Juan Cruz Álvarez | Prisma Medios de Pago
Executive manager of legal and institutional relations

Juan Cruz Álvarez

Juan Cruz Álvarez leads the in-house legal department as executive manager of legal and institutional relations at Prisma Medios de Pago, an Argentine digital payment solutions company. Highly skilled in financial, corporate and commercial law as well as digital matters, Cruz is an exemplary in-house lawyer. In the words of a nominator, ‘[Cruz] is a great leader and has the ability to manage and coordinate an extensive group of people within his legal team. He has a strong legal background and has been able to carry out complex deals with high standards, delivering professional results.’ Prisma has grown to a worldwide presence and is in the top three payment providers in Latin America. Within Argentina the company processes 37,000 payments a minute and is the number one provider in the country. Cruz has a strong corporate and compliance expertise, and as one nominator adds, ‘he is a business-oriented lawyer that permanently supports the business goals of the company.’

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