Robert Tran | Nearmap
General counsel

Robert Tran

‘I would like to nominate Robert Tran to be included in this GC Powerlist. Tran is the general counsel for Nearmap, a fast growing ASX listed company recently admitted to the S&P ASX200 list. Tran has a tight knit team and has been responsible for overseeing the rapid growth of the business into the US which has entailed extensive travel at a huge personal cost. He has the ear of the CEO and CFO and other key decision makers with the organisation and is seen as a trusted advisor. Last year Tran also oversaw a significant equity capital raising and worked hand in glove with us. During this time Tran provided significant input and worked as an external legal counsel in the most strategic manner possible. Whilst using external advisors strategically is considered gold practice, it remains a difficult task and he really excelled in this due to his outstanding grasp of the matter and perfect understanding of where external legal counsel could provide the most value’.

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