Albert Wang | 3M, China
General counsel Asia Pacific

Albert Wang

Albert Wang’s extensive experience in both private practice and in-house roles allows him to bring an almost unparalleled body of knowledge to bear to his role as general counsel of 3M, an American multinational conglomerate. Leaving behind a private practice career that saw him advance to the position of chief representative of Coudert Brothers’ Shanghai office, Wang moved in-house in 2001 when he joined multinational technology company Dell. He stayed at Dell for almost 11 years, during a period of rapid growth for the company, and was legal director by the time he moved on to 3M in 2012. At 3M, Wang oversees a team of over 40 legal professionals across Asia Pacific, and takes command of compliance and business responsibilities in what is an approximately $11bn market for the company. Wang is known for his problem solving capabilities, instead of simply providing legal responses to queries. This means he makes the effort to understand and interact with every department within the company, talks to stakeholders and focuses on creating a positive end results. Looking to create a world-beating in-house legal team, Wang has populated the department with top talent and has continuously looked to develop leadership qualities, tenacity and a willingness to go the extra mile for the company’s goals. Wang himself believes that success in the corporate legal world is not reliant on knowledge and theoretical skills – as all legal staff should display these as standard – rather it is commitment and the ability to lead from the front that mark out excellent in-house lawyers.

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