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Japan 2023


Masatoshi Adachi

Senior executive officer, general counsel, and chief data protection officer | JMDC


Japan 2023

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Masatoshi Adachi

Senior executive officer, general counsel, and chief data protection officer | JMDC

Team size: Eight

What are the most significant cases, transactions, or projects in which your legal team has recently been involved?

In response to the most recent revision of the Personal Information Protection Law, we have re-executed hundreds of data processing agreements with multiple stakeholders, including health insurance associations, local governments, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies, and reviewed data governance necessary to ensure the lawful processing of personal data, including medical information, and the implementation of anonymous processing.

Could you share an example of a time when your team came up with an innovation that improved how your legal team works and did not come at a large expense?

We developed standard contract clauses and clauses according to the industry sector of our business partners, visualised typical interactions during negotiations, and shared awareness of these clauses with the business side.

How important is choosing to work with external lawyers who align with your company’s values?

We conducted a review of legal advisory firms as outsourcing partners for traditional work, with in-house counsel at the core, to sort out situations where we should deepen our knowledge within the company and situations where we should seek opinions from outside specialized attorneys.

How do you suggest in-house lawyers build strong relationships with business partners?

My advice would be to, at all times, visualise in qualitative or quantitative terms how the acceptance or transfer of legal risk contributes to the economic value of the transaction. Being able to do this regularly will naturally build trust in you from others in the business.

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