Radha Murphy | Imerys
Global chief intellectual property counsel

Radha Murphy

‘As Imerys’ global chief intellectual property counsel, Radha Murphy leads the IP department and works with Imerys’ various business units around the world to develop and implement systems for managing outside counsel in matters ranging from IP-centric strategic alliances to complex patent litigation. Her leadership has resulted in effective innovations related to communications as well as budget management. Murphy leads Imerys’ frequent evaluation of IP for acquisition or alliance, develops strategies to stay ahead of competitors, and works closely with trusted law firm partners on aggressive positions in response to notices threatening legal action. With Imerys based in France and heralded as a world leader in minerals and related materials, Murphy faces global issues on a grand scale. She interacts with international colleagues and business partners daily to identify and stay in front of trends related to global patent filing and litigation strategies. She is a pleasure to collaborate with on developing intellectual property strategies that integrate innovation with business goals and help advance the growing company and expanding industry. Adept at foreseeing issues in the near and long term, and knowing when to push forward with a project and when to back away, she is not afraid to make tough decisions when it comes to positioning the company for growth and as a leader in the field’.

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