Matthew G. Mazefsky | Rosebud Mining
General counsel

Matthew G. Mazefsky

General counsel at Rosebud Mining, the third largest coal producer in Pennsylvania, Matthew Mazefsky has served in this role since June 2013. Working for a company that has 750 employees Mazefsky is tasked with being at the business end and engaging in strategic decision-making on a daily basis. Mazefsky brings his previous experience as a litigator to the company which has included his involvement on the transactional operations of the company. Prior to joining there was no framework for the legal function in the company. To combat this, Mazefsky had a plan in mind to establish communication channels with executive management and outside counsel. A prime example of this is the update of the service agreement with subcontractors, and he also improved the opportunity to structure fee arrangements. Mazefsky gained a lot of court experience from a young age, working at firm McGuireWoods for six years in the commercial litigation department.

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