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Advice to companies in Germany

Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance's clients cannot only rely on extensive compliance and internal investigations expertise, but also on longstanding experience in representing banks and international corporations in white-collar crime cases. Particular core competencies of the renowned two-partner strong team include advice on cross-border matters pertaining to corruption, capital markets offences and criminal tax issues, although its legal expertise generally encompasses the entire spectrum of white-collar crime matters. Heiner Hugger, one of the leading criminal defence lawyers in Germany, is particularly well versed in preliminary proceedings and cross-border matters, David Pasewaldt focuses on assistance with capital markets offences, tax evasion as well as corruption allegations and counsel Julia Baedorff places emphasis on criminal tax and capital markets issues.

Practice head(s):

Heiner Hugger

Other key lawyers:

David Pasewaldt; Julia Baedorff

Feigen · Graf Rechtsanwälte

Feigen · Graf Rechtsanwälte's team of 'outstandingly qualified, very motivated and collegial' lawyers impresses with 'remarkable expertise in white-collar crime matters' as well as extensive experience in advising financial institutions and industrial corporations on the coordination of complex preliminary proceedings, which often entail cross-border aspects. Additionally, the highly established unit has comprehensive capacities in preventive counselling and was recently increasingly involved in cum/ex matters. Walther Graf is considered 'confident, farsighted and an absolute pro', Hanns Feigen has 'longstanding practical experience and excellent legal knowledge', 'smart strategist' Bernd Groß frequently acts in cum/ex proceedings and 'brilliant mind' Tilman Reichling also focuses on criminal tax advice.


' Matthias Sartorius – young, but already very distinguished and technically excellent. '

' A homogeneous team that offers criminal law advice at the highest level. Good age structure. Very well positioned in individual defense as well as in corporate representation. '

' Tilman Reichling is a brilliant mind, very collegial and assertive. '

' Bernd Groß is a clever strategist and very pleasant to work with. '

'In my opinion, Feigen + Graf is THE leading law firm in white-collar crime in Germany. All lawyers are excellently qualified, very committed and friendly. The cooperation is always very pleasant, objective and solution-oriented. Services are not provided in order to be able to bill hours, but because – and only if – this is in the interests of the client. '

' Tilman Reichling is an excellent lawyer with excellent knowledge, especially, but not only, of criminal tax law. Dr. Reichling fights for his clients at the highest level and is always very collegial and reliable in the cooperation. In addition, Dr. Bernd Groß, who is ubiquitous in cum-ex proceedings in particular and generally fights for very good and pragmatic solutions for his clients. I have also increasingly met the lawyer Dr. Moritz Lange, who is also very qualified and very pleasant to work with. '

'' Fast reactions, a high level of professional competence and teamwork is also calm in stressful situations. '

' Mr Reichling has a high level of legal and dogmatic competence, Mr Feigen has many years of professional experience and excellent legal knowledge and Mr Groß is a specialist in the cum / ex area. '

' Very friendly, open-minded team. Remarkable expertise in white collar crime. '

' RA Dr. Fontaine: particularly constructive, uncomplicated cooperation, quick and reliable in assessing individual legal issues. Creative and goal-oriented. '

Feigen Graf has been a leader in advising and coordinating criminal proceedings for companies for many years. The entire team is therefore very professional in communication on the defensive base. In contrast to large law firms, the unit has a classic criminal law background, so that the perspectives of individual defenders are recognized, anticipated and understood. In addition, with sufficient legal strength, the unit is able to coordinate even large criminal proceedings in large companies. '

' Walther Graf: Confident, far-sighted, absolute professional. '

' Bernd Groß: Fully professional, very professional also in international matters. '

' Sartorius: Excellent coordination of proceedings, outstanding in employer criminal law. '

' Top attorney Reichling: Very good lawyer. '

' Lange : Excellent coordination of large procedures (e.g. Cum-Ex). '

Key clients

Aristo Pharma


Deutsche Bahn AG

Deutsche Bank AG

Diverse ausländische Banken

Ev. Krankenhaus Lippstadt

Flughafen Köln Bonn


innogy SE


Ontario Teachers` Pension Plan


Saatgut-Treuhandverwaltungs GmbH

Strabag SE

Wessing & Partner

Wessing & Partner's reputation as 'a very well-organised firm with deep expertise in white-collar crime and compliance' is reflected in a continuously high number of instructions by companies from the financial, automotive and large-scale industries; recently, the team's advice has also been sought after by corporations in the industrial plant construction and plant operation sector. While criminal tax law is increasingly gaining momentum within the practice, most notably due to several cum/ex proceedings, criminal medical law advice to hospitals, criminal antitrust as well as antitrust administrative proceedings and criminal data protection proceedings represent additional focal points for the broadly positioned unit. Heiko Ahlbrecht, whose 'experience and legal competence is unique in the market', heads the team.

Practice head(s):

Heiko Ahlbrecht


' Very prompt support, pricing in line with the market and a very high level of expertise in a field relevant to my job. '

' Dr. Heiko Ahlbrecht, his experience and expertise has a unique selling point on the market. '

'' Quick familiarization with a completely new industry and the legal features. Very good network with other law firms to obtain additional specialist expertise. Very dedicated interest in every detail. Very deep dive into the matter – not the touch of superficiality. This creates a very personal and trust-building atmosphere. '

' Lack of any arrogance or perceived superiority of the contact person. Not a touch of arrogance (unfortunately we have seen it in a lot of large law firms in the past). Very personal advice and discussions, as well as very well-worded briefs (Dr. Basar). Excellent rhetoric (Dr. Basar). Result-oriented support of the mandate. '

'' Relevant, pragmatic advice; good connection to authorities, respectful and good dealings with everyone involved. '

' Prof. Dr. Heiko Ahlbrecht: understands and deepens facts and uses them completely for legal advice. Calm and appropriate approach, good understanding of the problem. '

' A smaller, very well organized law firm with a high level of expertise in the areas of white collar crime and compliance. '

' Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wessing and Dr. Eren Basar: Personally very pleasant cooperation, excellent availability, prompt feedback and very competent and practicable advice (white collar crime and compliance). Good and constructive relationship with authorities (StA, etc.). '

' Efficient, reliable, pragmatic and absolutely top in technical advice: A team that you can rely on 150% in a crisis! '

' Prof. Dr. Albrecht advises calmly and with experience and at the same time practically on all risks of a case and is a careful and strong partner in crisis situations. '

' Andreas Pfister is clever, precise, efficient and supports in-house teams in crisis situations as an external “all-purpose weapon” for all urgent issues as well as any internal company lawyer – a real help! '

DLA Piper

Embedded in its global firm network, DLA Piper's white-collar crime practice regularly represents damaged corporations as well as companies in crisis in thematically diverse proceedings that often entail cross-border elements: the team's expertise covers the whole array of white-collar crime and criminal tax law, including cyber crime, money laundering and environmental criminal offences as well as foreign trade and customs torts. The client base, which primarily comprises financial institutions and large corporations from the automotive and manufacturing industries, can also rely on an experienced internal investigations practice, expertise in preventive counselling as well as experience in dealing with investigating authorities and courts. Christian Schoop  advises on the entire spectrum of commercial criminal law und has a particular focus on environmental criminal offences and cyber attacks, senior counsel Jürgen Taschke is a popular choice for listed companies and Emanuel Ballo is the key contact for criminal compliance. Daniel Zapf made counsel.

Practice head(s):

Christian Schoop; Emanuel Ballo

Other key lawyers:

Jürgen Taschke


Agile, flexible team that ensures permanent availability, guarantees optimal legal advice and keeps an eye on costs at all times.

Key clients

TCI Management Fund Limited

Work highlights

  • Global manufacturer of cables for the automotive and elevator industries: Advising and defending the company in connection with an initiated criminal tax procedure, which the fines and criminal matters office opened after submitting a disclosure letter The consulting service includes the processing of the facts through discussions with those responsible and the preparation of a comprehensive company statement in criminal tax proceedings. Furthermore, coordination of a defense team of ten external lawyers who represent the accused managing directors.
  • International shipping company: Advice in connection with suspected corruption and breach of trust worth millions. The former CEO is suspected of having transferred funds and made claims against the client after he left the company.

VBB Rechtsanwälte

VBB Rechtsanwälte assists companies both with the coordination of overall proceedings as well as in the context of collaborative defences, but also demonstrates expertise on the preventive level and in internal investigations. The team, which is well versed in large complex proceedings, advises its often international, various industries spanning client base on suspected cases of subvention fraud, corruption, breach of trust and capital markets offences, criminal IT law and criminal employment and tax matters. Renate Verjans often acts in internal investigations and Matthias Brockhaus is experienced in criminal medical and pharmaceutical issues.

Practice head(s):

Renate Verjans

White & Case LLP

White & Case LLP's white-collar crime profile is clearly coined by the internationality of its client base, the cross-border nature of numerous matters as well as its close cooperation with the firm's compliance and investigations practice. Most recently, the four-partner white-collar crime practice, which is led by Karl-Jörg Xylander, has been increasingly representing corporations from the financial industries in administrative investigations, particularly in non-compliance procedures by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, as well as in suspected cum/ex matters. Furthermore, the practice attracted instructions pertaining to corruption, tax evasion and breach of trust. Nils Clemm has a strong focus on the financial industry and extensive experience in dealing with investigative authorities, Tine Schauenburg recently acted in numerous investigations and Thomas Helck has 'excellent knowledge of criminal law'.

Practice head(s):

Karl-Jörg Xylander


' Dr. Helck has excellent knowledge in the field of criminal law, which is not least due to his many years of experience as a public prosecutor. '

' Very in the details of the case, balanced and accurate recommendations. Very good expertise in criminal law. '

Dr. Felix Dörr & Kollegen

Dr. Felix Dörr & Kollegen is particularly known for its clout in representing individuals, but also assists financial services providers and industrial corporations with white-collar crime and criminal tax issues. While Felix Dörr's team is well versed in all stages of criminal and administrative fine proceedings, the group also advises on criminal aspects of internal investigations and further supports compliance divisions with white-collar crime expertise.

Practice head(s):

Felix Dörr

Knierim & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte

In the white-collar crime sphere, Knierim & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte harbours a multifarious wealth of experience in internal investigations, compliance as well as in advising corporations in criminal proceedings that frequently entail cross-border aspects. The four-partner strong team handles matters pertaining to breach of trust, fraud, corruption, data protection and environmental torts as well as criminal foreign trade law and is also consulted by corporations with regards to alleged tax evasion as well as delayed filings for insolvency. Anna Oehmichen often acts in cross-border matters and name partner Thomas Knierim has strong expertise in corruption issues.

Practice head(s):

Thomas Knierim

Other key lawyers:

Anna Oehmichen

Krause & Kollegen

Krause & Kollegen advises industrial corporations and financial market players on criminal investigations and proceedings, as well as on preventive measures and compliance; in the latter field, the team particularly often assists with product compliance and capital markets-related issues. The five-partner practice's forensic expertise was recently particularly often drawn on by medical and pharmaceutical companies as well as services for the public companies in administrative proceedings as well as by numerous issuers in supervision and administrative fine proceedings brought on by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. Additionally, the team regularly advises ministries  as well as federal agencies in parliamentary investigation committees, while cum/ex matters also contribute to the boutique offering's continuously high case load. Daniel Krause is highly regarded in both the industrial and criminal defence spheres.

Practice head(s):

Daniel Krause


From its four German offices Noerr's white-collar crime practice primarily assists companies from the manufacturing, healthcare and automotive industries with matters pertaining to fraud, breach of trust, criminal foreign trade law, corruption and chemical law torts, while the two-partner practice acts for both damaged companies and defendants. Embedded within the litigation and compliance practice of the firm, the team is able to draw on preventive and litigious expertise as well as on the knowledge of other practice groups such as tax and corporate. Most recently, the group frequently advised companies in relation to voluntary disclosures of tax evasion as well as on cum/ex issues. Christian Pelz is adept in white-collar crime as well as compliance matters und is also experienced in enforcing damage claims for companies that resulted from criminal offences committed by employees, board members and business partners. Martin Schorn is a key contact for white-collar crime issues in the health care and IT sectors.

Practice head(s):

Christian Pelz

Other key lawyers:

Martin Schorn


Well networked not only in Germany.

Christian Pelz, Partner Litigation / Compliance: Confident, calm appearance, advice always oriented towards the needs of the client, with objective solution proposals. No mere textbook advice, but solution proposals based on the actual problems and with organizational understanding.

Dr. Christian Pelz and Dr. Martin Schorn are very good at corporate defense, professional and collegial.

Work highlights

  • SIG Sauer Inc.: Defense of the well-known weapons manufacturer before the LG Kiel in the proceedings regarding the confiscation of the proceeds from the delivery of weapons to the procurement authority of the US armed forces with final destination Colombia

Rosinus Partner

In the corporate white-collar crime arena, Rosinus Partner's 'legally highly competent and excellent, goal-oriented advice' is rendered to a multifaceted national and international client base that encompasses banks, insurance companies as well as logistics and construction companies among others. In addition to its advice on conventional white-collar crime matters such as breach of trust, fraud and corruption, the team also stands out for its criminal tax expertise which it recently demonstrated in several cum/ex proceedings. Christian Rosinus, who is considered an 'assertive defence lawyer with very good negotiation skills', focuses on criminal tax law and preventive compliance advice, while Michelle Wiesner-Lameth 'is held in very high regard by the Authorities' and is particularly well versed in criminal employment law as well as in representing damaged corporations.


'' Highly competent and excellent, target-oriented advice, very well organized and structured way of working, very quick and, if necessary, very short-term return of qualitative work results, even with a larger scope as well as a high degree of availability, even outside normal business hours, and a conscious coverage of all possible risks. '

' The partners at Rosinus | Partners are extremely committed to achieving the greatest possible while keeping an eye on what is feasible. You always have a holistic view of the mandate (broad legal and strategic view "outside the box") and involve all parties involved. '

' Dr. Christian Rosinus: Technically highly competent, always to the point – a brilliant head who always keeps an eye on the big picture. '

' Dr. Michelle Wiesner-Lameth: Very structured, enormously committed and with an eye for the essentials. '

' The team has a solid understanding of economic interrelationships and knows the requirements for corporate consulting in criminal law from years of experience. '

'Dr. For me, Christian Rosinus has been one of the most accomplished and capable white collar crime lawyers for years. He leads mandates with great care and tactical instinct. '

'' Quick reaction to the need for advice relevant to criminal law and development of a strategy for the client, focusing on one's own core competencies and, if necessary, consulting other experts if necessary. '

' To Dr. Christian Rosinus: quick comprehension and clear demonstration of the necessary activities as well as the strategy with regard to the needs of the client, with clear communication "the client is not spoken to"; in addition, competent interaction with the authorities. To Dr. Michelle Wiesner-Lameth: high professional competence also in labor law and labor criminal law, high professional recognition also by the authorities including company and social security auditors. '

' Very committed law firm that always does the best for its clients and represents their interests excellently. '

' Dr. Christian Rosinus is absolutely collegial, technically excellent and has an excellent instinct for psychology in criminal proceedings, which decisively decides on the outcome of criminal proceedings. Michelle Wiesner-Lameth is absolutely committed and works on her mandates with 100% commitment. '

' Dr. Christian Rosinus is an excellent lawyer with a quick grasp. His advice is pragmatic, without the overemphasis often found on criminal risks, even if they are more of a theoretical nature. '

' Christian Rosinus is an assertive criminal defense attorney with very good negotiating skills. '

' Christian Rosinus is a very experienced, approachable and undisguised colleague who uses his strengths in a targeted manner, and who gives them to colleagues in a targeted manner and in the interests of the client's wellbeing when other strengths / expertise are required. Well organized mandate management; open / transparent cooperation; Short distances and direct accessibility make working together a pleasant experience. '

Key clients


Große internationale Versicherungsgesellschaft

International tätiges Handelsunternehmen

Führendes Baustoffunternehmen

Mittelständischer Baustoffkonzern

Bau- und Baudienstleistungsunternehmen


Internationaler Baukonzern

Transportunternehmen mit über 3000 Mitarbeitern



Logistikunternehmen im Bereich Zustellung

Logistikunternehmen als Tochtergesellschaft eines Baukonzerns

Internationale Kanzlei mit Sitz in Brüssel

Unternehmen der Lebensmittel-Branche

Work highlights

  • Financial institution: Representation in tax criminal law in a cum / ex investigation as well as coordination of company representation and individual defense.
  • Large international insurance company: Advice as a victim of the breach of trust of a business partner, including the initiation of criminal investigations and the application of an international arrest, which led to the protection of assets.
  • Immobilieninvestor: Supervision of an injured real estate investor or the respective investment vehicle on various criminally relevant issues – including allegations of breach of trust by the apartment management and accounting fraud by architects.

Hengeler Mueller

At Hengeler Mueller, both damaged corporations as well as companies in need of defence can rely on the close cooperation between white-collar crime, compliance and international investigations practices as well as on a broad white-collar crime and criminal tax law skill set. Most recently, Wolfgang Spoerr's team represented several banks and financial services providers in cum/ex cases, acted in proceedings pertaining to bribery in the healthcare industry and also advised on corruption and tax torts. The international client roster includes DAX-listed corporates as well as medium-sized and foreign companies. Constantin Lauterwein made partner and Dirk Uwer is particularly well versed in criminal proceedings in the environment, energy and health care sectors.

Practice head(s):

Wolfgang Spoerr

Other key lawyers:

Dirk Uwer; Constantin Lauterwein

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP's global firm structures also take effect in its German white-collar crime practice which is coined by an impressively high ratio of cross-border matters as well as its international client base which mainly includes corporations from the financial services, automotive, technology and infrastructure sectors. With a focus on advice to companies, the white-collar crime practice around Dirk Seiler assists both clients who are prosecuted as well as damaged parties with breach of trust, fraud and corruption matters as well as money laundering and cyber crime. Notably, the group also works closely with the firm's compliance and investigation practices.

Practice head(s):

Dirk Seiler

Key clients

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, Microsoft Corporation (USA)

Ford-Werke GmbH

Pfizer Inc. (USA), Pfizer Products Inc. (USA), Pfizer GmbH (Deutschland)

Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG

Work highlights

  • International automobile manufacturer: Advice and representation in connection with systematic economic crimes (fraud, embezzlement, corruption, money laundering) by employees, suppliers and subcontractors to the detriment of the automobile manufacturer.
  • German infrastructure group: Representation in criminal investigations of the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor's Office against the former managing director and other accused in a significant case of corruption, fraud and breach of trust by the former managing director of a former subsidiary of the client as well as advice on questions of asset recovery in criminal investigations.
  • German commercial bank: Advising and representing a large German commercial bank on a fraud case in the context of a public prosecutor's investigation.

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is particularly sought after by national and international companies in the financial services and health care industries as well as the manufacturing sector seeking advice on white-collar crime and criminal tax issues. Recently, the team behind renowned André Große Vorholt represented various national and international financial institutions in cum/ex proceedings and further acted in corruption and criminal foreign trade law cases as well as breach of trust proceedings among other matters. Furthermore, the practice is adept at criminal compliance and collective defence matters and closely cooperates with the firm's experts in internal investigations.

Practice head(s):

André Große Vorholt

PARK Wirtschaftsstrafrecht

PARK Wirtschaftsstrafrecht's broad competence spectrum leads to thematically manifold instructions also by companies, although Tido Park's practice is especially well known for its expertise in criminal capital markets matters and international criminal law. The group further focuses on compliance issues as well as criminal employment and tax law; in the latter,  Ulf Reuker is particularly active. Malte Cordes has an explicit focus on advice to companies and Tobias Eggers assists clients with both his preventive and reactive compliance expertise.

Practice head(s):

Tido Park

Other key lawyers:

Malte Cordes; Tobias Eggers; Ulf Reuker

Redeker Sellner Dahs

Redeker Sellner Dahs' integrated white-collar crime practice acts for individuals and corporates across all stages of criminal proceedings, including appeal proceedings, and has also longstanding experience in preventive compliance matters as well as crisis communication with media outlets. The team is led by Heiko Lesch and Bernd Müssig and assists medium-sized, large and DAX-listed companies, financial institutions as well as authorities and ministries with alleged breach of trust, fraud, corruption and criminal insolvency matters as well as with industrial accidents and criminal foreign trade law issues. The practice's comprehensive expertise also includes criminal tax, medical and media law as well as cartel offence proceedings and international criminal law.

Practice head(s):

Heiko Lesch; Bernd Müssig

Thomas, Deckers, Wehnert & Elsner

In addition to its excellent reputation in individual white-collar crime cases, Thomas, Deckers, Wehnert & Elsner also fields a presence in the corporate white-collar crime arena: the Dusseldorf-based team advises notable financial institutions and industrial corporations in relation to environmental, cartel and embargo violations, breach of trust, fraud, corruption and criminal tax matters both on preventive level as well as in preliminary proceedings. The practice is also experienced in advising damaged companies. Anne Wehnert is particularly visible.

Tsambikakis & Partner Rechtsanwälte

From its four German offices Tsambikakis & Partner Rechtsanwälte demonstrates 'high commercial acumen, quick operational readiness and amazing team work' in a continuously rising number of white-collar crime, criminal medical and tax law matters. While criminal commercial and tax advice in the healthcare sector represents a clear industry focus for the five-partner boutique offering, the group also regularly acts in corruption proceedings in the gaming sector as well as in cum/ex proceedings. Notably, the firm also launched the Tsambikakis app in April 2020, which provides corporates and individuals with comprehensive digital advice on imminent and already occurred investigations or arrests. Michael Tsambikakis focusses on the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, while the often recommended Ole Mückenberger complements the team with his compliance expertise.

Practice head(s):

Michael Tsambikakis


' When it came to delicate matters, the team always gave me the feeling that they had the process very well under control. Both the legally sound assessment and the practicable feasibility were addressed. '

' Thorsten Zebisch is an experienced expert who leads the process safely. Associate Alexander Kubik does very good background work with winning ideas. '

' Excellent business understanding, quick readiness for action, great cross-team cooperation! '

' Ole Mückenberger: Good understanding of the interaction between criminal law and labor law and compliance processes; high engagement. '

'' Flexible in implementation and time management. '

' Ole Mückenberger: above-average communication, very good perception. '

Key clients

Propan Rheingas GmbH & Co KG


Verschiedene Klinikkonzerne und Krankenhäuser

Work highlights

  • Propane Rhine gas: Antitrust infringement proceedings.