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India 2022

Commercial and professional services

Gopi Krishnan

Group general counsel | WNS


    India 2022

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    Gopi Krishnan

    Group general counsel | WNS

    Team size: 50

    What is the biggest risk facing your industry now and how are you preparing your organisation to deal with this?

    I have recently assumed responsibility for WNS’ ESG program. As with several organisations that are primarily India-based, but have global operations and access global capital markets, WNS has strong social and governance programs. We are a level 3 ADR issuer on the NYSE, and the quality of our disclosures, board oversight of our financial reporting and regulatory compliance programs are industry leading. My team and I are very proud of the work that we do in the governance area.

    Given that our most important resource is our employee base, we also have a great deal of focus on DEI training and development, and our community outreach program, WNS Cares Foundation, for which I serve on the board of directors. Our risk area is our environment program. I have assumed stewardship of this area as well and I am focused on ensuring that we have industry-leading practices to reduce our GHG emissions and achieve our net zero target. We are strengthening this program not just on account of remaining competitive as both an investment option for our shareholders and to continue to be a strategic partner to our clients, but to ensure that we are able to attract and retain the leaders of the future. I am also working closely with our key industry verticals to brainstorm ESG solutions that can be offered to our clients. This is an exciting time for this business and our continued focus on our people, our clients, our shareholders, our vendors and partners, and the communities we operate in will ensure our future success.

    What are some of the most significant cases or transactions you have worked on recently?

    We have recently completed the acquisition of Vuram Technologies. This tuck in acquisition will enable us to compete better in our key industry verticals by adding significant technology skills that bolster our services delivery capabilities. We were also able to negotiate excellent outcomes in a potential class action dispute in the Southern District of Texas, complete the carve outs of captive delivery centres for 2 different clients, one in India and one in Romania. We are also transitioning as a law department that was primarily based in India, to being a global law department by adding locally qualified resources in our key sales geographies.

    What is a cause, business or otherwise, you are passionate about and why?

    I am very curious about the future of work and how business can continue to build leadership pipelines. This is particularly relevant in a time when the workforce is looking at gig opportunities. At WNS, we put in place a policy 3 years ago, that will enable our employees to pursue their interests. We believe that this is critical to retaining leadership talent for the future. I also have a keen interest in transforming the way law departments function, using analytics and technology.

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