Natascia Rubinic | ABB Ltd.
Chief Counsel M&A, Senior Vice President

Natascia Rubinic

Natascia Rubinic has participated in a number of successful large scale legal proceedings on behalf of ABB. This includes a carve-out of a business that was carried out in 30 jurisdictions, compromising 26 legal entities and 27 asset transactions in a record time of three months. Natascia has created a very professional team of lawyers dedicated to and experienced in M&A that are fully embedded in the group M&A processes and ‘work seamlessly as one team together with the other M&A professionals in ABB’. This business alignment and collaboration is something that Natascia has greatly encouraged. In an effort to simplify the very intricate process of an M&A transaction, her team have developed tools and templates to support the M&A efforts of the ABB Group as a whole, but are also very hands-on, accumulating years of transaction experience.

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