Emel Yılmaz Özbay – GC Powerlist
Turkey 2017


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Emel Yılmaz Özbay

Chief legal counsel - executive vice president | Finansbank


      Supporting a bank with 647 branches and 13,000 employees is not an easy task for Emel Yılmaz Özbay’s legal team, as it requires her lawyers to work around the clock and demonstrate a wide range of expertise across several areas of the law. Fortunately, since joining the company in March 2004, Özbay has put considerable efforts in streamlining and automating the internal organisational structure within the department, which is now capable to seamlessly provide legal assistance to the bank’s branches on all legal issues, import, export and investment projects and issues related to real estate. Over the years Özbay has also made an impression on internal colleagues with her ability to resolve important litigation cases for the bank, whilst simultaneously ensuring compliance with relevant legislation. Formerly, Özbay worked in the legal division of Koçbank, where she contributed immensely to the bank’s share sale to UNICREDITO and during the integration period of Italian procedures and Italian employees to the bank and Turkey.