Vincent Mohy | SOCAR Trading
General Counsel

Vincent Mohy

Vincent Mohy started the legal department when he joined SOCAR trading as general counsel five years ago. ‘The first step was to develop a vision for the legal department and obtain support from top management. Then implement that vision and finally test it against the reality of the business’. He has led a number of strategic projects, however the biggest highlight of his career was the acquisition of Esso Switzerland by SOCAR. Another large scale achievement was the successful defence of a $100+ million arbitration in Cairo. He also mentions other aspects of his every-day work: ‘In a trading environment where margins are tight and the volume of transactions is big, there are highlights every day. These can come from deals we do, but also transactions from which we walk away, those serviced by the in-house legal team and those where we seek the assistance of outside counsel’.

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