Lucio Fabani Larrañaga | Oracle
Senior legal director

Lucio Fabani Larrañaga

Described by a nominator as a ‘very dedicated in-house lawyer who’s always ready to represent the company’s best interest’, Lucio Fabani Larrañaga is the senior legal director for Latin America at Oracle, a multinational computer technology corporation providing services to 430,000 customers in 175 countries. He joined Oracle in 2010, after his previous company Sun Microsystems was integrated into the Oracle business via acquisition. As the then legal director covering Latin America for Sun Microsystems, Fabani and his team had put tremendous amount of work into the deal and successfully completed the transaction. ‘After the Oracle and Sun acquisition I have enriched my professional career in the enterprise software market and cloud computing services’, he says. As senior legal director, Fabani now leads his team to support a variety of legal matters for Oracle. Oracle’s business transformation into a cloud services provider has become ‘a key step in my professional career’ he says, and in the role he stresses the importance of ‘understanding its related risks, privacy and cyber security concerns, international data transfers, EU GDPR and US privacy shield’. Additionally, Fabani has helped business management create a corporate culture of transparency and integrity, ‘it’s not just doing business to bring revenue, but doing it ethically’, he explains. Recently, the legal team has assisted in major IT transactions in the Southern Cone region, including unlimited software licenses, hardware and cloud computing deals. Having been through events such as Y2K, the 1994 Mexican economic crisis and 2002 Argentina economic depression, Fabani has developed his ability to be more resilient and capable of learning quickly to ‘provide new and practical ways of legal support to my internal clients’, he says.