Maria Emilia Dossi | Genomma Lab
Legal manager - Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay)

Maria Emilia Dossi

With more than 15 years’ experience, Maria Emilia Dossi has focused her practice on commercial law, corporate law, contracts, M&A, consumer law and finance law. In her current role at Genomma Lab, she manages the company’s entire legal operations in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. As a nominator identifies, ‘she is especially involved in major litigation (court, administrative and arbitration proceedings) and transactions in such countries. She has implemented successful strategies in big lawsuits involving commercial laws, sanitary regulations, IP rights and fair-trade laws, with favourable outcomes’. Genomma Lab is a world leading pharmaceutical and personal care product company headquartered in Mexico, with markets across Latin America and the US. Latin America makes up 48.4% of the company’s revenue and is the heart of the business. Dossi is a highly skilled in-house lawyer and legal team manager across multiple jurisdictions in a heavily regulated industry, enabling the company to fulfil its business agenda in the Mexican region.

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