Ueli Studer | UBS AG
Head Legal Structured Transactions

Ueli Studer

Overseeing the legal affairs of the largest bank in Switzerland, Ueli has used his experience to manage a diverse and evolving legal function that has undergone several structural changes during his eight and a half years at UBS. In March 2013, UBS AG was registered as a dealer with the commodities and trading commission; Ueli oversaw the ‘huge team effort’ to achieve this. Ueli sums up his role (in which ‘no two days are ever the same’) as allowing him to ‘transform team responsibility and work within the investment banking, derivatives and commodity trading fields’ where there is a ‘constant transformation and refocus in terms of the nucleus of what I am responsible for.’ These responsibilities manifest themselves in various ways including ‘conducting business reviews and repositioning the entire business line of commodity trade financial services and products UBS offers’. Off the back of this, his team have also successfully developed two areas within corporate and institutional corporate finance in Switzerland. Ueli was also instrumental in developing the teams’ transformation into a ‘solid back office function’ that has ‘managed to earn a good reputation’ in finance commodity trading, calling the improvement a ‘credit to the teams’ work’. These successes have all come despite being hampered by resource constraints which Ueli cites as being the biggest challenge in his work, particularly the need to ‘make more out of resources, both as a team and personally.’

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