Flavio Santangelo | IG Bank S.A.
Head of Legal and Compliance

Flavio Santangelo

Heading the legal and compliance affairs of this self-described ‘start-up’ Swiss Bank, Flavio started his activities in the role of head of legal and compliance at IG Bank SA less than six months ago. This included overseeing the takeover of a financial company and participating in the set up and launch of the Swiss bank including the request of a banking licence and launch of activities. Having to combine steering this fledgling company through the regulatory minefield that banks face, Flavio also recognises the importance of consistently improving relations with the business and consolidating the strength of the team. He takes the approach of supporting them ‘in their activities and seeing clear results’ and that he ‘wants to be considered as their partner’. In doing so, his lawyers are encouraged to ‘take their responsibility and gain autonomy’, and other colleagues are made aware that the legal team contains people that the wider business ‘can trust’ and from whom they should ‘take advice as often as possible.’

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