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Atlanta 2024


Paul Nam

Senior vice president and general counsel | Bluefin Payment Systems


Atlanta 2024

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Paul Nam

Senior vice president and general counsel | Bluefin Payment Systems

Team size:  Three 


During the past year, what are your teams’ proudest accomplishments? 

Bluefin Payment Systems is a global payment solution and data security company providing PCI DSS-certified products and services to clients in retail, healthcare, higher education, non-profit, gaming, government, and franchise industries. The company’s 300 global partners serve 35,000 connected enterprise and software clients operating in 60 countries with over USD$40 bn in transactions.   

2023 was a hectic year as our legal team focused on integrating acquired entities in Austria and Slovakia while supporting commercial, compliance, and other operational matters. Bluefin also launched new partnerships and enterprise businesses with companies such as Scheidt & Bachmann in Europe and Invenco, Toast, and Everi in the US. Throughout 2023, our legal team-maintained excellence and prompt support to all business units without losing a beat, including adapting to changes with the NLRB, SB 699, CCPA, GDPR, and other moving legislative landscapes.    


What strategic priorities are guiding you and your team in 2024? 

For 2024, our focus is education. I have challenged my team to become SME’s in different areas of the law and build upon the existing knowledge base. With a stronger foundation in legal knowledge, we can provide better strategic support to the business and reduce expenditure. In addition, we are constantly fine-tuning our existing processes and documents to increase efficiency and profitability for the business.    


Do you have a cause, business-related or otherwise, you are passionate about? 

Mentorship. Coming to Georgia from New York/New Jersey was challenging in many ways. Many of my peers had a network of mentors who guided them through their legal careers while I built my career based on various challenges I tackled on my own. I did not have partners from law firms, senior counsel from corporations, or parents who are lawyers providing me with opportunities or guiding me through different obstacles. As I navigated through my legal career, I made it a personal goal to ensure that no law students and young lawyers are left behind or ignored. We should focus on bringing up the next generation of lawyers to be better, smarter, and stronger because their success is our success.    

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