Eric D. Reicin | MorganFranklin
Vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary

Eric D. Reicin

Described by nominators as ‘exceedingly bright and hardworking’ Eric D. Reicin serves as vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary for the global organisation MorganFranklin Consulting, as well as its parent MorganFranklin, Inc. He joined the company as general counsel in 2013 and now serves as chief legal officer, where he leads the corporate investigations and dispute solutions consulting practice. Reicin fulfils multiple internal and external roles and is responsible for leading the contracts department at MorganFranklin, an area where he has gained an internal reputation of excellence: ‘Reicin’s stellar reputation among his peers in the legal community puts him in a position to have one of the most powerful networks in our entire company. He already is a trusted advisor and business partner’ states managing and partner and CEO, Chris Mann. One of Reicin’s more rewarding in-house experiences occurred in 2015 and 2016, when he worked with the board and senior executive team to complete MorganFranklin’s formulation and conversion from a founder majority-owned company to an ESOP. This was a process that involved complex preparations and negotiations with numerous transaction parties, banking institutions, a trustee and several law firms. Throughout this period Reicin was not just an integral player but ‘truly a central driver in completing what [a nominator] regards as the biggest development in MorganFranklin’s history’ in which the conversion resulted in sharing beneficial ownership with employees. He has played a primary and extremely hands-on role in exploring MorganFranklin’s growth and ownership options, designing the solution and executing the complex formation of the ESOP. Reicin has additionally been an instrumental partner across numerous areas of the company’s growth – including leading aspects of the company’s geographic expansion throughout the US and directing the legal, logistical, and physical coordination of the company’s headquarters move. ‘He holds himself personally accountable for all results and goes as far as to dig into the gritty details, personally reviewing contracts and policies and taking pride in never letting even the smallest detail slip by while being mindful of the big picture and the firm’s overall short-term and long-term business goals’ says a nominator. Reicin is extremely active in the legal community and is a noted speaker and thought leader on the growth of the in-house practice, crisis litigation and employment law.

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