in the group’s European and African...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giacomo Leo

general counsel | Bottega Veneta

After several in-house roles with household brands across different industries, including Pirelli and Barilla, Giacomo Leo spent seven years as the general counsel of Poltrona Frau, a leading company in...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giacomo Mario Scarfini

head of legal | WAMGROUP

Described as a ’truly reliable person’ and a ‘solutions oriented’ lawyer, Mario Scarfini’s legal career has developed rapidly after completing his law degree in 2001. Over the past 15 years,...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giorgia Armanni

general counsel | Furla

Before her appointment as general counsel of high-end apparel and fashion company Furla, Giorgia Armanni acquired her legal expertise through a combination of private practice and in-house positions. Moving over...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giorgio Fossati

general counsel | Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

When US auto manufacturer Chrysler filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2009 it was forced to undergo a painful reorganisation that damaged both staff and creditors. For Fiat, however,...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giorgio Gravina

general counsel, head of legal and compliance | Schindler Italy

Since being admitted to the Italian Bar in 2007, Giorgio Gravina has held several in-house positions and one position in private practice, and is currently in charge of the legal...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giorgio Martellino

general counsel and compliance officer | Acquedotto Pugliese

Giorgio Martellino, general counsel and compliance officer at Acquedotto Pugliese, the operator of public infrastructure for the drinking water supply of the Pugila region, has had a highly impressive in-house...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giorgio Melega

chief legal officer | Tenova

‘Be clear, be timely, be practical’, Giorgio Melega states this is the mission of his legal department. Taking charge of a worldwide function of 12 employees, Melega has been chief...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giovanni Cerutti

senior vice president, chief legal and risk officer | NTT DATA EMEA

With a rich pool of both legal expertise and in-house managerial experience to draw on, Milan-based Giovanni Cerutti has been general counsel and risk officer at leading IT services provider...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giuliana Losavio

senior legal advisor | Coeclerici Group

A young and ambitious lawyer, Giuliana Losavio has earned a formidable reputation in her legal career spanning 12 years. Starting out as a legal specialist in 2004, after two years...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giuseppe Conti

Head of legal and corporate affairs | Enel Green Power

With a team of 60 employees reporting into him from around the world, Giuseppe Conti acts as general counsel for the Rome-based multinational renewable energy corporation Enel Green Power. Achieving...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Giuseppe Manzo

head of legal and corporate affairs - Europe, Africa and Middle East, Techint E&C | Techint Group

Overseeing a team of mixed professionals including lawyers, paralegals and engineers, Giuseppe Manzo has spent over five years with the Techint group after being hired from a role in private...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Laura Del Favero

head of legal and compliance - Italy | Nomura International

Head of legal and compliance at Nomura’s Italian branch, Laura Del Favero has made numerous changes to the workings of the investment bank’s legal and compliance department. In doing so,...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Laura Segni

general counsel | Banca IMI

Moving in-house after a career in the public sector, most notably with the Italian Treasury, Laura Segni has held the role of general counsel at Banca IMI since November 2014....

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

loana Fior

general counsel | Ducati Motor Holding

Ioana Fior has a rich experience of working in-house and has particularly impressed with contributions to many complex, global projects that have greatly benefited her companies. Described by her colleagues...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Luca Braulin

head of legal and compliance - Italy | The Royal Bank of Scotland


After starting his career at private practice law firms, Luca Braulin moved in-house to the international banking and financial services sector first with ING, and later at Pioneer Investments, and...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Luca Gentile

head of legal | Aviva Italy

Crossing over from a career in private practice and public notaries, Luca Gentile has been head of legal at Aviva’s Italian branch since April 2013. With international experience, Gentile is...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Lucia Capotondi

general counsel | Giuseppe Zanotti

General counsel at Giuseppe Zanotti, the creator of the luxury fashion brand of the same name, Lucia Capotondi’s previous experience includes a mix of in-house and private practice positions. Her...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Manfredi Giacomoni

legal manager | IKEA

Starting as a property and real estate legal specialist, Manfredi Giacomoni has been at multinational retailer IKEA since 2007. Currently operating as the legal manager for IKEA in Italy, Giacomoni...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Marcella Zacchei

Group corporate and legal manager | Ariston Thermo Group

Relied on by the company to give ‘smart legal solutions to complex problems of business management’, Marcella Zacchei leads a team of eight legal staff around the world that support...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Marcello Dolores

vice president, corporate legal and regulatory affairs - Southern Europe | Discovery Networks International

Marcello Dolores joined Discovery Networks in 2012, and assumed the position of vice president of the mass media and entertainment company in 2014. Currently responsible for the entire legal and...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Marco Lorefice

senior oil and gas and international arbitration lawyer | Edison

With over 25 years of experience managing legal matters relevant to international enterprises, Marco Lorefice has advised Edison on all major topics from commercial advisory to litigation in the oil...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Marco Reggiani

general counsel | Snam

Appointed general counsel of Snam in January 2010, Marco Reggiani oversees three separate functions at the Italian natural gas infrastructure company. Utilising both the legal and managerial expertise accrued during...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Margherita Boccia

deputy head of legal - investment services | Banca IMI

Described as a ‘skilled professional‘, Margherita Boccia has had a long and successful career with a good blend of in-house and private practice experience. Currently serving as deputy head of...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Maria Strada

head of commercial and legal Italy | Fujitsu

Joining Fujitsu over four years ago, Maria Strada was charged with setting up the overall office function in her role as head of commercial and legal for Italy, which then...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Marilù Capparelli

regional legal director - EMEA | Google

Information technology

A renowned problem-solver with ‘top technical competences’, Marilù Capparelli swiftly rose to her current position of regional legal director of Google’s EMEA region. After a 10 year stint in private...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Massimo Mantovani

chief legal and regulatory affairs | Eni

After a period working in private practice for different law firms in Milan and London, Massimo Mantovani joined the legal department of the flagship Italian energy corporation Eni in 1993....

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Massimo Romano

head of legal and company secretarial department | BNP Paribas Lease Solutions

Joining the company in October 2009 and establishing the legal department over the 2009/10 period; Massimo Romano is responsible for the structure, mission and performance of the legal department at...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Massimo Sanvito

general counsel Europe | GE Power Services

Massimo Sanvito is a dual-qualified lawyer (admitted in England and Italy) who has developed a reputation for his understanding of various industries and deep knowledge of how businesses operate internally....

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Mauro Albino

general counsel | Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking


Mauro Albino is a highly qualified lawyer with extensive experience in the banking sector and a strong educational background. Following the completion of his legal studies at Università Cattolica del...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Michela Schizzi

head of international legal, M&A, finance and legal suppliers management | Snam

Michela Schizzi is a seasoned legal professional with previous experience at major international law firm Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton. Schizzi is described as a ‘clever and skillful lawyer, gifted...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Michelangelo Damasco

general counsel - executive vice president | Atlantia

A highly-experienced and multilingual corporate counsel with a track record of success in complex international affairs, Michelangelo Damasco can cite years of industry experience across different sectors in addition to...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Paola Nocerino

general counsel | Air Liquide Italy

Prior to beginning her in-house career at the Italian entity of the international electronic and healthcare company Phillips in 2002, Paola Nocerino worked in two law firms in Milan, following...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Paolo Amato

general counsel and corporate secretary | Old Mutual Wealth Italy

Described by his peers as a ‘skilled and brilliant lawyer’, who is known for his ‘remarkable legal knowledge’ and ‘business responsiveness’, Paolo Amato has been with Old Mutual Wealth Italy,...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Paolo Fabiani

head of legal | Technogym

International fitness equipment manufacturers Technogym have been supported by Paolo Fabiani’s legal department in recent years, particularly with matters related to the ‘significant increase of the business operations of the...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Paolo Quaini

group general counsel | OTB

Paolo Quaini’s legal education at Università degli Studi di Genova is complemented by commercial courses completed at Bocconi University in Milan and London Business School, adding a unique business perspective...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Paolo Scortichini

general counsel | Maserati

Paolo Scortichini is the general counsel for renowned Italian automotive brand Maserati. Based in Modena, Scortichini is highlighted by his peers for having a tremendous amount of expertise in both...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Patrizia Carrozza

general counsel | SAES Getters

Patrizia Carrozza rejoined the electronics company in SAES Getters, the electrical components and solutions supplier, as general counsel in January 2016, having previously worked there between 2000 and 2010. As...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Pierfrancesco De Rossi

general counsel legal and compliance | Siemens Italy

A lawyer with an international education, obtaining legal qualifications from the University of Rome and Columbia University, Pierfrancesco De Rossi is praised for his exemplary leadership skills and ability to...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Pietro Arosio

general counsel Italy and Iberia | UBS

Pietro Arosio has been with UBS in Italy since 2002, holding the position of head of corporate and legal affairs between 2002 and 2009, the position of head of legal...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Raimondo Rinaldi

general counsel | Esso Italiana

Holding the position as general counsel of Esso’s Italian subsidiary for almost 20 years, Raimondo Rinaldi takes pride in his legal department being recognised as ‘critical to flawless operations’ in...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Riccardo Quagliana

general counsel | Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena

A well-recognised name in the Italian in-house community, Riccardo Quagliana started his legal career at international law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer as a trainee in 1996 and worked there for...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Roberto Moresco

head of international legal affairs | Fashion Box

Providing an ‘instrumental supporting function at every level’, Roberto Moresco acts as the head of international legal affairs for Fashion Box at its group headquarters covering the 26 subsidiaries of...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Sabina Fasciolo

head of legal affairs and compliance | Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC)

In charge of legal and compliance at the Italian Football Federation since September 2015, Sabina Fasciolo is able to rely on over seven years’ experience during her previous role at...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Sandra Mori

international general counsel Europe | The Coca-Cola Company

Food, beverages and tobacco

Sandra Mori replaced Coca-Cola’s long-standing European general counsel Christopher Barnard in 2010. With a team of 45 lawyers operating in 12 countries she is responsible for all legal and regulatory...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Savino Casamassima

general counsel legal and compliance Italy | Santander Consumer Bank


Savino Casamassima is a highly skilled legal professional, praised by his colleagues for his ‘pragmatic approach and his quickness in understanding and managing complex issues’. With a vast experience in...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Sebastien Bumbolo

general counsel | Adriatic LNG

Sebastien Bumbolo has overseen the legal function of Adriatic LNG, designer, builder and operator of the unique LNG Terminal located in the northern Adriatic Sea, for just over eight years....

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Sergio Marini

general counsel | Fendi

Currently general counsel for Fendi, part of the LVMH group, Sergio Marini has provided legal advice to the luxury goods company for the past one and a half years. An...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Silvia Carteny

general counsel | Versace

Silvia Carteny is a seasoned lawyer with over two decades of experience in legal, compliance and human resource related work. She has been at the helm of the legal function...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Silvia di Donato

head of legal | IGD SiiQ

Based in Pescara, Silvia Di Donato is currently head of legal at the Italian real estate company IGD. With a property portfolio of €1.9bn, IGD is regarded as one of...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Silvia Piccorossi

director of legal and corporate affairs | Aeroporto di Bologna

Silvia Piccorossi is director of legal and corporate affairs for one of the most active airports in Italy, a position which she has held since 1999. During her time in...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Simona Mariani

head of legal and corporate affairs | EXOR

Simona Mariani is well regarded in Italy’s legal circles for her expertise in corporate law and governance, as well as her knowledge of international law. Her interest in international legal...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Simona Musso

general counsel | Luigi Lavazza

Simona Musso has been at the forefront of legal work at a number of leading Italian companies during her in-house career. Over the course of the past 20 years, Musso...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Simone Davini

head of legal and corporate affairs | Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank


Milan-based Simone Davini was appointed head of legal and corporate affairs at Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank in October 2010, taking advantage of his already rich experience within the...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Simone Massenti

vice president legal affairs Italy | AstraZeneca

Simone Massenti is vice president of legal affairs for Italy at the multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. With a wealth of in-house legal experience and strong expertise in the pharmaceuticals sector,...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Stefan De Jonghe

senior counsel – markets EMEA | Whirlpool

‘The most challenging aspect of my role has been to make the business people understand that lawyers are not just “contract checkers” or “letter writers”, but can contribute actively and...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Stefania Bergamo

group head of legal affairs | Assicurazioni Generali

Leading a 15-strong team of legal and non-legal professionals, Stefania Bergamo has spent her three years at the flagship insurance company having joined in 2010. With previous experience in an...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Stefano Giberti

general counsel | GE Healthcare

Described as an ‘honest and transparent lawyer’, who is ‘skilled and fast in task execution’, Stefano Giberti is well regarded in Italy for his expertise in the healthcare sector. His...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Tanya Jaeger de Foras

vice president and chief legal officer EMEA | Whirlpool

Tanya Jaeger de Foras joined Whirlpool, the multinational manufacturer of home appliances, in June 2015 as vice president and chief legal officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa, with the...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Ulisse Spada

general counsel | Piaggio & C. SpA

Having made ‘substantial changes’ to the Piaggio group legal department, Ulisse Spada presides over a function organised into three main areas of practice, marking a change to the previous structure...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

Valerio Bruno

director of legal services contracting | Accenture

Based in Rome, Valerio Bruno oversees a team of 15 people in his role of director of legal services contracting at Accenture. During the five years he has spent in...

#GCPowerlist Italy 2016

For 29 years, The Legal 500 has been analysing the capabilities of law firms across the world. The GC Powerlist is the latest publication from The Legal 500, turning its attention to the in-house function, and recognising those corporate counsel who are driving the legal business forward. The latest edition is the GC Powerlist: Italy, which identifies an array of the most influential and innovative in-house counsel working in those two jurisdictions.

We have canvassed opinions from law firm partners and in-house counsel across Italy, to identify corporate counsel that have been instrumental in changing or forming opinions within their company or industry; developing brilliant technical solutions to complex issues; creating innovative structures to ensure that the in-house function is driving the business forward; or providing a business working model that other corporate counsel should follow. Our team of experienced researchers assessed the nominations, speaking both to general counsel and nominating lawyers to finalise each list. GC Powerlist: Italy features not just information on why that individual has made the list, but also comment from those in-house lawyers about how they have helped shape innovation in the legal industry.

If you have feedback on the GC Powerlist: Italy, or wish to nominate other in-house individuals (either in Italy or global), please do get in touch at

We hope that this listing will stimulate debate around the role of the in-house lawyer and help corporate counsel with possible improvements and efficiencies in running their departments.


Dentons logo

The Italian economy is starting to recover after several years of hard times. Foreign direct investment is on the rise and we are seeing growing interest from both institutional and industrial investors in the Italian market.

One big area of interest for investors is the large stock of non-performing/semi-performing loans on the books of major Italian banks (currently this stock exceeds €330 billion). In the next two to three years, we can expect significant growth in distressed M&A activity across all sectors, particularly in corporate, real estate, and energy. Furthermore, the government’s recent reform of labour laws and other measures have created a better environment for employers and helped make the market more investor friendly.

Italy remains the country in Europe with the largest number of lawyers with 273,132 registered lawyers as of 31 December 2015 (vs 60,223 in France and 160,000 in Germany). The legal population has doubled in the last ten years. This growth has coincided with the peak of the economic crisis resulting in a significant decrease in the average earning per lawyer.

The trend to bring in house some of the legal work that was previously outsourced to law firms has continued. This applies not only to large companies – some of which have large legal teams competing in size with top Italian law firms – but also to medium size companies that have created small legal teams to deal with core activities, while outsourcing mainly non-recurring work, such as M&A and litigation (administrative, employment and civil).

The quality of in-house legal teams has improved significantly over last few years and this has driven a change in the selection process for law firms, where quality and expertise are becoming the main drivers, rather than relationships. This has resulted in a concentration of the market, and small law firms – with the exception of very specialized boutiques – are struggling to compete for medium to large clients.

The pressure on rates has continued to grow not only given the reduced budget for legal expenditure in most companies, but also due to the ‘excessive’ offer of legal services that has pushed some law firms to offer very low rate. This however has affected the quality of the services and therefore a number of clients are reconsidering this approach.

While in the early 2000s, international law firms were leading the legal market, it appears that now many have lost their way in Italy. Several magic circle firms significantly reduced their presence in Italy after the crisis. US based law firms, with very few exceptions, have never made major inroads into Italy.

Most international law firms have significantly reduced their presence in Rome and some have closed their operations there to focus only on Milan. This has impacted the large semi-public companies and medium size companies headquartered in Rome, which no longer benefit from the breadth of legal services offered in Milan.

Dentons is moving in the opposite direction. Since opening in Milan in October 2015, we have attracted a team of experienced lawyers well known in the Italian market. We are now planning to open in Rome before the end of 2016. We will continue our growth by bringing on board more top lawyers to consolidate our areas of practice.

Dentons’ approach to the Italian market is to provide clients with high quality services, which combine the flexibility of top domestic law firms with the best features and standards of international law firms. This is possible because of Dentons’ polycentric model which combines international vision with local market knowledge and business practices. Dentons avoids the rigid structures of international law firms which entail high structural costs (which are evidently reflected in fees) and often discourage the best talent from joining.

We offer a new way of partnering with our clients, blending the technical competence of our lawyers with a commercial approach to legal advisory which makes us go the extra mile to support in-house counsels in achieving their companies’ goals.

This is why Dentons is a proud sponsor of this publication which recognises the importance of in-house counsels in our market. Together we can drive the legal business forward.

Congratulations to everyone who made it into this GC Powerlist.

GC Summit Switzerland

On 23rd November, The Legal 500 was in Zurich again to host the GC Summit Switzerland 2022.

The event gathered leading general counsel and private practice practitioners from Switzerland to exchange their views on cutting-edge legal topics. The quality of the discussions was exceptional.

The Summit opened with a session, led by Fabian Martens and Nils Harbeke, of Pestalozzi, focusing on the changes brought by ESG in the legal and tax functions. The panel, which also included Eva Frehner (Sulzer), Romana Giesen (Swisscom) and Matthias Maurer (Lonza), discussed the recent shift in the weight of ESG, changing from being  “best practice” to compulsory legal obligations. Following a comprehensive introduction, the panel explained the key legal ESG-related requirements for companies carrying out business in Switzerland, with a specific focus on competition and tax law.

Daniel Raun and Beda Kaufmann, of Advestra hosted the second panel. Along with Philippe Huber (SIG) and Robert Kuster (Zurich Insurance), they shared insightful comments on how to draft term sheets accurately and the main elements that parties should focus on at this early stage of a prospective deal.

The following session was chaired by Melissa Magliana, Daniel Lucien Bühr and Matthias Gstoehl, of Lalive. The discussion covered strategies to mitigate and manage dispute risks. The speakers examined how companies can prevent disputes, optimize amicable resolutions and prepare for legal proceedings, should they arise. Both litigation and arbitration were discussed, with a highlight on climate change litigation, stakeholder claims, and greenwashing-related enforcement.

To conclude the Summit, Irène Suter-Sieber and David Vasella, of Walder Wyss, moderated a panel that explored key issues of international private law, data protection and secrecy law, and labour, tax, and social security law, which relate to remote working from abroad.

After an excellent afternoon of exceptional panel discussions, attendees continued the conversation and enjoyed a valuable networking opportunity over Swiss gin, wine and canapes.

Thank you again to all our panellists for sharing their insights, and special thanks to Advestra, Lalive, Pestalozzi and Walder Wyss for partnering with us on this enjoyable and successful event in Zurich.