Francisco José Porta | HSBC
Senior lawyer

Francisco José Porta

Francisco José Porta, senior lawyer, HSBC, is a highly talented in-house lawyer at the Argentine location of the global banking colossus. He is a specialist in litigation class actions and financial law developed during his time in private practise at Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi and in a previous role at Santander Rio. Porta is also responsible for criminal matters and financial, exchange and FIU summaries and consumer protection. He gives advice to the extrajudicial and judicial recovery area and works on mediations and civil and commercial trials. He is highly skilled in defense strategy for complex litigation and general litigation area management. In the words of a nominator, ‘Porta has a great and deep knowledge of local legal issues, as well of the challenges that a local environment entails for business’. In March 2018, the bank agreed to a $1bn 18 month debt repurchase plan with the government of Argentina, as part of the government’s reported 2018 budget plans, a transaction involving the in-house department at HSBC and demonstrating its calibre.

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